iDB New Years

It’s now 2013 here in the U.S., and the iDB team would like to wish you, our readers, a very happy New Year! Thank you for continuing to allow us to do what we love every day, as none of this would be possible without your support.

2012 was a big year for us, as it was once again for Apple. It refreshed several products, introduced new ones and made some major internal changes. And while we’re sad the year has come to an end, we’re very excited for 2013…

Looking back

Apple spent most of 2012 pushing its product lines back to the front of the pack. Its third generation iPad, which was released in March, brought with it a Retina display and LTE support. And Apple later added the popular 4G tech to its iPhone line, as well as its all-new iPad mini.

It wasn’t all roses for the Cupertino company though — it also took a lot of heat over supplier labor conditions, iOS 6 Maps, and a major executive shakeup, which included the ousting of its SVP of iOS Software Scott Forstall.

As for iDB, aside from the internal and subtle front-facing site improvements we made this year, we also added two regular writers to our team:  and Jim Gresham. Both of them are extremely talented, and have added a tremendous amount of depth to our site’s content. We couldn’t be happier to have them on board for 2013.

Looking forward

We have every reason to think that the new year will bring about many surprises on the Apple news front. The company recently threw its annual refresh cycle out the window when it updated its 6-month old iPad, along with just about every other product in a two-month span.

Additionally, talk of new Apple products continues to swirl, with chatter in the TV and internet radio industries becoming particularly intense. Word has it that we could see at least one, if not both, of these rumors materialize in 2013.

And the new year is already looking great for iDB. As most of you have probably heard by now, our very own Jim Gresham will be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, where he will be providing all kinds of hands-on coverage of the year’s new tech. Expect to see the latest in everything from phones and tablets, to television sets.

Again, we want to thank all of you for your faithful support. Whether you’ve been following the site for years, or you just stumbled across us last month, we want to say that we appreciate you and we hope you’ll stick around.

Here’s to 2013!

  • Happy new year for you too!!! 😀 Thanks for everything

  • Happy New Years to you guys too! Hope you guys have an awesome 2013!

  • Navin Rochiramani

    iDB – has been awesome 🙂
    Expecting good coverage from CES 2013 🙂
    We love you iDB 🙂

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    How about podcasting your youtube videos on iTunes……

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    Maybe 2013 bring iOS 6 jailbreak 🙂 happy New Years everyone

  • Happy New Year to everyone at iDB looking forward to great content keep up the great work.

  • happy new year to you all

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    Thanks man same to you man!

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    Happy New Year iDB and everyone out there! ^^

  • You guys copy Mac rumors or the verge but you guyses website it’s better looking and the mobile one even better….if only you guys could post news faster than Mac rumors or the verge….

    • CPDigitalDarkroom

      They cover more stuff than they do, they don’t really cover any jailbreak tweaks etc, just rumors and analyst bullshit

    • Steve

      There’s an Apple news site called Hi-Tech Revolution over at hi-techrevolution .com and I think it looks awesome! Check it out!

      I actually think it’s better than iDB.

  • Happy new year everyone. I hope to meet Jeff at the CES


  • Guest

    Happy New IDB!

    even though the verge and engadget will be covering most of CES news, I’d like to see IDB’s take on it. Happy 2013!

  • Happy new year guys 🙂 well it has been new year since the last 12 hours hahaha

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    Happy New Years to iDB too, have a great 2013. We also hope there’s a future jailbreak for the iPhone 5 😉

  • more power to idb, happy 2013!

  • At the end of 2011 you said that the iDB app was coming ..still waiting..

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      iDB app would be epic! Happy new year!

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    What happened to the iDB app we were promised last year? 🙁

  • Happy new year to you and your lovely team,
    wishing you all the best and more success this year.
    Keep it up – we all love you so much

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  • Happy New Year to all IDB staff and the Dev Team…..May we get our IOS6 jailbreak in the near future….and thanks for almost everything…..cheers….!!!!!!