Find My iPhone 2.0.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Apple’s underappreciated Find My iPhone app (BTW, shouldn’t it be called ‘Find My iOS Device’ instead?) has seen some clever uses that went a long way toward retrieving stolen iPhones and iPads. But punk trombonist Nadav Nirenberg took it to the next level when he posed as a women in order to lure an unsuspecting thief who stole his iPhone into a trap. According to media reports, holding a hammer in his hand, Nadav was patiently awaiting for the thief to arrive at his apartment to arrange an exchange…

Last Friday, New York Post reported how the 27-year-old used a phony online dating profile to trick the iPhone thief. He apparently learned that someone had been using the phone to send messages to girls.

He then used the same dating site to message the crook and arouse his interest.

As explained on Nadav’s blog, the thief replied back to confirm he wanted to meet at “her” place that night.

The bandit knocked on his door at around 7 p.m. holding a bottle of wine. He was clean-shaven and smelled like cologne.

“He was ready for a date,” Nirenberg said.

But instead of a kiss, the musician tapped him on the shoulder from behind, flashed a hammer and demanded his phone back.

The crook, who was short and soft-spoken, nervously handed over the cellphone and bolted after Nirenberg handed him $20.

It all took less than 20 seconds.

“As he was walking away, I said, ‘You smell great, though,’ ” Nirenberg quipped.

He didn’t even file a police report because “he didn’t want trouble”.

If something like this happened to me, I would sue the crook’s ass off.

  • are people really that dumb that they don’t realize you can so easily track iPhone’s now-a-days?

    • august ebbesen

      Only if “Find my iphone” is installed..

      • All you need is to enable Find My iPhone in iCloud Settings. You don’t need the app at all. You could take out the SIM card but if the iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi it can still be tracked.

    • I’m wondering the same thing.

      I had the fear that if my iDevice was hikaced, the thief would first think to turn it off or at least remove/replace the SIM (all of which are some-what prevented by iCaughtU Pro); but from the looks of this, I might be over safe with iCaughtU Pro.

      • I’ve always been worried that’s the first thing they’d do too. Especially if there’s no passcode and they have access? My first move would be to disable it. Good to know that most people don’t even know it exists, apparently.

      • Maybe a tad, but thats ok. Removing the SIM is useless if they connect up to WiFi it can still be tracked as well.

  • Being a CCW holder, I wouldn’t sue… He would just have to stare me down holding a gun instead of a hammer…

  • Suing him would not do any good but an ass whooping wood

  • august ebbesen

    Why didn’t the thief do a fresh install of the iOS so that the “Find my IPhone” app was gone? Dummy.

    • The Find my iPhone feature isn’t an app, it’s an iCloud feature that just needs to be turned off in the phones settings. Makes him even more of a dummy.

      • Either way…why are you using someone else’s phone with their settings?

  • He didn’t have Find my iPhone installed, he received emails from his OKCupid account and decided to pose as a woman.

    CBS’ article:

    “Nirenberg said he would have used a simpler method such as the “Find My
    iPhone” app to get his phone back, but he didn’t have such an app
    installed at the time. He has since installed the app on his iPhone.”

  • Harry

    Misleading article. As was the original with the post newspaper. The guy left his phone in a cab. The so called thief found it in said cab. To label someone a thief because of someone’s carelessness is wrong. He just be happy he got
    It back.

    • M_AlO

      He took a phone that isn’t his, that’s stealing. He’s a thief

  • M_AlO

    “… when he posed as a women…”


  • If I was the thief I would have master bated and ejack u lated on the phone before I met the owner , u can have your phone back

  • Nvrhde

    Any way old story

  • Ivan

    It would be nice to be able to lock the sim card tray with a password and have a password for restoring the phone. That way thieves will need to enter the passcode using the phone or iTunes to unlock the sim card tray and restore the phone. :S

  • wonderboydave

    remove sim, restore phone by placing it into DFU mode, use phone.

  • sault

    What a pity it was not one of those millions who wears a gun. An iphone it’s not worth the troubles you can find…

  • In reading the article it said he left his phone behind in a cab. The guy didn’t exactly steal it, he found it and just didn’t return it.

  • JustinBinder

    A Punk trombonist?…. “A handbaaaaaaaag?!”

  • Robert Goldberg

    “You smell great tho” haha what a winner!