Today I got my hands on the Google Nexus 10 in order to do a proper comparison with the iPad, and to stay up to date on the iPad’s closest competitors. As you’ll recall, I already did a review of the Nexus 7, and came away with a favorable impression of the device.

For the Nexus 10, a lot is the same as the Nexus 7, but a lot has changed as well. The most obvious difference is the form factor. This tablet competes directly with the iPad as far as size is concerned. You’ll also notice a fairly original design, and one of the best, if not the best, screens on a tablet that you’ve ever seen…

Sadly, a lot of that is quelled by the fact that the build quality of the device is almost laughable. There’s nothing “premium” feeling about the Nexus 10. In fact, if you press on the plastic — and there’s lots of that — you’ll hear unflattering cracking and creaking sounds. That’s not something that a long time user of an iPad is used to hearing, and it’s downright disappointing to be frank about it.

I’ll be back with more head-to-head comparisons with the iPad as soon as I’ve been able to spend more time with the device. My thoughts so far go something like this: If you’re invested in the Android ecosystem, meaning you’ve purchased a lot of apps on Google Play, own a Nexus 7, etc, then you might want to consider the Nexus 10. If, however, you’re looking for something that bests the iPad 3 or iPad 4, then keep on looking, because it’s certainly not here…yet.

What do you think?

  • I really want something to be better than the iPad. That way, future iPads will be better again. Disappointing that it’s not a game changer.

  • Lordthree

    Cracking noises? Sounds about right

    • Evostance

      I’ve got one right here. It doesn’t creak at all

  • chjode

    You guys really need an Android blog for this stuff.

    • Jeff

      Well it’s the first real competitor to the iPad, I think readers should have a sense as to what it’s like, no?

      • chjode

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t review the devices and I understand the thinking that you want to be familiar with the competition, but why not go all the way and start iAndroidblog or whatnot?

      • iceman600

        i agree…

      • coejam

        lol you mean iHateAndroidblog?

      • ecorea

        first competitor with the iPad? No that was the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 which was a great product. Android products are much better than you give them credit for. Not your best review, but I’ll keep coming back for Apple news.

  • crappy shit really worst tab ever !!!!!1

    • Have you seen other “tablets” running android?

  • Evostance

    “Feels cheap in the hand”
    Well it is at least £100 cheaper than the iPad

    • Yujin

      and you get what yo pay for…same like plane tickets…coach you feel like tuna…first class, you can even laid down…

    • it has to be cause its unwanted

    • hahahhahahha 😀
      Best comment Ever (y)

    • Evostance

      So I got my nexus 10 in the post. I will happily point out that this no way feels cheap in the hand. Is extremely solid and well made

  • Dude I’m not a fan of android nor apple but every time you unbox a google product you simply talked badly about it in every possible way

    • Jeff

      Nope. Check my Nexus 7 review.

      • Jeff do you think it’s better then the nexus 7 also are you gonna do a nexus 4 review?

      • Jeff

        When it comes to pure specs? Definitely. Haven’t used it long enough to gauge otherwise though.

      • CollegiateLad

        Do specs equate to a better experience, Jeff?

      • dude shhhh

      • joy

        ye because ipad mini is not out.

      • TriguyRN

        It was just as biased as this one……………..

      • TriguyRN

        You complained about it feeling plasticy before taking off the plastic protective wrap.

    • Yujin

      umm…android sites trash apple (technobuffalo), apple sites trash android…so what is new here?

    • seyss

      I had a chance to see my buddy unboxing one of these and I agree with Jeff.. cheap build, no cellular

    • jef was honest samsung produvts always have a cheap platicy feel that sucks

  • shittest tab. Ever hehe junk cheap plastic product…

  • Give away your nexus 7 Jeff 😀

  • mervynraj

    oh man stop going on about praising apple for every lil things from boxing to tapings to packagings…. who gives a damn… worry about the device inside the box!!

    • joy

      you right man

    • Dan

      The box feels cheap compared to Apple made me laugh. Who cares about the box?

  • Thanks for the vid. But is it just me or does it seem like you narrate the videos for someone?
    Not hating at all it just seems that way lol. Btw keep up the great work.

  • iceman600

    im starting to hate u…

  • Iimfr3Shadenu

    I’m just curious do you record ur videos without speaking then edit the video with u speaking as its playing?

  • Andrew Czop

    Wait, so you haven’t even used it much yet and you’re already certain that it doesn’t hold a candle to the iPad? Simply because you don’t like the plasticky feel? Is “plasticky feel” and “creaking/cracking” the deciding factor for how good a tablet is? Is that because you *assume* that it won’t last?

    What about user experience, speed of the device, how the screen looks, android 4.2, etc? I know your full review or whatever is coming, it’s just crazy that you’ve spent 5 minutes with the device and are already trashing it really hard, seemingly (by the content of this post) based on almost nothing. I’m not an apple or android fan specifically, I use both, and I usually find your posts helpful and informative, and I’ve subscribed to your blog for just that reason, but this one is just plain bad. The Nexus 10 “certainly” cannot best (or seemingly compete with) the iPad based on what, unboxing it and holding it? Come on. You have done a much better job of at least appearing unbiased over the past year, but this post seems to throw it all away.

