Apple and HTC last Saturday announced a global settlement in their long-standing Android dispute. The agreement dismissed all patent-related lawsuits between the two firms and put forth a 10 year cross-licensing deal for all current and future patents. While the terms of the settlement are confidential, one analyst thinks that Apple gets up to eight bucks per every Android-based HTC phone sold. With 30-35 million Android-based HTC smartphones sold annually, Apple could pocket a cool $280 million annually on this patenting pact…

Based on “conversations with industry sources” the analyst believes (via BusinessInsider) that Apple got a good deal because HTC previously signed up for Android protection with Microsoft for an estimated $5 in per-device royalty.

HTC sells 30-35 million Android smartphones annually, so it will generate $180-$280 million in annual revenue for Apple. Since there is no almost cost associated with that revenue, it should be pure profit.

Patent expert Florian Müeller noted on his blog that the Apple-HTC settlement is already the fifteenth official Android patent license deal.

It is, however, already the 15th patent license deal involving Android to have been announced (there may also have been some secret deals). Each and every one of those deals reduces to absurdity Google’s claim of Android being “free”. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Now, $280 million annually is pocket change for the Cupertino, California-headquartered gadget maker, which in the September quarter sold more than 50 million iOS devices, raking in $36 billion in quarterly revenue and netting profit of $6.6 billion.

But over the span of ten years, Apple could get – assuming current levels of HTC phone sales – at least $2.8 billion in licensing revenue.

Another way to look at it: profit-wise, the HTC settlement certainly beats a one-time $1+ billion in damages Apple was awarded in the recent Apple v. Samsung monster suit.

  • htc is dead…. lol

  • aj

    apple is acting like a kid by doing all these patent cases.. its like “ma’am, ma’am he copied my work and did it better than me.. {crys}”

    the apple i knew had that oomph factor in their products.. they might not always boast the best hardware but they always had one ground-breaking feature that attracted customers

    in the iP2G it was the touch ui, iP3G it was the Apple App Store, iP3GS it was the actual speed, iP4 it was facetime , iP4S it was Siri and in iP5 it is the 4 inch screen… i mean c’mon man if i wanted just a 4 inch screen and better performance then i could have simply go and buy an android device

    bdw android devices offer better processors and ram as well.. i know that apple has never had the best hardware in the market but it still had that oomph factor which android phones had been missing.. and now after jobs is dead the apple in our hearts is dead too

    look at the iPad 4, surface and nexus 10 have much better specs and not just that, surface is a hybrid and the ppi on nexus 10 just kills th ipad 4

    and here comes the ipad mini, it has the specs of a 2 year old tablet which is 3 generations old (ipad 4, 3 and then comes the 2) with no quadcore, no retina disply… what am i gonna do with this crap…. i know that apple app store has so many more ipad-specific apps but i might as well use regular smartphone apps and pay just 199$

    nd now the nexus 4 comes.. i was shocked the nexus 4 which boasts quad core with just a price tag of 299$ for 8GB and 349$ for 16 GB (unlocked) has better hardware than the “iPhone” which is selling 199$ on contract

    we all have to accept the truth and move on.. apple can only go down from the level of success that it has reached and this happens to every company like microsoft and sony

    • Thank you for giving well thought out opinions/facts. A rarity here on idb

    • Seng Joo

      Not long after the iPhone first generation launched, HTC is the first to copy iPhone. Read Steve Job’s biography, articles, then make your judgements based on those facts but not hatred on companies you hate.

      • aj

        i agree, android phones and tablets lack originality but in that case even the iphone lacks originality as the first phone with a touch panel (stylus operated) was also made by HTC and apple improved on HTC’s technology

    • And don’t forget to mention the nexus 4’s LACK of LTE. Talk about innovation… Back when the 4S came out without LTE, it was the laughing stock of the tech world. Now, it’s okay for google to do it. Why? Because there was no way they could fit it in and try to keep up with apple on thinness.

      Or how these “specs” you keep talking about google walking all over apple with STILL don’t out perform apple devices. Who cares if android devices have faster processors and more ram. That’s a great way to kill a battery.

      What about the nexus 10’s ppi being higher than the ipad 4? The retina on the ipad is as much as you need. Google pushing to have a higher ppi is just spec marketing bullshit. Pushing all those extra, unnecessary pixels is doing nothing but eating battery life.

      Efficiency is the key. Something all androids still need to work on.

      • aj

        when the ip4s was released it had dual core processor for $199 on contract and this phone from google has a quad core processor which thw iphone 5 still lacks at just a price of $299 unlocked. sure 4g makes a big difference but most of the people outside us dont even have that facility. nobody made a big issue of the ip5 lacking quad core and nfc so why this?!

  • hellac00l

    Android devices lack originality and since they blatantly copied Apple’s products it is only fair they pay up when selling cheap knock offs. But atleast HTC has the balls to admit their wrong doings and for that they can save their own company from humiliation.