Google Shopper, a free download for the iPhone, was last updated on October 3 with minor tweaks. Though optimized for the iPhone 5, the search Goliath seems to have forgotten about shoppers looking to use the program to “browse for gift ideas, research products and locate great deals on the go” using their iOS device. How’s that?

Well, the Android version of Google Shopper was updated to version 3.0 on November 9 with attractive new features for holiday shopping. Meanwhile, Google Shopper for iOS remains stuck at version 2.6. Worse, it was last updated more than a month and half ago and contains none of the new features from Google Shopper 3.0 for Android. So, where does this leave folks who want to shop smarter with Shopper?

Élysse Betters of 9to5Google incorrectly reported on November 9 that “Google rolled out version 3.0 of Google Shopper for Android and iOS today”, linking the article to a post over at the official Google Commerce blog which however makes no mention of the iOS version.

PCMag and a number of other blogs made the same mistake assuming Google would update the iOS version alongside its Android counterpart.

‘Today, with the launch of Google Shopper 3.0 for Android, you can easily browse for gift ideas, research products, and locate great deals on the go”, Google’s blog post reads.


The Android version was updated to version 3.0 on November 8 with these features:

• new UI with faster navigation and bigger images
• discover sales and special offers in your area from the new sales screen
• search for apparel and accessories more effectively with image-centric search results
• make more informed buying decisions with GoodGuide product ratings
• get great deals online with retail promotions
• find out about new features and content with push notifications
• 3.0.1: Fixed a bug that caused the app to crash at startup for some users

Here are some screenies.

The Home screen has larger photos and a bigger search box for easier navigation.

The new Sales section (left) highlights promotions and weekly circulars from nearby stores. GoodGuide ratings can be seen on the right.

And here’s Google Shopper 2.6 for iOS, last updated on October 3.

• filter weekly sales at featured local stores by category so you can focus on your favorite deals
• browse visually similar products when searching for apparel
• improved performance and stability

The iOS version doesn’t have the new Sales page or GoodGuide ratings, the interface still renders smaller product images, search isn’t as powerful and so forth. In short, the iOS version isn’t as compelling a  shopping companion to make it “easier to find deals at local and online stores” as the latest Android build.

Google launched Shopper for Android in 2010, bringing it to the iPhone a year later. This was Google’s original promise to iPhone users.

While we’re at it, Google may want to update the Google Shopper web page with new version numbers for mobile apps.

Oh, and one more thing: what’s up with the native iPad version?

Surely Google realizes Apple users are big spenders.

Actually, the company indicates as much, noting in its blog post that “four out of five mobile phone and tablet owners plan to use their device for holiday shopping – for comparing prices, locating nearby stores, and searching for coupons”.

Yet, as we’re heading into the holidays Google has left iOS users out in the cold.

How lame is that?

On a related note, Google also stole the month of December with the Android 4.2 update for its Nexus tablets.


As a reader joked down in the comments, Google has “no time for iOS apps, because they’re busy adding December back on Android”.

According to the official Android page on Google+, the search giant hopes to bring December back to Android 4.2 by – well, December.

Rest assured, this will be fixed soon so that those of you with December birthdays and anniversaries won’t be forgotten by your friends and family.

There you have it.

  • skychet

    Bah humbug

  • RarestName

    They have no time for iOS apps, because they’re busy adding December back on Android.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Apple has no time to approve this for ios, they’re too busy fixing maps and playing catchup

      • RarestName

        Another reason why I’m still on 5.1.1.

      • Jailbreak. XD

    • Tell me, my workplace phone is a Nokia Lumia. Google has never launched anything for WP.

    • Wassim Omais

      OMG December! It’s like… the LAST month of the YEAR!!! How will we ever incorporate it into Android?

  • omg! no i dunno where i can spend my money. that’s worse than ….. hm….. worse than Hitler!

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Google keeping functionalitys away from iOS…. you can knock me with a feather….

    • Gerard Hampton

      Yeh apple going around pissing people off then an apple blogger whinging about how one of those companies isnt updating its ios app quick enough LOL

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Apple was paying Google good money for Maps, still Google held back functionality. No saints here, so don’t go all “Google is god” on me

      • goofygreek

        really, maps wasnt updated because apple had its own version installed in ios. hense the reason why the interface for google maps on ios is different than the interface on android’s google maps. And apple was the ones not updating it, not google.

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Please read the past news. Google has holing back turn by turn direction and other things from Apple, nothing to do with updates.
        Becouse of this Apple came up with their own solution.

  • Gerard Hampton

    This is such a childish article. Get an android device if it bothers you so much. If this is the quality of reading this site now provides its popularity will drop faster than apple share prices. – A user joked in the comments..

  • Guest

    The 9to5Google report said this at the bottom: While the iOS version is not yet live, many reports speculate it will roll out sometime soon.

  • if you want google stuffs, looks like you’ll need to migrate to Android. Funny seeing iOS kids crying over Google not paying attention to their ecosystem. What comes around goes around eh?

    • maurid

      I know right? Damn, Google already gave them ‘Now’. You iOS users are so sad.

  • Guest

    The 9to5Google report said this at the bottom: While the iOS version is not yet live, many reports speculate it will roll out sometime soon.

  • TechTonic

    I’m sure Android users have to go through this a lot more than iOS users. If a lack of an update for a Google app ruined your holidays, get an Android phone.

  • Tr1pTr0p

    iTunes is utter shit on Windows, yet I don’t see any articles about it, do I? Hypocrite.

  • It will come as soon as Apple finishes approving the 1000 new fart apps that need to be out before Christmas I am sure they will get to approving it.

  • Falk M.

    Another Christian Zibreg masterpiece…

  • So – your holidays were ruined because you can’t use the latest version of a Google app on your iPhone. Am I understanding you correctly? Even if the headline is tongue-in-cheek, it’s a bit out there.

  • who cares

    Seriously???…you are gonna bitch about this now in a blog? your standard is getting worse by day…if u want google so bad use android..its a free app get over it and if one app ruins ur holiday (that is what you are trying to imply) well u need to get out more of your ios life!!

  • Wait…there’s such thing as 9To5Google?!

    • goofygreek

      yes, its part of 9to5mac.

  • maurid

    “How lame is that?”

    Lame is the fact that you say you’re holidays were “ruined” because Google didn’t release an app for you. Cry me a river, Tiffany. Get your ass off that chair, go out, and fckin buy what you want… NORMAL PEOPLE style.

  • maurid


    Grow a pair, Zibreg.