BookBook Volume 2 is redefined for the new iPad

Reformation. Few companies can break their products down to the stitching and take an honest look at what works, and what doesn’t. Count Twelve South in with the fine, and few, Apple accessory companies mastering the feat of self evaluation and introspection. The new BookBook is the final result of personally positive criticism. After deconstructing the BookBook, Twelve South has redefined one of their most popular products.

A company dedicated solely to producing Apple accessories, Twelve South designs a limited number of new accessories per year to ensure perfection of each. With what little time they have after garnering worldwide acclaim in Kiplinger’s, Twelve South evaluates the capabilities of their existing products and strives to further enhance them…

Design and Function

The BookBook for iPad (3rd gen) and iPad 2 continues the traditional BookBook exterior, blending vintaged, genuine stitched leather with a detailed book-like spine and gold leafing. It truly looks like a book and keeps everything tidy with a double zippered enclosure.

Inside, the BookBook houses a genuine leather iPad sleeve, which is stitched in place on the right and buttoned on the left. The metal buttons release to provide angled viewing options with the small support bar on the back. Two viewing angles are possible, either low or high. The lower option is perfect for typing, while the higher option is great for watching movies or chatting on FaceTime. Personally, I found it much easier to forgo the support bar while watching a movie for a better viewing angle, simply by placing the BookBook into a complete triangle.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, BookBook offers protection from the elements. As it is a closed design, the BookBook prevents dust and particles from entering the storage area, which is important to eliminate screen scratching. In addition to a protective rigid spine, the left interior side is coated in suede to cushion the iPad against the hard shell hidden underneath.



The leather elegance of the BookBook ($79.99 at Twelve South) not only provides a protective iPad accessory, but also a fashionable addition to a suitcase, purse, or backpack. Thanks to our friends at Twelve South for sending one over for evaluation – I used my BookBook while traveling out of town and enjoyed the new case immensely, especially while watching movies from the airplane tray table.

Moving away from a bulkier model and elastic interior bands, the newly reformed BookBook is an amazing option for those willing to invest the dollars and I highly recommend you do. Finally, a “thank you” to Twelve South for taking the time to re-think the BookBook, making improvements on an already stellar accessory.


  • Attractive and protective
  • Multi-viewing angles and display stand
  • Available in Classic Black, Vintage Brown, and Vibrant Red
  • Genuine leather and suede
  • Double zippered design for easy entry


  • Does not lock into place in the upright viewing angle and the iPad is not heavy enough to ensure a tight hold on the support bar
  • Price

What attracts you to the Twelve South BookBook? Would you ever pay $80 for an iPad case?