Many watchers, this author included, never thought phablets would make an impact. But they are taking off, mostly due to Samsung’s Note series, an Android-driven smartphone/tablet computer hybrid (hence, a “phablet”) introduced in October 2011. It tallied a respectable ten million shipments as of August 15, 2012. Not bad for a product category that virtually didn’t exist a couple years back. Its successor, the Galaxy Note II, was released in August 2012. With its massive 5.55-inch screen sporting the native 720p (1,280-by-720) resolution, it’s the perfect epitome of the phablet trend.

There’s no denying that phablets are slowly but surely becoming the new normal as deep-pocketed smartphone users  now yearn for devices with a greater screen real estate and more computational power to handle even more tasks previously handled by the struggling notebook or the traditional PC. That being said, today we’re asking you to opine on whether or not Apple should release a phablet of its own, a 5+ inch iPhone of sorts…

At this year’s CES, phablets garnered much attention as vendors like Sony and Huawei unveiled their jumbo-sized smartphones.

Sony, for example, announced a five-inch phablet and China’s Huawei upped the ante with a massive 6.1-inch smartphone meet tablet kind of a device.

Make no mistake, phablets are increasingly becoming the new normal. No wonder Apple relented and pushed the iPhone for the first time ever from 3.5 to four inches with the release of the iPhone 5 in September 2012.

It’s clearly what many consumers now want. Look, nobody’s saying that phablets are capable of matching compact smartphones in portability – they aren’t (your ‘is that a phablet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me’ joke goes here).

But if you’ve ever held any phablet in your hand, you know these things are indeed better than your typical mid-size smartphone for reading stuff, watching movies, enjoying photos, playing games and interacting with your content.

As for Apple, it could be cooking something new behind the scenes.

ipod touch

The Japanese blog Macotakara reported back in March 2012 that Apple is working on a brand new iOS device. It is supposed to come out in 2013 and allegedly has a five-inch display sporting a 1,600-by-960 or 1,28-by-960 pixel resolution.

On top of that, the latest chatter points to a mid-year iPhone refresh and sources now claim that Apple could release the iPhone 5S in multiple colors and two display sizes in an effort to diversify the brand,

Specifically, Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White thinks the next iPhone will offer “different screen sizes that we believe will allow Apple to better bifurcate the market and expand its reach”.

And his Jefferies peer Peter Misek previously called for at least a 4.8-inch iPhone 5S.

So, should Apple join the fray with a phablet of its own, a five or more inch iPhone or iPod touch with voice calling capabilities?

Here, cast your vote now.

Per usual, join us for the discussion down in the comments.

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I’d like an iPhone with a screen around 5″ but that’s because I have big hands. I don’t see apple selling multiple screen sizes at the same time like samsung does.

  • Since iPhone 4 I wanted a larger screen, just not a behemoth of a device. Hopefully we may see something of reasonable proportion.

  • Pixie


  • M Last

    I think Apple already offered iPad mini
    really don’t like have an iphone bigger than 4″ screen.

  • Dan

    If Apple had made a phone with a bigger screen (lets say like the GS3), I would of bought it. I watch at least an hour of video everyday on my phone (during cardio), in that case, size matters.

    • most people wanted a bigger screen.. not just taller but proportionally bigger.. apple said no

  • RarestName

    Whole new resolution, aspect ratio, fragmentation etc?
    How will they be able they fix these?

    • christodouluke

      Apparently it can scale to 5″ without changing resolution

      • RarestName

        Then their ever so precious 326 PPI will drop to about 260.78 PPI.

      • and i will be happy as hell

  • wavefuse

    Apple only needs to add voice to the iPad mini, and then you’ve got it all. I use my mini with VoIP quite a bit, usually with apple headphones. Works great most of the time. I would probably just switch the sim to whichever device want carry at the time.

  • Id definitely buy an iPhablet. Of course if it had its own version of IOS that wouldnt make it just a big iPhone.

    • um it would use the ipad IOS just as boring but bigger style..

  • I love the look and feel of the iPhone 5. The biggest thing that needs to change is iOS. It seems to be essentially the same iOS from the start with minor improvements. There hasn’t been the WOW factor with regards to the iOS in quite some time. I’m really hoping for some big improvements in iOS 7.

