Samsung is on track to launch its next flagship handset, the Galaxy S IV, in April 2013 and reportedly the device will come with a “breakthrough unbreakable screen”, as Reuters put it in today’s report. You’d be forgiven for dismissing this news nugget as a pipedream of sorts, but bear with me for a moment.

We’ve been hearing that Samsung’s been looking to incorporate flexible display into next-generation smartphones and tablets for over a year now. Plus, the South Korean conglomerate certainly has demonstrated its willingness to explore uncharted territories. At CES 2011, Samsung’s mobile displays arm showed off a cool 4.5-inch flexible AMOLED display prototype based on electro activity polymer, seen above…

Reuters has the story:

Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading technology company by revenue, is likely accelerating the launch of its next-generation flagship Galaxy smartphone – which may come with a breakthrough unbreakable screen.

Codenamed “Project J” after mobile division chief JK Shin, development of the new Galaxy S IV could be aimed for release by as early as April, according to analysts and tech blogs.

Reuters quotes Stanford Bernstein analyst Mark Newman who speculates that “either the Galaxy S IV or S V will have unbreakable and even possibly flexible and foldable displays by 2014″.

UBS analyst Nicolas Gaudois believes that Samsung’s “preparations for volume manufacturing of unbreakable plastic substrate displays continue”.

The report goes on to note that a foldable display could be the phone’s biggest selling point, much like AMOLED technology serves as Samsung’s hardware differentiator for the current Galaxy lineup.

The S IV is thought to incorporate a 13-megapixel camera (Apple, you reading this?) and a quad-core chip.

More importantly, it’s gonna have even bigger display with higher pixel density than both the S III and the iPhone 5. At 441 pixels per inch, we’re probably talking a five-inch full HD 1080p screen here.

That’s “a big improvement from the Galaxy S III’s 306 ppi and better than the iPhone 5’s 326 ppi”, the news gathering organization writes. Some phone vendors have already adopted 1080p screens on high-end devices, like HTC.

Unfortunately, we have no idea whether or not Apple is working on a 1080p iPhone. Full HD, or 1080p, resolution maxes out at 1,920-by-1,080 pixels.

If it means anything, DisplayMate’s Raymond Soneira thinks the 1080p smartphone display is primarily a marketing pitch rather than an experiential improvement.

Why’s that?

Because – and he knows these things inside out – the extra sharpness of a 1080p display is wasted as an average person “can’t resolve sharpness above 229 pixels per inch”.

Those with the perfect 20/20 vision might be able to notice a slight difference between a 720p and 1080p smartphone display, Soneira added.

I personally doubt such a display would make sense on a flagship device like the Galaxy S IV. Then again, people used to similarly diss so-called phablets until the Note started putting on solid numbers.

This way or another, I think Samsung’s gonna eventually do a phone featuring a flexible display, but I don’t think it’s gonna be a mainstream product.

To me, a flexible display on a smartphone doesn’t make much sense, but I could be entirely wrong. Here’s a nice Galaxy Skin concept depicting how a bendable display might look like on the Galaxy smartphone.


How about an iPhone with an unbreakable screen?

  • That is so cool.

  • seyss

    why would anyone wanna bend their screen?

    • Kaptivator

      Exactly what I was thinking….why?

    • RarestName

      It would be much more flexible and less “breakable”.

      • I am pretty sure if you’d drop this flexible display it would still shatter.

    • Tardroid

      Ssheeps will buy anything.

    • For show off that’s what Samsung Buyers do , “my smartphone is cul than yours it’s innovative it can blend screen see see”.

    • rocky

      just to reduce the size of phone. ex- having flexible display on galaxy note, u will be able to fold the phone and it will fit ur pockets easily.

      • Tardroid


  • What’s the point of this? Who looks at a screen bent in half? And of course it will bend – it’s plastic. All Samsung’s products are made of plastic. Talk to me when the display is transparent.

    • i agree with you on this. i’m waiting on a holographic screen on the iPhone! talk about game changer.

      • You can bet that, as Apple refines in cell technology, that they are moving toward a holographic experience. This is the next huge move for Apple in addition to wireless charging.

