Moving to blunt criticism over the iPad mini display, a rumor out of China asserts that AU Optronics (AUO) is working on building a crisper Retina screen for the next iPad mini with the same 326ppi pixel density as the iPhone 4/4S/5. AUO is one of the suppliers Apple sources display panels for the iPad mini from. The need to offer a Retina iPad mini was allegedly pressing enough to bypass the usual waiting period before providing sharper display…

According to SlashGear’s take on a report by the Chinese-language site DoNews, the new display also utilizes technology designed to allow for the iPad mini’s smaller footprint. AU Optronics reportedly will employ indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) and Gate IC on array (GOA), according to the website MENAFN.

IGZO is required for the Retina display’s uber-sharp resolution, while GOA allows Apple to provide a wide screen within the mini’s smaller size.

Soon after the iPad mini was released, reviewers questioned Apple’s decision to not offer a Retina display, comparing the screens of Amazon’s Kindle Fire  and Google’s Nexus 7 tablets more favorably.

While the new iPhone 5 and new full-size iPad have resolutions of  1,136-by-640 and 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, respectively, the iPad mini comes with the same screen resolution of the iPad 2: 1,024-by-768 pixels.

Apple is understood to have made this trade-off because putting a Retina display inside a smaller, cheaper iPad would be cost prohibitive. Additionally, the company wanted all iPad apps to work out-of-the-box with the iPad mini, which would not have been possible had Apple introduced a new screen resolution for the device.

AUO also reportedly has cured another complaint of the mini’s display: light leakage.

In tests, the iPad mini reflected more light  with colors more washed-out than previous iPads. The new displays will begin shipping in large quantities during the fourth fiscal quarter,  the report said.

And what’s your read of the situation?

Has display concerns impacted decisions to purchase an iPad mini?

Will word of a Retina update cause you to delay purchases?

  • Erik

    you dont say…

  • imot65

    No sh*t Sherlock

  • The 1st gen Apple products are never at great standards though. It normally takes until the 3rd gen to make a truly great device.

    • Blake

      That really goes for any device from any producer.

    • iphone 4 was the first great iPhone..

      • *The 3GS was the first great iPhone. I still use it daily and have no problems. Ofcourse there are better features on the 4/4S/5 but really I don’t feel like updating, the 3GS does all I want/need.

      • The best thing about iphones is the great style which is missing on the 3gs

      • ReanimationXP

        Correction: The iPhone 4 was the first iPhone which didn’t warrant an immediate next-year upgrade.

    • Sorry.. but the first iphone was a great phone … Just look what it did to the competition .. It made them all step up there game ..

    • Like joe said the iPhone 4 is awesome mx clocking it with no spire is fast as hell

  • Its 2048×1536, not 2480×1536.

  • Easy way to get customers .

  • The fact that the iPad Mini is basically a smaller iPad2 (two generations old now) is what will stop me from buying one, not the display, though no retina sucks

  • Why I think the iPad Mini doesn’t have retina:
    Higher resolution would mean that there would be a need for faster CPU – that would lead to more power consumption which would mean the iPad Mini would have bad battery life(the battery is probably significantly smaller than in iPad 4rd Gen.)
    So they will have to figure out a way to make the 2nd gen iPad Mini the same size and not heavier and preserve the 10hours of battery life with Retina.

    • um they could have simple shrunk the ipad3 and had a perfect ipad mini..

      • Easier said than done.

      • Well when you shrink the size, you also shrink the battery, there’s not enough space for the A5x if I am right and the Mini would probably not be that much of a mini 😉

      • Blake

        Yes but then that is going to make the price go up because retina screens and an A6 to drive the screen is going to cost more, and make it bulkier. The device outperforms the nexus 7. Stop complaining 🙂

  • So when can we expect the retina?

  • I know I will wait until the iPad mini has a retina display and an A6 processor.

    • By this time the A8 processor will exist! 😛

  • Johnathan Jennings

    It’ll be out in march.

  • Marten

    I will wait for the iPad Mini 2. It will have a Retina Display and a A6 processor for sure. I hope that it will be released in march or April.

  • let me also predict something…the next ipad mini will have a faster chip…there i said be amazed by progress..

  • Blake

    Retina is expensive. You all wanted a cheaper iPad. It costs apple 200$ to make it. They only make 129 on it!

    • they are being greedy

      • Blake

        I guess you don’t know much about business. You have to at least make double what you spend on it. So if i spend 5$ to make a scarf i need to sell it for at least 10$ so that i have a profit that is substantial. If it costs them 180$ to make the iPad, plus shipping, people salaries etc, we will say 200$ that leaves 129$ for profit. So they aren’t even doubling! The price is extremely fair.

  • of course… they need to give people a reason to buy it. I suspect it will get a processor upgrade as well.

    like the Apple TV. SD, then 720 and then 1080p. They could have easily made a 1080p version on the first gen, but they were able to triple the sales by releasing tiny upgrades like that.

  • this ipad mini should have been a shrunken ipad3 not a damn old ipad 2.. apples greed strikes again

  • Guest

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t have the “yellow tint” like many iPad 4 iPod Touch has.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Let’s hope that it doesn’t have the “yellow tint” like many Retina Apple product has.

    It’s the only reason i’m not getting the iPad 4. Apple, please fix this..

  • Thank you for the top secret information Mr. Obvious!

  • I don’t see the rumor… I though it was obvious since day one…

  • The retina update is defenitely the way to go. It’ll sure as hell add to the number of buyers 😉

  • Hmm… (1024/163)*326x(768/163)*326ppi = 2048×1536(the analysis of the iPad 3)(the iPad mini has a 1024×768 screen with 163 ppi). So yes the only way for the iPad mini to have a retina display and as a result run iPad 3 apps is to feature the same screen with a 326ppi density (which is the pixel density in iPhone 4/4S/5). So its’s absolutely possible and I am sure that it will happen next year.

  • definitely will have to wait….no need to rush

  • carlos

    Apple will always do that .. keep the same model/style and just change a button or screen and us the consumer fall for it…

  • MJ

    They really need to add retina display ipad mini lacks in screen

  • MJ

    the next ipad mini should have retina display and an A6X chip