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With so much talk about the current-gen iPhone seeing weaker-than-expected demand swirling about, analysts and industry watchers have already begun to look forward to Apple’s next-generation handset, believed to be the ‘iPhone 5S.’

The company is widely expected to break its handset’s traditional, annual release cycle this year, releasing the new iPhone well before fall. And a new report today supports that theory, saying Apple’s next smartphone will land in June…

Jefferies analyst Peter Misek (via AppleInsider) said in a note to investors this morning that two next-gen iPhone prototypes are currently in testing. One is said to be the so-called ‘iPhone 5S,’ while the other could be the rumored budget model.

The analyst’s report actually matches up with scoops from both DigiTimes and The Wall Street Journal, who have both said that prototypes for Apple’s next-gen handset are floating around its supply chain. The release dates, however, don’t.

Misek says that Apple will begin preliminary builds of the ‘iPhone 5S’ in March, setting up for a debut in June or July. That contradicts a previous report though, which said the handset went into production in December for a Q1 2013 launch.

Additionally, Misek says that the budget iPhone has already been green-lit. “Similar to the iPad mini, we expect a concentrated low-cost iPhone rather than a ‘cheap’ one.” He says it will have a polycarbonate case, a 4-inch display and no LTE.

Even if you consider the fact that analysts aren’t always the most accurate when it comes to Apple rumors, you have to admit, there’s a lot of different analysts saying the same thing right now: the next iPhone will land sooner than expected, and Apple has a low-cost iPhone in the works. And that suggests that Apple is making some major strategic changes this year, which in and of itself is cause for excitement.

  • same phone… but

    • jose castro

      no no same phone but more icons on a screen and faster hahaha

      • Alex

        No no no, same phone but taller, faster, and more icons

      • jose castro

        wait wait same phone but taller, faster, and more icons and the head phone dock on the side with a smaller charger the size of a needle. hahahahahaha

      • Alex

        oh snap why didn’t I think of that. Lol

      • jose castro

        haha lol

      • jilex

        you are all wrong guys, apple will surprise us agan with “iPhone 5S… now in red” or something like that lol, and in 4 or 5 years from now on, and only if apple feels really adventurer, they will move the jack to the other side of the phone lolololol… (sarcasm mode off)

  • JWu

    Most people don’t care about the 5S, it is just going to be a “faster” iPhone 5. The important thing for this year should be iOS.

  • Well, i would hate to see iphone with polycarbonate housing, but no LTE? come on, its not even close to being an issue…

  • Lobo555

    Well i hope that S phones bring a better iOS

  • I think that’s not ideal for their marketing. That’s too aggressive

  • the new iPhone would be plasticy

  • iPhone 3GS_ s for Speed, iPhone 4S_ S for Siri, iPhone 5S_ S for Same Sammy Sad Sexy… know ?????

  • I really hope they don’t call it the “5S”. It just doesn’t sound right for a phone. And Apple needs to catch up with the naming of their products. They have an iPhone “5” running iOS “6” with an “A6” processor, and it’s the “6th” generation iPhone.

  • iPhone 5S. Hmm. So this time the “S” stands for speed? Maybe a Quad-Core Processor?

  • wargamer1969

    Ha I stopped caring about the Iphone after the 4. Galaxy Note 2 owns Iphone all day long. The 5S will look the same be the same phone with a speed bump. Same as they have always done. The Galaxy Note 3 and S4 will take over this year.