A report by Strategy Analytics yesterday claims that Apple’s customer loyalty fell for the first time since records began, which may come as a surprise with huge lines and waiting lists abound for the latest releases of the iPhone and iPad.

The report tells that when asked, 88% of US customers said that they were likely to buy another iPhone at upgrade time, which is down from the 93% that claimed the same thing last time around. It’s a similar story in Europe, with a result of 75% being well down from the previous year’s 88%.

While any company should be happy with a loyalty rate of 88%, why is Apple seeing a reduction in customer loyalty? That’s the real question I think we should be asking…

Now, more than ever, Apple’s iPhone in particular is facing stiff competition from Android as well as the newly refreshed Windows Phone. Both platforms are finally beginning to mature into real competitors for Apple’s iOS, with Android in particular finally receiving some much needed spit and polish. I myself briefly flirted with a Samsung Galaxy S3, only to eventually return to iOS with a new iPhone 5. There’s a lot to like in the most recent versions of Android, trust me.

In the world of tablets, too, competition is heating up for buyers’ hard earned cash. In both the smartphone and tablet markets, buyers are aware now more than ever that there is a world outside Apple’s iOS, iPhone and iPad, especially if they are living life on a budget. In this day and age, that’s most of us, and if a smartphone isn’t your highest priority then the iPhone may make way for that cheaper Android phone. It’s a reality that we just can’t escape.

Apple may also be upsetting customers due to what some see as heavy handed tactics in the court room. Taking Samsung to task over the similarities of its handsets to the iPhone has caused some unrest amongst the people that matter – the ones with their credit cards in hand. The situation with Foxconn and perceived poor working conditions, too, may not be helping with that Apple feel-good factor that has followed the company around since the iPhone’s announcement five years ago.

In the end, we’re only guessing why some are falling out of love with Apple and its devices, and Apple will do well to be wary of falling into the trap of complacency. The company may well be sitting pretty at the top of the pile right now, but Microsoft, RIM and Palm thought the same not too long ago, and look where they are now.

You remember Palm, right?

  • Where do they get these stats. Nobody asked for my official opinion??

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Exactly, I wish I could participate in all these surveys they show.

    • Eldaria

      It’s called sampling, you don’t actually think they ask everyone?

  • Are you really comparing Apple with Microsoft, RIM and Palm? Come on. Because they dropped 93% to 88%? You write for iDownloadblog and you considered buying a Samsung Galaxy SIII? Fail.

    Apple is reporting record after record, you really think I care about what Apple does in court? Or how many children worked on my iPhone? No I don’t, the cheaper the phone the better, even if they earned 1 penny a hour, I wouldn’t care. It’s not my problem, but the Chinese government should do something about it.

    • “The company may well be sitting pretty at the top of the pile right now,
      but Microsoft, RIM and Palm thought the same not too long ago, and look
      where they are now.”

      I don’t see any comparison in this sentence. He just points to other companies that were greatly successful and aren’t so much nowadays.

      • He’s acting like Microsoft is dead. RIM and Palm can’t be even compared to Apple, they missed the boat, they didn’t innovatie, they didn’t have these gigantic profit margins, they were and are in a completely different business than Apple.

      • you CAN compare Apple to both RIM and Palm as BOTH of them were widely successful and both of them were very innovative. RIM ruled smartphones for a long time. Palm also ruled for a long time. where they failed was in their lack of keeping up with the times. they got stagnant and lost out to Apple and Android. these things happen in business…especially the tech world. what is hot today is passe and over tomorrow. look i LOVE Apple and i LOVE my iPhone iPad rMBP atv3 and iPod nano…i love it all. but let’s be realistic here ok?

      • RIMs highest ever market value is ten times lower than apples current value. As for palm the gaps even bigger. Apples progress cannot be compared to the history of any other company.

      • Your 100% right.

    • Tho Le

      YEAH!! F#@k the world. As long as i get my iPhone, right?

    • Falk M.

      Can’t believe I just read this.

      You’re like the “cliché fanboy”… Sure you’re not just trolling?

  • What’s wrong with Microsoft now ?!

  • Lordthree

    I think sites like idownload blog are actually to blame. You guys are pimping Samsung like it’s going out of style.

  • JerseyD

    My last 3 devices have all been iPhones. I bought the iPhone 5 but I seriously thought about going w a different brand. I love Apple and their devices are great but iOS has remained largely unchanged. Another device might not be better but it is different.

    It’s like the old saying ‘show me a hot girl and I’ll show you a guy tired of fucking her’

    Grass is always greener on the other side.

    • iamnotfan

      Your Right Graas is always green on the other side

      Thats why pepole go to other side, And they are not disappointed!

  • thedarkknight80

    Software bugs , courts, average maps ( not to mention they are useless outside the US , yes i love you Google maps), battery life fail, scuff gate .