    • Aj

      I just luv apple nd hope dat dis technology comes out by apple but i think dat we r gettin a little biased here. shamesung has really started to impress me. i also heard dat dey r makin a smart window which can run as a lcd, led widout havin any thickness. i think dat dis vil be a real game changer for shamesung. I think dat multi window vil really b helped by dis. it is gonna be lik, im usin fb nd d display is curved so dat my mom can use twitter side-by-side. if shamesung makes dis d only tging dat can bring apple back in d game would b wireless chargin. somethin else dat dey should come up wid would b dat we hav no internal or external memory on our phones nd would use icloud or google drive to store everythin. I dont noe how to express my self nd dont noe how much u vere able to understand but i think dat flexible nd unbreakable displays, wireless charging nd over d air cloud usage would be real game chngers. i really wanna buy dis right noe but dont want it to b from shamesung. i want it to be from apple nd i think dat lik me many would silently envy d s4 users but would buy such a display only from apple.

  • Marketing gimmick if true.

  • As much as I admire Samsung’s productive capabilities, I don’t see this as being any kind of Flagship device in the future. Bendable? No. Unbreakable? Perhaps. But only time will tell.

  • It can bend, but will it blend?

    • My though exactly… Read yours after posting. No phone is indestructible!

  • Justin Quinn

    Never have I thought to myself, “Man, this phone would be even better if I could bend the display!”. Stupid and pointless, imo.

    • And neither did anyone think to them self that “This phone would be a lot better if it didn’t have buttons”, until SJ made it happen.

  • Niels Zomer

    Lol what is the use of it? First they want to make edge-to-edge phones and now they are going to place the chips below the screen, makes no sense at all, and those phones look like shit.

  • So it bends? Who would want that? And it looks completely bulky and huge. How is it even practical?

  • What is the actual point. Hey everyone look, my screen can bend!

    What are you going to do with that?

    Ummm I don’t know but it looks cool right, hey guys. Where’d they all go??

    • Matthew

      True Dat

  • Epic fail !!!!!!

  • chjode

    Today on iSamsungBlog…

  • no it wont

  • Darius

    Very ugly indeed.

  • f1ght3r

    Just like the iPhone 5 was going to be waterproof? These posts based on your guys’ speculation is starting to get old.

  • biff

    I think the point is that it will be virtually unbreakable. They are just showing the screens work bent all around.

  • Super pointless. 😀

  • Jonathan Jaimes

    This is going to be cool.

  • Cool, but what’s the point? Not trying to be high and mighty. I’m honestly curious!

  • MagicDrumSticks

    I think people are missing the point here. These are simply concept screens of what is possible in the future. It’s the same thing as concept cars which never get released because they are just not practical. Rather than bash it and say it’s useless, use this to think of possibilities that this would lead to (no more cracked displays.)

    • Flexible doesn’t equal less fragile. Dropping this would still most likely shatter the screen.

    • Jeremy Teynor

      agree! people are small minded until the see it for themselves

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Thank you Jeremy, you’re my new best friend.

  • “The S IV is thought to incorporate a 13-megapixel camera (Apple, you reading this?) and a quad-core chip.”
    Why should they? 13mpx on a tiny sensor is going to suck anyways. 8mpx is enough, the pictures aren’t detailed when cropped anyways.
    13mpx is a lot even for those a bit bigger sensors in compact cameras.

    • Aj

      Dude r u high? d gs3 is quite an old phone now nd its cam is in par wid dat found on ip4s nd is gud enough for ip5 (gs3 is damn old now nd ip5is totally brand new). u r actin lik dodo (an extinct bird) which always closed its eyes nd let d poachers hunt it. Nd in dat way, ip5 is dual core nd s3 is quad core nd i heard dar s3 on jelly bean is faster dan ip5

      • Please type normally. That was quite horrible to read.
        And I was talking about camera, not the phone. Read again please.

      • Aj

        I talked about both the camera and the phone. Does it bother you? You said that iPhone’s camera is better than Galaxy S3’s camera. I agreed but dont you think that S3 aged now? And this aged phone might have as good camera as the iphone 5’s camera but has a quad core processor and the iphone only has a dual core processor.
        Fyi (for your information) I read your post again and now I think that you should read my orignal comment again

      • Ahhh how hard is it to understand something really? I didn’t say a word about processing speed. My comment was about the camera and sensor and I didn’t compare anything. Keep it relevant and on topic or don’t reply.

  • Hyr3m

    We saw these back in January 2011… Why am I not surprised this was written and posted by the Zibreg ? I’m going to start using the word “zibreg” in everyday life as a synonym for “failure”.

  • The REAL Question is…. will it BLEND!

  • Nice, now I can use my smart phone as a large wrist watch 😀 Reminds me of the good old buzz light year times 🙂

  • 5 years later, Apple introduces it revolutionary bendable, foldable and squeezable phone and the comments here would be all too awesome. #justsaying