    • IOS is great and smooth but its static and boring… apple has enough money and talent on deck to fix that but they wont,..

      • christodouluke

        Sure, they’ll bend over backwards because a handful of users think the os is ‘boring’.
        Though I do agree ios 6 is definitely behind where it should be

    • iDevizes

      I agree with your iOS opinion. About the phablet i hope Apple won’t do it and comes with a whole new product instead of following Samsung with this. Furthermore Apple’s strenghts is not to sell more models. Hopefully that remains.

      • Alex

        Apple needs to improve it’s iPhone. Sales for the device have been great but there is room for improvement.

        1. iPhone needs a redesign not just be taller/wider/thinner.

        2. It needs to update its iOS to be more customizable and interactive.

        3. It should look into color options and mods to make it unique.

      • Alex

        Btw::: theres this thing called the Apple jailbreak community that creates all kinda of mods tweaks and cool customization for the iPhone.

        Consider it to be like a world of people inventing for apple.

        Shhhh… Don’t tell apple about it.

      • iDevizes

        i know jailbreaking but if there’s a new iOS you have to start it all over so i stopped with jailbreaking my iPhone….
        I think the iPhone 5 is under estimated. If you are used to the iPhone 5 and you pick up an iPhone 4 or 4S it’s cumbersome (heavy big etc.) then you notice the iPhone 5 is an improvement bigger than many think.

      • if iphone was capable of what adroid is…would lag like hell. i have 10 tweaks and lags already a lot. time to wait for samsung and gs4 this year instead of the new iphone

  • babybaby95

    What I think is that a 4.5″ or 5″ screen size will be great for us. 🙂

  • iOS needs more of an update than the iphone itself.

  • samsung needs 6.5″ in their next line of smartphone

  • I loved my iPhone 5, the only thing that needs to get changed is iOS, I hope Apple come up with a great, new, smart iOS 7.

    • i doubt it.. apple never gives us exactly what we want they give us 33% of it..

  • jilex

    i don’t think it has to be 5″ out of the blue, 4.5-8″ would be good

    • apple said no to that and gave you a taller screen

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Apple is all about the aesthetic.. so they won’t do it..

  • Guest

    But I still want an iPad Maxi (12″-15″)

    • you are alone

      • Guest

        Yea, people are just stupid.

  • notewar

    More fragmentation issue will occurs. Pause for a sec and take a look at the app size in the Appstore at the moment – there are tones of App that still doesnt support the iPhone 5

    • thats sad

      • if they have made it proportionally bigger at least they could have scaled to

  • Apple needs a new killer device and app… the IOS thing has peaked.. iPhone and ipad have become all they can be.. its time for more now… it doe not have to be a phablet but it has to be great and jt has to be soon..

  • sambuzzlight

    NO! Why are we going back to the past when we had those jumbo sized phones? Ughhh

  • iPhablet of size a bit bigger than GS3 and a bit smaller than Note2 will be great. But that must be jailbreakable. And must have s-pen like smart pen.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    I want a huge iPhone

  • shane holman

    I left apple (4 generations buyer) behind for the galaxy note 2. I wanted an iphone 5 with a larger screen…not something super huge…but a little bigger. That didnt happen, so I went with the galaxy note 2. And I use that screen. I draw with the stylus all the time…instead of carrying a mini sketch pad. I watch youtube videos on it while working on my laptop. I honestly used to think the screen was too large…but its perfect. If apple released one I would buy it…but it would have to have a similar stylus…not the goofy ones being sold in stores. But I dont regret moving to it.

  • I agree. A bigger iPhone would be nice, but iOS really is stale. I have had every iPhone since 3GS until iPhone 4S, but now I have a Galaxy Note 2. Android sucks, and Touchwhiz is awful, but watching Netflix, Hulu, and reading Kindle on it are awesome!!
    Apple will never do it though. I’ll just keep giving them my money for iPads!

  • Fanboy

    Yes apple will soon make an phablet and will tell everyone that they invented it lol. And they will start by taking all jailbreak tweaks and start making it as their own and say that they still invented it lol

    • ”reinvent” and ”invent” are different btw

  • pam

    i am dying for an ipad mini with a phone in it. can’t be so hard to do………..please, Apple!!!