    Yep, i’m one of those people who didn’t even bother to upgrade my 4S to the iphone 5. Instead , i just went ahead and got a Note 2 ( couldn’t be happier with it ).

    The ONLY thing that keeps Apple in a class of its own is the appstore ( but that’s kudos to the developers , NOT Apple ) .

    Ipad was a home run ( 2 years ago) , but competition now is catching up faster than you think .

    Iphone 5 ? No thanks .

    • i’ve had my iPhone 5 since launch day..not a single scuff or mark. it’s black, no marks. my iPad mini is also black, no back protective cover, no scuffs, no marks. they are just like any other product….if you abuse them they are going to look like shit. same goes with plastic laptops…they scratch, crack, and break. nothing is invulnerable. your plastic fantastic note 2 will also scuff, scratch and crack. battery life on samsung phones sucks…that’s not a secret…it’s a well known fact. any line of code written can have a bug in it…it happens to android, windows, mac, everyone so quit whining like it is just apple. the maps is a non-issue for me…they worked perfectly. i’m happy you are happy with your tablet of a phone…i WILL point and laugh if i ever run into you and see you on a phone call with it. talk about looking stupid? lol

      • thedarkknight80

        Typical fan boy response without even resourcing anything outside the isheep holy circle .

        FYI, the note 2 is not a unibody design, which means you can easily replace the back cover, battery etc..

        Also, the biggest selling point of the Note 2 has been its amazing battery life. I will not get into details about how great the Note 2 is , the reviews on the net speak for their own . Read them !

        I am not defending neither Samsung nor Android , but i am thankful that for the first time since 2 years, i buy a phone that is fault free ( software and hardware ) and performs like it was advertised to .

      • Yehudah

        Yup, +1. I love my Razr M.

        I do have an Ipad3 I purchased a few months ago, that I love.

        Not feeling the love for the iphone5 or Apple themselves though.

      • czbird

        Well, it’s good to know that you enjoy your new device. As I see it, Note2 is very weird hybrid between phone and tablet. Seriously – I can’t imagine wearing 5″ device in my trousers pocket. I thought there would be no market for such unpractical devices and boy I was wrong. People will buy just anything and then spend the rest of their lives justifying their purchase to anothers who frankly couldn’t care less.

      • Hyr3m

        It fits well in a suit pocket ^^ Also, it comes with stock Swiftkey-made keyboard (aka the best virtual keyboard on earth). Finally, you shouldn’t put any cellphone to your head… microwaves cooking your brain… whether you have a note 2, a One X, a stupid iPhone or an old nokia dumbphone, you should be using earphones or a bluetooth headset.

      • the radiation from a phone is really small. Cook your brain please, they woudn’t sell them if they cooked your brain

      • Hyr3m

        You’re kidding right ? “They wouldn’t sell them if they cooked your brain”, just like “they would never sell medication that can kill you” and other fantasies people tell themselves about their government for example… Plenty of (truly) independent studies show the risks and it’s pretty easy to find a thermal picture of the head after a 15min cellphone conversation. Hell, thousands of electromagnetic hypersensitive people complain about living too close to cell towers. I think in certain parts of Europe you get a headset and a warning in the box of every cellphone…

      • your a fucking retard

      • Hyr3m

        Also, do some research before talking… ignorant dousheep dickhead.

    • This is an iPhone website, if you’re happy with your plastic, then shut and leave, you have no this business on here, unless of course , you miss up your iPhone.

      • thedarkknight80

        Gotta love it when little kids take it upon themselves to act as moderators here.

        FYI, i am one of those people who spent more than 200 $ in the appstore and more than 20 $ on tweaks in the cydia store , because i loved my 4S .

        This site has been the homescreen of my browser and my iphone’s safari for more than a year .

        So don’t try to give me the droid boy card. Don’t even go there .

        The glass is greener on the other side. Live with it . Admit it . Accept it . Period .

      • czbird

        So, you’ve switched just to have greener glass? I surely accept it, but I would never admit it in public

      • thedarkknight80

        Lol grass. Not glass.

      • Dan

        You wouldn’t admit switching brands to get a better product?

      • czbird

        Sure I would. My comment was, however, ironical because related to the typo 😉

      • macboy74

        Lol $200 Is that all?

      • iamnotfan


      • Mathieu Reid

        You know the guy still own the iPhone right ?

      • Dan

        Comments like yours make me laugh. Calm down Mussolini, people can read and post on the blogs they choose wether they have an iPhone or not.

  • Eldaria

    Love my iPhone 3GS, love my iPad 3, Love my late 2008 Macbook Pro.

    Will keep the iPad and the Mac, will probably get a mac next time, maybe also a iPad, but not sure about the iPhone.

    3GS was a good upgrade compared to previous models, 4 was too close to warrant an upgrade, 4S was not that interesting, and 5 I expected way more.

