I hope you’ve grown accustomed to the new, highly visual library views focused on media artwork in iTunes 11 and don’t mind Apple dropping Cover Flow because that feature ain’t coming back. What Apple will add to the redesigned jukebox software is the ability to detect duplicate song, which mysteriously disappeared with the latest iTunes update. That’s what the Wall Street Journal tech columnist Walt Mossberg heard from his own sources within Apple. The company reportedly told him it will restore the duplicate song detection feature “in a minor update of the program”

Previous versions of iTunes had an option called “Display Exact Duplicates” that, as the name suggests, would filter only the songs in your library with multiple copies found.

Mossberg wrote in his iTunes 11 review:

Fans of iTunes will notice some omissions and flaws. The long-touted Cover Flow carousel of album covers has been dumped. The company says it found too few users considered it useful. A feature that finds duplicate entries is missing. Apple says it will soon be restored in a minor update of the program.

Also, if you’re seeing some missing album covers in the album view, don’t worry as “Apple says this is a rare bug”, one it’s already solved and is part of an upcoming minor update.

Another bug the company says will be remedied prevents owners of Apple TVs from wirelessly streaming cloud-based movies to their TVs.

As for the Cover Flow carousel, it’s not returning as Apple apparently told Mossberg “too few users” deemed the feature useful. The company also has no plans to provide biographical information on an artist in the main library view.

For that, you have to go to the store.

There you have it.

Pundits believe that the addition of a Radio option in the horizontal bar in iTunes 11 indicates a future streaming service from Apple, but sources quoted in a Cnet story insist that “a deal with all the majors is nowhere near to being completed”.

Are you sad that Cover Flow was removed from the new iTunes?

  • I’m disappointed that it’s not really that snappy and fast (windows machines). I’m not the only complaining, I know lots of people on twitter and on facebook that are complaining how slow the new iTunes is. Not too many people have up to date computers, as a developer that should always be considered. In my case, it eats more resources than the iTunes 10 😀

    • my MacBook is a early 2008 n it runs faster then 10 for me.. how old is your computer?

    • i’m using Windows and iTunes is a lot faster for me.. I’m sorry for you.. and when u say “it’s not really that snappy and fast”, is iTunes 10 faster than the current one? i don’t think it’s possible..

    • Ryann

      iTunes 11 is a bit faster Late ’08 MacBook but it freezes when i click any menubar items

    • Currently using the Macbook with Retina and its a whole lot faster than 10. You must have an old PC

  • I hope we can resize the album size again. I know this feature seems useless too but the albums are seriously too big on iTunes 11..

  • used cover flow probably twice. it always made my computer laggy when I used it so I gave up on it

  • I’m shocked Apple removed the DJ feature from iTunes. The ability to use iTunes at a party, and have guests request and vote for songs, as well as view the library and see what is playing, via WiFI, was brilliant.

    I really hope this comes back, but I dont hold much hope.

    • i have devices not to upgrade my iTunes cause i just prefer the layout of the older one.. this app needs layout them options..

      • you can add that stuff back to look similar to the old layout

  • why would something like that be removed any way?

  • all these feature need to optional… and all the old features need to be kept incase people still want them

  • I would’ve stopped using ITunes if it wasn’t my main library that syncs with all my handhelds :(. I used coverflow all the time.. now it’s just a boring list view with no album art… I don’t like using the album view I wanna see the whole music list.

  • seyss

    so instead of rolling out features yearly (which is horrible in my opinion) they remove features and relaunch them, and idiots still like it.

    this is what Splashtop did with Splashtop 2. They releases a terrible new version without many features, then slowly relaunched them and “people” gave it 5 stars.

  • I hate how the shuffle and repeat buttons disappear when you start a genius playlist.

  • “As for the Cover Flow carousel, it’s not returning as Apple apparently told Mossberg “too few users” deemed the feature useful. ” fucking morons think that just because a small % of us use coverflow that it means they can rip out a feature… Could of left it in you lazy bastards

  • Lets just hope some mods for itunes will surface, someone will probly find a way to mod in coverflow into iT11

  • R Skse

    Again, please bring back the ‘dark theme’ option, and add a nice lyric viewer integration…

  • Etcyl

    Thanks for ruining the accessible layout you had going, iTunes! This new update defeats the purpose of adding new songs onto your iPod by making it impossible to simply drag and drop songs onto your portable mp3 player. What better way to upgrade then to take out old features that actually worked!

  • If Coverflow is not coming back Im not coming back !! Goodbye Apple !!!!!!!!!!!