Despite the many improvements Apple has made to the iPhone over the past five years, there are still some things missing from the handset. One of the biggest omissions, for a lot of folks anyway, is the lack of external notifications.

And Apple must agree, to some extent, because it added the LED Flash for Alerts feature in iOS 5. But the makeshift solution doesn’t quite cut it for everyone, and that’s where the myLED external notification light comes in…

MyLED is an accessory that features a micro LED light and sits in your iOS device’s audio jack to “ensure complete visibility.” It can notify you of anything from new Twitter and Facebook alerts to missed phone calls and emails.

And thanks to the myLED iOS app, the thing is completely customizable. You can program which notifications you want to be alerted for, and choose the blink pattern. Headphones? No problem, myLED comes with a headphone clip.

Of course, by now you’ve figured out that myLED is a Kickstarter project, and it’s goal is to raise $18,000 over the next 30 days. If you’d like to help, a pledge of $15 gets you on the pre-order list ($10 and $13 pledge options are gone).

Obviously myLED isn’t for everyone — it’s certainly not for me. I think the bulb sticking out of the headphone jack looks tacky. But, I can think of a number of people, such as farmers who ride around in tractors all day, who’d be all over it.

What do you think of myLED?

  • These hipsters really seem like nice hipsters, but is it so hard to press the home button once to see if there is a call or text?

    And seems like EVERYone is grinding out kickstarter projects now eh?

    • Sigurd Boe

      I didn’t like what they showed here at all. But I’ve had several phones with built in functions similar to this and I love the function it self.

      But if you extrapolate on your premise, you can just as well say “but is it so hard to wash your clothes in the river with a washing bath?”
      Thats taking it to the extreme, but its the same thing. This is like a small step between your washing machine and dryer and walking out in a frozen river in the winter to wash your clothes.

      We don’t know where this is going to end though, but in 50 years they are going to look at our phones as primitive tools much the same way as we now see hand washing indoor methods they used 50 years ago.

      • I get your point but yeah, it’s the extreme.

  • davred64

    Emmm Should i have Fish fingers or Sausage with mash tonight ? Oh whilst i’m here what’s going on with a jailbreak for IOS 6 coz iphone is painfully boring without it

    • Fag


      • davred64

        Don’t smoke thanks

      • Binary_Stalker

        Insulting another because of a known fact around the community? It’s not like he called Android superior (which is obviously debatable due to opinions). It’s fine to share an opinion, but when it gets to insulting that’s just plain stupid.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Probably not even coming out until next year. You have to jailbreak your phone to make it do the basic functions that android has out of the box

  • That will be a nice VIP red beacon on my phone …

  • might be useful with the ipad like shown, dont think id use it with my iphone though

  • Or just use the flash notification in ios 6. It’s cool the camera flash flickers on all notification

    • soccerkrzy

      Except it’s farking bright in the middle of the night, I now need to make sure my phone is completely covered when I sleep. I wish you had more flexibility in that it doesn’t flash for every notification, but ones you want it to flash for.

      • No Whammy


  • f1ght3r


  • Make it a bit smaller and I am in!

  • JomanJi

    Cool, but you can’t listen to music using headphones whilst using this…

  • F P


    • Binary_Stalker

      Useful for some people, just not implemented well.

  • Hipster android, doing LED notification before it was cool.