emmy award

Apple was presented with a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award last night during a special reception in Las Vegas. The annual event honors innovation in broadcast technology and recognizes companies and individuals whose breakthroughs have a significant effect on TV engineering…

Here’s the criteria the National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences looks for when giving Technology and Engineering Emmys:

“Awards are presented to an individual, company, or to a scientific or technical organization for developments and/or standardization involved in engineering technologies which either represent an extensive improvement on existing methods or are so innovative in nature that they materially have affected the transmission, recording, or reception of television.”

The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple reports that Apple’s particular Award was for its “Eco-system for Real Time Presentation of TV Content to Mobile Devices without the use of Specialized Television Hardware.” It doesn’t say what that is exactly, but it sounds like it has something to do with iTunes/iCloud.

And as iPhoneinCanada points out, this isn’t Apple’s first T&E Emmy Award. It’s first one came in 2001 for its invention of FireWire, then its second in 2002 for its Final Cut Pro Software, and it’s since won two more in 2005 and 2006 for “Streaming Media Architectures and Components.”

  • Congratulation Apple

  • Yeah congrats. Maybe apple should celebrate this by giving free apps hahaha

  • yup and what did samsung win? oh yeah bootlegger of the year 2012

  • Syed Alam

    The power of one man (Steve Jobs), Apple stock went down 28% (since his death), 2 high ranking executive got fired from Apple, No real new design for any mac product(except iMac) has been introduced, A die hard Apple fan like my self(has been using iPhone since July 1 2007) recently switched to Galaxy note 2 and can’t even look at iPhone 5 anymore(i test android and ios compatibility for BMW motors for living). Apple executive: when someone happy and successful, they usually don’t attack anyone(but you are attacking samsung for patent). It’s a wake up call.