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According to a new rumor out of Taiwan, Apple is already testing display panels for the second-generation iPad mini. With LG Display and AU Optronics already suppling panels for the current-generation tablet, Apple is thought to add a third company to the mix, Foxconn’s subsidiary Shenzhen Century Science & Technology (SCST). For the iPad mini 2, Apple is considering SCST’s panels with Retina-class resolution, which are based on One Glass Solution (OGS) technology. These panels have reportedly been sent to Apple for testing, indicating the Cupertino firm is in the exploration stage where it evaluates competing solutions before locking suppliers for the second-gen iPad mini…

SCST could also become a third supplier for the current-gen iPad mini panels through its cooperation with Chimei Innolux, another Taiwan-based Foxconn subsidiary. Foxconn has long been Apple’s favorite contract assembler for the majority of its products.

DigiTimes in December reported that Apple is expected to gradually adjust its manufacturing strategy for the next three years by outsourcing up to 70 percent of iPad orders and a small percentage of iPhone orders to Foxconn’s rival, Pegatron Technology.

Now, Taiwan-based China Times newspaper mentions that the OGS monolithic touch technology is more mature than the in-cell display process featured on the iPhone 5 while offering competitive advantages. The report goes on to note that Apple will upgrade the iPad mini’s pedestrian 1,024-by-768 pixel resolution display to Retina while keeping the size to same 7.9 inches diagonally.

OGS tech offers significant cost savings compared to the traditional G / G-type touch panels while not changing the LCD panel process. However, it’s faced some low yields stemming from the bubble problems, plus yellow tint, both of which should be eliminated by using the pricey vacuum equipment and switching to the full lamination process.

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Foxconn is reportedly investing heavily into SCST panel factories and manufacturing technology.

DisplaySearch forecast that the shipments of both the 7.9-inch iPad mini and its successor will hit the 50 million unit mark, exceeding that of the 9.7-inch iPad.

For the next iPhone, Apple is said to tap Touch-On-Display technology from Chimei Innolux that promises to fix the slower response speed of the iPhone 5′s touch panels caused by the in-cell technology.

Now, bear in mind that we can’t predict when Apple might release the second-gen iPad mini due to the lack of the release schedule regarding the device, which went on sale November 2, 2012 in nearly all of Apple’s markets following the October 23, 2012 introduction.

Breaking away from its usual summer pattern for iPhones, Apple in 2012 launched the iPhone 5 in September. The company also for the first time introduced the fourth-generation iPad just six months after unveiling the iPad 3 in March 2012.

  • ummm IDB please learn to write a compelling headline.. please… OMG DUH apple thinking about retina for ipad mini!?!?!!?!? What you should have written is:

    “Sources: Apple’s next iPad mini will finally get the retina screen it should have launched with”

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        iPhone 3GS
        iPhone 4S

        iPhone 5
        iPod touch 4G

        Does that answer you question?

      • So you spend tens of thousands of dollars on products that you continually criticize and software that you repeatedly state is lame?

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        Let me get in on this. Don’t presume to know why apple chose to go the non retina route for the iPad mini. We all feel the same way. We all know through apples history that they start with the lower tech and upgrade it in the next iteration. What “I” think” is that apple didn’t know exactly how we may have responded to an iPad mini so they played it safe and “just incase” it didn’t sell well , they will have not invested all of their resources into it. That’s actually just one scenario I’ve thought of. Btw, both of you sound like children acting the way you are. That’s my opinion too.

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    • The point of journalism is to be unbiased. Of course, that’s nearly impossible and bias even shows through with iDB, but they can’t write a headline as bias and slanted as you suggested. What you suggest would’ve purposely bashed Apple for their initial iPad Mini release; that’s not necessary.

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      Shocking news. Never imagined. Read it here first!

  • sambuzzlight

    they damn better be!

    • ndcart

      Why? The existing display is just fine for it’s size.

      • OR is the reason people like me spent the extra money for the iPad 4 and its Retina Display…

      • ipad 4 is the perfect ipad… just needs a jailbreak now..

      • Lordthree

        People who don’t own one don’t seem to understand. I’ve got iPad 1, 4, and mini. The only one I use regularly (all the time) is the Mini.

      • I sold my ipad one a looooong time ago.. non retina screens hurt my eyes now that i have been spoiled by retina for 2+ years..lol

      • ndcart

        In bigger screens I can understand that, but not on something the size of the mini. I could care less if my iPhone had a retina screen too.

      • ummm are you serious????????????????????????????

      • Ben

        But 3 hours ago when you were listing all of your Apple devices you said you have an iPad 1.

      • um no its not… the ipod touch is smaller and has retina even the old ipod touch 4G has “almost retina”… we all know apple when cheap on tech on purpose to make more money thats all

      • macboy74

        So why buy their products? If you hate Apple so much why go on Apple related blogs? Why not get an Android device? If you did you would bitch about the problems it has. And the iPod touch 4th gen was retina

      • no ipad touch 4g had a resolution slightlyy lower than the iphone4.. Clearly i love apple and love them so much that i have many apple products and wish for them to make decisions that benefit me as a tech consumer…

      • sambuzzlight

        what was the point of releasing a non-retina display then? should have been retina in first place.

      • RobbyRob4

        You know I hate to be the guy to agrees with Joe but he has a point. I too often complain about things apple lack in but I love apple products. Why do most apple users turn a blind eye or simply not accept the that like every other company out there apple fucks up sometimes. Nothing is perfect. Not even apple. GASP!!! yes its true folks, even apple. I bet you guys are the type that say We love the new maps what are you talking about!?!?!?!? LOL..

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    No shit, Sherlock

  • SoCoMagNuM

    That should have been in there in the first place…i would have gotten one at launch. Apple just wanted to milk early adopters. Well of next ipad mini gets retina then that will be when i add iOS back into my circles.

    • Exactly…

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Its going to be revolutionary lol

  • I recently bought an iPad Mini. And I love it. It’s my first iPad, and although the current iPad is Retina supported, I wouldn’t have wanted it as my first iPad; it’s bulky and not very convenient. The Mini is essentially perfect, apart from lacking Retina display. But I view it as an investment. With iDB, I will know well in advance when the Retina supported Mini update will be released. Then, I will sell my first gen. iPad Mini and put that money towards the Retina display update. I could continue this cycle, ideally, as long as I want, and always have the most update iPad Mini. Can’t wait!