I am a big fan of backpacks, all shapes, sizes, and purposes. Like everyone’s father told them growing up, there is a right tool for everything. Backpacks are no different. About two months ago, we took a close look at the B7103 Lance Daypack by ECBC. It was a larger, bulky bag that I would hardly call a “daypack,” as you read in the review. However, ECBC has taken a step back and produced a new bag that is truly top-shelf.

The new K7102 Hercules is a slimmer, more agile pack that, most importantly, boasts dedicated iPad and iPhone pockets and TSA FastPass computer pocket for jet setters. We are pretty excited about the changes ECBC made with such a quick turn around and more excited to offer one as a giveaway to a lucky reader! Check below the fold for all the details…


Wrapping the K7102 is 1000d Kodra material, which helps prevent abrasions and weatherproofs the pack. Weatherproof, however, is not waterproof, which is important to note when toting around expensive Apple products. Designed to fit up to a 17″ laptop, if you have a legacy MacBook Pro with that size screen, you will be safe to pick up the pack. At 18.5″ x 12.1″ x 10.1″ (47cm x 30.7cm x 27.7cm) it will still be a tight squeeze. To ensure it would fit, I stuffed my 9.8lbs Toshiba Satellite P25 (the 2004 reason I converted to Mac) inside the K7102 and it fit particularly well in the main compartment.


Taking a step back to the Kodra material, it is woven fiber with a canvas like texture. It is used in higher end backpacks for durability and its lightweight, yet rugged density. The weather proofed Kodra pairs well with water resistant YKK zipper seals, which covers the actual zipper teeth in a rubberized material to repel rain. It reminds me of zipper systems on Mountain Hardwear and Arcteryx jackets, but not as superior.

Dual collapsable water bottle pockets make sure you stay hydrated and are located on either side of the pack, distributing weight evenly across the back. Carrying a heavy load is made more comfortable with a molded back panel, adjustable sternum strap, padded and adjustable shoulder straps, and a nylon foam handle.

I loaded it up and it felt good. If you’ve ever shopped for packs or consider yourself a bit of a connoisseur, you know what I am talking about. It sits properly on my back and feels right. Of course, that is determined by personal size. There are no adjustments to the straps except the standard adjustments, after all, it is not a camping pack, so do not expect a complete set of multi-adjusting buckles.


Two main compartments, excluding the FastPass, iPhone and document pockets, open to reveal six additional storage compartments, pen holders, and a keyring. Overall, the pack boasts ten dedicated storage areas, depending on how one might count “dedicated” storage. It is safe to say, you will be able to find a place for just about every one of your tech gadgets.

The foremost pocket is a small shallow pocket with a dedicated fleece lined iPhone sleeve sewn into the wall. The fleece is appreciated as I carry my iPhone naked. The first main compartment is a dedicated accessory pocket with smaller inside pockets of various shapes and sizes. Larger, the second main compartment, is big enough for school books with a separate tightly formed pocket for folders or loose documents and the biggest improvement, an iPad pocket.

The iPad pocket is surrounded with dense foam to prevent bumps and knocks from other back contents. An additional safety measure is how the pocket is placed. Suspended above the bottom of the bag, the iPad never rests on the seated surface. If you plop your bag down on the ground, the pack may very well prevent your iPad from smacking the floor. Keeping everything inside the tablet pocket from moving, an inch wide “seat belt,” holds a a full size iPad upright, even in a BookBook case, or an iPad mini on its side.

Finally, the compartment closest to the user’s back is the TSA approved FastPass padded laptop pocket. To be TSA approved, it is a designated laptop-only section that lies flat on the X-ray belt and contains no other pockets, metal pieces, buttons, or buckles. I can personally vouch it worked in both the RDU and MCO airport terminals.


Clocking in at $139.99 the K7012 Hercules Laptop Backpack is certainly priced as a premium pack. It is always hard to pay much more than $75 for a backpack, but if you are interested in bells-and-whistles, there is always an extra charge. With weatherproofed material protecting a gadget-oriented interior, this would certainly qualify in my personal bells-and-whistles category.

The fold-down TSA FastPass compartment is perfect for travel and will keep your aluminum MacBook from scraping around in the bottom of a stupid gray bin at the airport. A padded pocket protects iPads and fleece lined pocket keeps an iPhone from scratching. The myriad of pockets and zippers will keep my external Wi-Fi HDD, thumb drives, power blocks, cords, and adapters all secured without knocking around in the bottom of the bag.

I would recommend this pack to someone who is looking for a step up from a completely minimal pack. This is a great day pack or weekender and, consequently, may very well be my CES 2013 travel companion… more on that as we get closer to January. Thanks to ECBC for sending over one for review and check below to win your own.


  • New iPad specific padded pocket
  • iPad pocket will accommodate a case
  • iPhone fleece lined pocket
  • Adjustable laptop compartment with TSA FastPass approval
  • Padded straps and handle
  • Weather resistant


  • Expensive as far as regular packs go
  • Not for a minimalist
  • The iPad pocket accommodates a case, so if using your iPad naked, it will not be held tightly in the pocket, but it will not come out thanks to the seat belt


What do you have to do to win?

One lucky United States or Canada reader (sorry to our international friends) who follows the next steps will be chosen to win a K7102 Hercules Laptop Backpack:

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  • Let us know in the comments below where you will be taking your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone in your new backpack if you win! Don’t forget, include your Twitter handle, as this is how we will contact the winner.

Thanks again to ECBC for the chance to draw a winner from our readers! The winner will be contacted via Twitter DM by week’s end.

Winner announced!

