Amid iWatch talk, Pebble teases ‘big news’ at CES

iwatch2 1

Pebble, the company behind the upcoming smart watch of the same name,  is telling its Kickstarter backers that “it’s time” for some “big news” as the company promises to livestream its CES news event January 9 at at 12pm ET. For those unaware, their Pebble E-Paper Watch has been long in the making and last April became the most highly funded Kickstarter project to date, which tells you there’s certainly some demand for such a product.

Should the company finally releases its iOS and Android smart watch, it could breathe new life into the product category that cries for a sprinkle of Apple magic. Or perhaps Pebble Technology figured it better release its gizmo ahead of a rumored iWatch Apple’s reportedly been collaborating on with Intel? Either way, looks like 2013 will be the year of smart watches…

The news conference will be streamed live via Pebble’s web site starting January 9 at 12pm ET.

What do you think this announcement will be?

Pictured at the top: an iWatch concept by ADR Studio.