Among the many exhibitors vying for your attention at the CES show room floor are makers of connected smart watches. Pebble, the most highly funded Kickstarter project to date, already teased “big news” at CES as it readies to finally launch its Android and iOS connected E-Paper Watch.

You can now put Cookoo on your list of CES smart watch announcements. Another Kickstarter project, the Cookoo watch just launched worldwide as an iOS and Android connected accessory supporting low-power Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) networking.

In the case of Apple’s platform, the scratch and water-resistant Cookoo watch supports the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad 3/4 and fifth-gen iPod touch and uses a button-cell battery so it doesn’t need to be recharged like typical smart watches do…

Billed as a “wearable extension of your smartphone that helps manage your connected life”, this watch taps a dedicated app to relay various notifications from your smartphone.

The blurb says:

Have you ever missed a call because you couldn’t hear your phone? Or found yourself constantly checking for a new text, email, or Facebook message? The Cookoo watch will let you know what’s happening on your phone in real time — even if you can’t see or reach it.

It has a dedicated button that can be programmed to tag a location on a map, check-in to Facebook, take a photo (it uses the command button as a remote for your phone’s camera) or find your device.


A Mode button mutes the audible alerts or turns the vibrations on or off.


Supported notifications include alerts for email messages, incoming and missed calls, calendar reminders and Facebook messages. It can also notify you when your iOS or Android device is low on battery or out of Bluetooth 4.0 range.

You gotta appreciate its beautifully designed analog watch face.


They’ll soon be releasing an API for devs to write compatible apps for the watch.

It’ll run you $129, comes in five colors and is available at the Cookoo web store.

Competition in the space includes SmartWatch from Sony, I’m Watch, Meta Watch and Pebble, to name just a few.

Watchers think Apple is about to enter the market with a smart watch product of its own. The press calls it the iWatch and I explained last week why it would make lots of sense.

Rumors swirled recently that the Cupertino firm is collaborating with Intel on such a gizmo that could see light of the day later this year.

  • Jonathan

    For that cost you might as well just buy a pebble and get functionality.

    • Jacob61916

      But this allows iPhone users to recieve text message alerts while pebble doesn’t.

      • The pebble supports iOS 6 which allows for the pebble to recieve text and iMessages.

      • Jonathan

        If it was max $70 dollars then I would be consider it. But for a few light up icons and one button that you have to learn how presses to do different actions at $129, thats ridiculously steep.

        I have the problems described here (wanting to know when I get notifications and SMS/Calls etc without having to get my phone out) but the implementation is just wrong.

        Though the tag location (assuming that means if you are out, you can just press a button and it will save where you are right now so you can view later) would be incredibly useful, but someone will just develop an app for the pebble which does that.

        My main point is, this tells you when you get a call or text. The pebble tells you whos call or texting and I believe it also tells you the text itself, for only a bit more money.

  • FabianPVD

    $34 shipping…. maybe I’ll wait until I have some spare cash.

  • sambuzzlight

    i like the UI but somehow the name cookoo doesn’t suits me

  • Anybody notice the guy make a call with “No Sim”?

  • Boyan Georgiev

    Make it $69 or less and I’m in!

  • I’m afraid all these companies will have growing pains. My Metawatch sttrata freezes (but also functions well) Pebble I think will be the same. I think the best option is the wait for Apple. Like someone said before, they have the money and resources available to make a truly awesome watch.

  • Marcello