And the winner is @juanr1vargas. Congrats Juan, your backpack is on its way. Thanks everyone for entering the contest. Keep your eyes opened for another giveaway very soon. Thanks also to ECBC for allowing us to give one of their backpacks away.

  • @jw1n

    I will take this to replace my current macbook case my friend bought me for secret santa last year. I hate that case.
    I will take it to class, projects, home, friend’s house, traveling to case study competitions, girlfriend’s house, work.

  • Brian Yamabe


    I’ll use the backpack to take my gear to work.

  • @spideyrules99

    I am an on-call tech support rep, and have my backpack with me CONSTANTLY!!! The one I have is great but it’s getting worn out. And with the impending zombie apocalypse in just 9 DAYS (!!!!), I need something rough ‘n’ rugged 🙂

  • @frandygoh
    i would bring this to travel with me as i often go out for business trip to china

  • NewWorldOrpan

    I will be taking my apple kit to the cleaners because this backpack is so fresh and so clean


  • @1Said

    Ideal for work and travel

  • @oscar_surfer
    to school 🙂

  • @israelagm

    My cat decided to take a hideous and horrendous smelling leak on my backpack, which I cant get the smell out of. This new backpack would be perfect for my MacBookPro and iPhone when I head to Minnesota to visit family. Also for when I walk down to my local coffee shop to get some work done.

  • @twitter-526964527:disqus
    I hope this time I win! I’ll use it for traveling with my iPad

  • Heath Brantley


    I will be using it as my primary backpack to and from school. I have an older MBP, iPad2, and 4S!

  • i will take it to my classes, poker tournies, the library, pretty much everywhere i go. i like having gadgets with me but my laptop bag hurts after a while.

    @digitalfeind on twitter

  • @IURabah
    – I am going to scuba dive in Belize in February. I pack like a tech diva, so I would need my iPad, iPhone, MBP and GoPro to document all the amazing adventures 🙂 This backpack would be perfect!

  • Being in High School, I need a backpack each day, and my current one is one I got to begin 3rd Grade. As you can imagine, it’s getting kinda worn out. I take my iPad and my iPhone back and forth to school each day, just in case we must look something up on the Internet. I don’t have a MacBook yet (although I hope to get one soon!), but I do have a 2005 Dell Inspiron 9300 that, due to the lack of an Internal HDD, I have running Ubuntu off a Flash Drive. I’d like to take this to school, as well, but I don’t have the room in my current bag (I’m kinda the resident techie & Apple nerd at my school). I have a rotation of 4 or 5 Flash Drives I take places, but I can never take them all at once, because 4 or 5 is a lot to carry. I’ll finally have the abliity to take them everywhere. My dad lives a couple states away from me, and I go to visit him at least twice a year, so that’s 4 trips through a TSA checkpoint a year, not counting any vacations my family decides to take. My family also likes to go Letterboxing, Geocaching, etc., and we are always sure to bring a backup GPS capable device, just in case. This bag will make it easy for us to carry at least 2 backup devices, as well as some snacks or something like that. I would really appreciate this backpack and likely use each pocket every day. My Twitter @name is @raysarebest

  • @sexyarmadillo98 I will take this on trips where my iOS devices accompany me

  • @jirakaz will take this backpack with me when the zombies hit! It will hold all of my gadgets (Before power is out for good, everywhere) as well as a pistol or two with plenty of magazines!

  • @alonhammer

    i’m traveling To China – Cambodia – Laos – Turkey – Paris – The Netherlands. for my post military trip!! and i plan on taking all my tech (laptop, external HD, ipad, iphone, DSLR with 2lenses, minitripod…and many trinkets) with me so i can blog and make a mini documentary of my travels and experiences!! what better way to take all my gear then with this beauty!!

  • I’m a student and my current backpack doesn’t allow me to fit my 17 inch MacBook Pro. Having this will allow me to carry around my books and my laptop all around campus.


  • Steven Darhower


    I am a college student and really need a good backpack to carry my ipad and macbook, if I win I would be using it for school and it would really help me out a lot! 😀

  • Guest

    I will be taking this to school, where I will be finishing my degree in computer science.


  • I’d love this backpack strictly because I’m student. I travel all throughout NYC carrying my macbook pro and its very straining on my back. I’d appreciate a new more functional backpack that won’t cause my scoliosis to worsen.

  • The bag will be first to use and fly overboard to Hong Kong to carry all my apple gadget and gopro for my vlogs on youtube under channel called iombie. And I hope I win this bag!! Need good bag tho. @iombie

  • @ak7579

    I am planning a late spring trip to Europe for my upcoming sabbatical. This backpack would be perfect to carry my gear as I take in the sights while allowing me to keep it close at hand in times of need.

  • Captain Steubing

    I’d take this backpack with me to visit my in-laws. A dangerous day of travel would lay ahead, through mountain and vale, and across rivers and lakes. Through swamp and desert! A most dangerous journey.

  • Dan

    I would take my Macbook, iPad, and iPhone with me to a trip to California. This is an amazingly designed bag, and would be perfect for me. Good luck to everyone participating!!!

  • @IanFuchs88

    I’m always looking for a better, more travel friendly pack to carry my iPad, MacBook, chargers, USB sticks, portable HD and tons of other goodies. The Hercules laptop backpack seems like a great way to keep my stuff safe!

  • @whoisclu

    ill be taking this backpack around cornell campus!
    i need it to protect my iphone and new retina macbook pro!

  • Guest


    ill be taking this backpack around cornell campus!
    i need it to protect my iphone and new retina macbook pro!

  • Twitter: @nfb5026

    I would use this to travel out of state every week for work throughout the summer! Thank you!