I see a pattern emerging here. Apple comes up with the iPad and Microsoft launches the Surface. Then, Apple makes the iPad mini while Microsoft is allegedly readying a gadget code-named Xbox Surface, basically a seven-inch Surface tablet focused on gaming. And now, word on the street is that Redmond is working on its own set-top box to take on the Apple TV and others in the living room space. Aptly named Xbox TV, it’s aimed at casual gamers and regular couch potatoes…

The Verge has the story:

The device will run on the core components of Windows 8 and support casual gaming titles rather than full Xbox games typically found on a dedicated console.

Although hardware specifications aren’t fully locked down, we understand Microsoft will use a chipset to enable an “always on” device that boots quickly and resumes to provide near-instant access to TV and entertainment services.

This jives with what “MS Nerd”, an insider with a solid track record, wrote on Reddit back in March 2012:

My understanding is that we’ll see a Xbox device in late 2013 which does arcade-style games and all the current and future media apps with Kinect (with near-mode). It will be an ARM-based platform price-competitive with the Apple TV (if you own a Kinect already).

A Microsoft spokesperson commented on The Verge story:

Xbox 360 has found new ways to extend the console lifecycle by introducing controller-free experiences with Kinect and re-inventing the console with a new dashboard and new entertainment content partnerships.

We are always thinking about what is next for our platform and how to continue to defy the lifecycle convention.

The Verge also learned Microsoft is thinking about combining “its core system for the next Xbox with a phone stack” in an effort to deliver so-called Xbox phone, basically a smartphone capable of running a full version of Microsoft’s Xbox Live services.

Microsoft has also reportedly “investigated providing this functionality to TV OEMs, who could include the core services as part of a licensed Xbox television set”, the publication asserts.

I’m totally buying the Xbox TV rumor.

For starters, Microsoft’s credibility in the gaming space cannot be disputed.

I love my PlayStation 3 and think it’s a great console, but I’ be also first to admit that the Xbox 360 runs circles around Sony’s hardware in terms of the living room integration, online services, entertainment and other perks outside the core gaming experience.

And, Kinect is way more enjoyable and better than Sony’s Move controller.

Check out the Halo 4 launch trailer, Microsoft’s so-called system seller for the Xbox.

It all makes perfect sense.

With the Xbox successor about to be introduced, Microsoft can only gain by targeting casual users with an affordable Xbox-branded set-top box. And if Xbox TV is just one in a series of Xbox-branded products we’ll see next year, Microsoft could win the battle for the living room in one fell swoop.

Another thing to consider is Microsoft’s vast array of partnerships in the entertainment industry. Of all the consoles out there, Xbox has most television shows, Hollywood movies and music available.


  • Imagine a built in Xbox in the tv. THATS AWESOME

  • Without Xbox 360 Media Center, I could not have cut the cord….If I could get a quieter box to use as a Windows 7 Media Center extender I would LOVE IT!…not sure if that will be a feature of the potential Xbox TV though….would be nice

  • Gerard Hampton

    I like how this site now just talks about all other brands then apple. haters gonna hate i guess.

    • Dan

      They keep you informed of the competition, nothing wrong with that.

  • samdchuck

    Apple TV killer? WTF?

  • no Blu-ray on the Xbox and man help the poor bastard that bumps the Xbox wile it is playing a disk. i have had both and prefer my ps3 it has free online play and a bigger hard drive and will not burn up the system if you leave it on for to long.

    • These are all problems (minus the blu ray) that have been fixed. Ps3 fanboys cannot get passed that the Xbox 360 has in fact gotten better.

      • I’ve had to replace my Xbox slim model 3 time b/c it burned up I could not tell (as there is no red ring b/c they took out the red led) as to what the problem was. but yes it was a much bigger improvement from the first 360. I guess I just had bad luck with the units I got.

      • Yeah I guess. And with systems like the ps3 and Xbox you can’t put them in small enclosed places

    • New version of the 360 slim is really good. I own both systems. And somehow i do prefer the 360. But i dont dislike the ps3

    • maurid

      Not only Xbox Live is relatively cheap, but let’s be honest: there is a reason it is a paid service. Play Station Network sucks. Oh, and by the way, man… EXPANDABLE storage. They don’t get any bigger than that.

      • PS network is cheaper than Xbox live and you get free full games on the PS network and they are good games. Xbox live doesn’t give you any thing worth keeping. and i agree with you about the expandable storage but i don’t know to many people who want to label their HDD so they can remember whats on there and have to swap it out to play that game. and you can get a PS3 with a 500 GIG HDD. but to each their own.

      • TriguyRN

        What free games?

      • infamous 2, just cause 2, little big planet 2, resident evil 5 gold edition, each month there is a different game to those who pay for the membership and you get to play the game as long as you keep your membership current you download the game to your HDD.

      • “Membership”

      • ????

    • TriguyRN

      New models no longer burn up and discs all together are Phasing out.

      • i don’t know about the disc fading out it is cheaper to make a disc than a cartridge and digital is great and all but it would put a lot of people out of business if disc do fade out it wont be for another 20-30 years.

  • jbelkin

    How long has MS been shilling WEBTV? hahaha, another MS fail (yes, Xbox falls under that – spending $50 BILLION to make $28 BILLION – only MS math is that stupid).

    • TriguyRN

      Where do you get your numbers? If Microsoft wasted that much cash they would be out of business.

  • jack

    I feel like most people have there heads up there ass

  • *ehem* TVii *ehem*

  • And on that note its bye bye for now and it’s time to turn on the Xbox and play some COD

  • Are they going to make you pay $50 a year just to use apps you already pay for like Hulu or Netlfix? Because that was the reason I sold my Xbox and kept my AppleTV.

    • I agree. They need to lower the subscription and just limit it to online gaming. More people would by the Xbox if this was the case

  • If any of these new xboxes want to do better, they need to drop the price of Xbox live and then just limit it to online gaming. If Microsoft does this, it will appeal to families and be more of a entertainment system. But I do not think they should drop the paid Xbox live. That is why Xbox live is so good. Compare Xbox live to PSN and you will see that Xbox live is better. (I have had both, so I am not biased)

  • Isn’t apple tv suposed to be the xbox/ps3/wii killer? anyway unless its something new and non existant, the “iTV” would be in an already existant market too.

  • Im sorry, but i must disagreee with the likeness implied to the mini ipad and alleged surface xbox tablet. Completely different.

    • TriguyRN

      Thats what I hate about this site. They are always finding ways to imply x copied apple.