    • CollegiateLad

      Well, he did do a geekbench(one of the most useless tools you’ll ever see) comparison between the nexus 10 and the iPad 3… lol.

      If you really want to know about performance, go to AnandTech. They rightfully compared the nexus 10 to the iPad 4.

    • The whole unboxing fad is getting tiresome and played the f out its like a kid opening a Christmas gift how about you do a real review instead of the act of removing a device from a box?
      I know it will continue because if the whole Internet is doing it then to remain relevant IDB follows suit. Nothing original though which is sad.

      • CollegiateLad

        I disagree. I enjoy unboxings.

        Using your logic, we shouldn’t have reviews either since they aren’t new or original.

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Nicely put, lad, nicely put. +1

    • Zurkram

      User experience? Really? Android has has like 100 tablet Apps. It’s a given the user experience is going to suck.

    • This is just an unboxing, man calm down and put some ice on your hurt butt.
      You can tell when something feels tacky/plasticky from the first moment you hold it… And that’s what Jeff did and also stated it in the vid, why not?
      Should he go “Ohh look at this beatiful plastic, feels so solid, that is truly some high quality material used”?

  • Byest reviews

  • Haha, creaking noises and stuff is the worst thing you can say about it? That’s kinda funny and reaching a little to me to find anything bad to say. It’s good to have competition and it makes each company better to have it (or at least it should). I guess it’s silly to me to find any little thing to complain about just because it’s a competitor. You gotta realize that they don’t have the same build processes or materials, etc. they use so obviously there’s going to be a difference in how a product reacts to how you push and press on it. Not really a concern for most I’d think as most people won’t be pressing down on their product to cause a creaking I’d think, but obviously won’t know without firsthand experience. Anyways, just my $.02. If we’re complaining about a similar product to Apple, let’s find something worthwhile to talk about that makes more sense to say this is a “serious” problem for most consumers.

    • Follow-up: Jeff, if it’s so “cheap” feeling as you keep saying in your video after barely holding it on one hand for 5 seconds, then you can just send this tablet to me. 🙂

      • WOW! A tough guy on the internet that calls someone a homophobic name. Grow up and grow a pair.

      • cheesyme

        A legit question: how many seconds or minutes would u need to hold something before you can judge its cheap or premium?

      • Guest

        its not about how long. its about touch more than just one corner with your finger tips. you people are idiots. i love it. keep spewing your illogic apple fanboyism. im glad your leader is dead

      • 4p0c4lyps3

        Umm, .5 seconds with certainty.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Well Jeff since you don’t like it, just send it to me. I’ll email you my address later

  • joy

    apple dog, every time you unbox a google product you simply talked badly about it in every possible way. the box not as apple….haha because its google use those money on hardware. u not going to play with u box….

  • Is iDownloadBlog turning into iAndroidBlog?

    • Dan

      Obviously not since he didn’t say it was better than the apple tablet.

  • frorre

    Hahaha the box feels cheap. Yeah that’s one way of looking at it. I must say that you take every chance you get to say something bad about the nexus tablet. The packaging, seriously? It looks exactly as the ipad package.. I just hope developers make more apps for this one so I can trade my ipad to this one

  • macboy74

    Well at least this tablet didn’t have the screen separating from case and the 10 other problems myself and thousands of others had the first hour of unboxing the Nexus 7. I use both android and iOS phones and tablets and have just about had it with Android. You would think after four versions of the os it wouldn’t crash, lag and be so glitchy and slow, reminds me of my old windows computers.Smh one of these days Google and their partners will get both hardware and software to work together.

  • WORST review EVER the guy complained about the box being made out of folded cardboard and said most people arent on apples game when it came to boxes lol a review made by apple fan boy who didn’t mention a single spec

    • Because its all about the boxing lol not the product

    • If you noticed, he wasn’t judging the product on the box. Was simply pointing out how much ridiculously better the packaging for apple products is. Box =/= product.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Who gives a shit about the damn box? THAT is the point. “Unboxing experience” has got to be one of the dumbest things Apple fanboys have ever come up with.

      • Agree

      • are you kidding me ive owned many android and apple products there isnt a massive difference

  • seyss

    android vultures are flying all over this blog……..

    • Guest

      they are looking for steve jobs dead body to eat

  • ExRoot

    Enough of these silly unboxing videos.

  • Doing a review about its design and comparing to apple is easy. Now do a hardware comparison and features, easy win to almost all samsung devices.

  • Test beta

    Which game do you play at 4:55 ?

  • Joe Binder

    I appreciate the value of such a video for some people, and also the time that went into making it. However, I simply must say that the majority of these ‘Techie’ videos by you Americans are truly awful for one simple reason: Your accent.

    That horrid nasal, American twang is so annoying

  • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

    Mine feels solid and its not running Ios so its got a defenite advantage over the fad gone bad