It’s been a pretty big night for iOS gamers. Hot on the heels of the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has gone live in the App Store. This is the 4th [obviously] title in Gameloft’s successful first-person shooter series, and it features the same great gameplay with some upgraded graphics…

The first thing you’ll notice about Zero Hour is its visuals. The new Havok Engine gives the title life-like animations, and dynamic objects. Gameloft, in fact, feels confident enough to describe the game’s graphics as “console-quality.” You may also be able to tell that the game has improved sound effects and voice acting.

The real star of Modern Combat 4, though, is its redesigned multiplayer mode. The campaign mode stays mostly the same, albeit the fact that you now get to play the villain, Edward Page. But the multiplayer mode features an all new ranking system, and a new loadout system with more than 20,000 weapon arrangements.

If all this sounds appealing to you, you can find Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour in the App Store for $6.99. It’s universal, so you’ll only have to pay for the game once and you’ll be able to play it on all of your iOS devices.

Have you tried Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour yet? What’d you think?

  • wonderboydave

    yep. its wayyyyy better!

  • Guest

    yeah buddy looks pretty cool

  • MC4 is iPhone’s Battlefield 3 , so far i am loving this FPS

  • notewar

    I got 3GB left on my iPhone and i still couldnt download this game…”storage full”

    • bartuus

      You have to got twice space on your idevice. 1st for installation file 2nd for installed game

  • Darius


    • Shellz3499

      Can we trade apps

  • ic0dex

    Great game but I don’t see a point in a shooter game on an iPhone. I mean games like this should be played on Xbox 360 or PS3. That’s just my opinion.


    It’s great to see a lot of you agreed with me when it comes to gaming on the iPhone. I’m a huge fan like most of you of the COD franchise and a few weeks ago I purchased Black Ops Zombies on my iPad mini. I originally said to myself that gaming should be a bit better on a large screen but after playing the game for a few minutes and as time passed it become more and more uncomfortable to play this type of shooter games on a touch screen device. Like Joe said Apple needs to develop some type of a controller for these types of games. Imagine you have an iPad with a Smart Cover, stand the iPad up link the controller to the device and you have a counsel type system set up in your office during lunch 🙂 on a Air Plane or any trip. how cool will that be?

    • Shellz3499

      Will you trade apps so I can play this

      • Haha aren’t you the same kid asking for Vice City too? Come on man, go do your homework or something.

      • Dan

        Pathetic, if you really want to rip off a game at least do some research and pirate like a man instead of whining in articles like this one. (PS: I do not support piracy).

    • maurid

      I agree. I can always be amazed by the latest graphics, but there is no way I can ever enjoy a FPS on a phone.

    • yup the touch screen controls make this game completely un playable… the graphics are okay tho… apple need to come out with a controller for games like this

    • Dan

      I agree fps games aren’t really at their best on touch platforms, although I enjoyed the Nova 3 multiplayer when I was on the road for work. Imo, fps games are best played with a mouse.

  • Shellz3499

    Please will anyone trade apps with me so I can play this? Please.

    • maurid


      • Shellz3499

        Please man I really want to play this that’s it. I’ll even give you some apps from my account to download.

      • jclocs1

        B*tch just STFU, and go get a life, and work for that fucken app

  • the frame rate is not very good though…

  • macbreaker
  • marco1993

    wow gotta give it to the devs for this game
    each time MC gets better and better 🙂

  • getting mine now

  • Mr_Russ1an

    I think the only good thing about MC4 is where you can jump over things. Game loft took a step backwards here because the game does not have retina graphics on iPad and you don’t get XP and coins from normal matches. The game is also a lot less realistic. It takes way too long to kill someone at close range.

  • notewar

    I finished the game already … It’s a pretty good game.