Universal Video Downloader is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to extract video from any app. It’s a tweak that makes it totally feasible to download an iTunes trailer, or other video content for offline use.

Obviously, as with any app of this nature, it is possible to use it for more unscrupulous means, but as we always do at iDB, we urge you to use the app like it was intended to be used — for legitimate purposes. Want to see how it works? Take a look inside as we take Universal Video Downloader for a spin.

Universal Video Downloader “listens” in the background, and will pop up a notification anytime it senses a video playing within another app. It will then prompt you to download that video to your library. As you’ll see in the demonstration above, not all videos will play within your library, so you may have to use iFile in order to access the content.

Fortunately, content like Netflix, although it can be watched offline within the app, isn’t shareable, or even watchable outside of Universal Video Downloader. This will, hopefully, prevent people from downloading streaming content like Netflix for devious reasons.

Universal Video Downloader can be had for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • This is a great app but will not work with Puffin or Skyfire.

    • Because they are apps that are talking to severs that are running a flash brower

  • ehh why would i need this? now i see…lol

  • yall are soo damn paranoid…lololol

  • this is great on ipad..

  • Thanks Jeff ! I hated going on verge or YouTube and not even play the highest quality like 360p or what ever.

  • does it work also with rentals???”? i need a jailbreak for ios6!!!!

  • Terrifyingly, it works with Netflix. I’m sure an extraction process can be worked out soon.

    • what

    • iFile 😉

    • Christopher Walken

      yup. it works, but try playing those files in a computer program

  • wooooooowwwwwwwww! you so fucking smart

  • Even though the ‘full quality enabled’ slider is switched on, videos at livestream.com only download at low quality. How can I get the HQ version of the streams downloaded?

  • abdul rahman khan

    from this downloader i am not able to send any video to my libarery in the same phone plz tell me how can i do this?

  • Aj Guerrero

    Why won’t video show on Netflix at times?

  • Briana

    Why won’t it work? I’m trying to download a video on Facebook and it won’t come up asking if I want to download the video