    Apple is loosing momentum, there is nothing inspiring about the iPhone 5, it does not feel like a Tick, but rather another Tock, like the 4S.

    Especially for those outside US and english speaking countries.

    I also feel that they piss on the people who got the iPad 3, if they were this close to release the iPad 4 they should just have waited.

    And lasly it is getting really boring with the fight agains the JB community, and the childish behavior in court rooms.

    Well, no chance I will get a WP, maybe I just get a dumb phone or cheap as Android, I anyway always have my iPad with me. Might get an iPad mini with Retina display when it comes. Will NOT get an Android tablet, the iPad is king in that field. Will see how long this can keep momentum.

  • Ill tell you why. The build quality of the iPhone 5 is shite! Paint has rubbed off mine due to a silicone bumper! WTF! And my new ipad3 is now worth jack resale wise. Disgusting!

    • wrong! i just got 525$ for my iPad 3. my iPhone 5 hasn’t got a single mark on it, and it is the anodized black. perhaps it is the way you take care of your stuff? *shrugs* you should have brought the phone back as soon as it got a scuff, they would have taken care of it. but as far as the iPad 3 being worthless you are absolutely wrong. seems to me your real issue is that you can’t tell everyone you have the NEW iPad and you somehow feel inferior…that’s your issue to contend with..that’s all in your own head.

      • Mcsquared

        I am a big apple fan, but this kind of response is the reason people call apple fans “sheep”.

      • And lie about being apple fans.

      • Actually, he can tell everyone he has the new iPad… Because that’s what it’s called… The new iPad

      • Ya plantpot! I am so particular with my things it’s unreal. I live 50 miles from a apple store also, and why on earth would someone pay x amount for a iPad 3 when they are cheap though Apple reconditioned (new surplus stock) switch on nugget!

    • I’m amazed how many people come on to sites like this and lie about owning apple products. I’d be willing to bet my house on there being more than a few Samsung employees amongst the apple haters here.

      • Hyr3m

        I’ll take that bet ! How big is your soon-to-be-mine house ? 😛

    • macboy74

      Who the hell are you trying to sell it to bums on the street? The only devices that have no resale are android devices ALL OF THEM. And I’m speaking from experience after using and selling 8 android devices. Apple has the highest resale value of any device out there always has and always will. Unlike the rest of you apple fans and android fans I am a true geek and use and love all tech. Have for years and years and will continue to do so. There is good and bad in all devices not just Apple devices and Android devices.

      • Hyr3m

        “and always will” -> nope…

  • How dare you even compare Apple to Palm..

    • Ok, he might done the comparision a little bit too early. Give it one more year for release of next disappointing iphone then everyone will also be comparing apple with rim, palm, nokia.

  • I know what I am “using”, it has nothing to do with loyalty in my case.

  • Dr_Savage_01

    I really cant believe the service I received from apple today. I brought a iphone 5 a week ago using the reservation system, the power button was faulty. Its so bad that I even broke my case as I had to apply so much force to make the damn button work.

    I rang apple care and the store where I brought the phone from, they dont have any phones in stock so the rep recommended me to try the reservation system. Was that a joke like i mentioned above thats how I got my iphone from the first place and that took me a whole week. I have 14 days in which I can get a refund or exchange. I really cant believe apple dont keep extra stock aside for situations such as this, knowing full well the quantity the iphone sells in, not every single one of them is gonna be perfect.

    Apple care is willing to send me another one however they want £599 until they receive my old phone. Like everyone has got £600 falling out of their arses, they say its to cover their backs. BULLSHIT excuse me is apple the one that just received a faulty £600 product, NO if anyone should have any trust issues that should be me (will the replacement be faulty or not).

    Yes I can refund the phone but thats far from the point if I wanted to refund it why would I buy it from the first place. To be honest if they really cant provide me with a replacement am done with apple. I really thought I would never say that but with customer service just as bad as my local Tescos with a premium price tag Apple can go fuck themselfs.

    Apple dont even make life easy by using the nano sim, T mobile charge £10 for a replacement sim which I will have to pay in order for me to use my number in another phone.

    So let me get this right thats a broken case £15, screen protectors £10, fuel to travel to the apple store £10, time wasted and £600 for a custom faded paint and stiff power button. WHAT A FREAKING JOKE

    • Yehudah

      Another reason to move away from Apple. I have a shiny new Razr M running JB…. incredible phone.

      • Techpm

        If you’re so happy why are you reading and posting on a website dedicated to Apple and iOS? Has the shine faded from your Razr already?

      • Mathieu Reid

        I also switched a few months ago and you know what, I still own the iPhone and I like to read about news on my device.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Daaamn yall really sensitive about non-apple products lol. This website isnt just dedicated to apple products. Its evolving just as you should. Oh and like he said before…just cause you own a non-apple device doesnt mean you arent entitled to read apple news…or that u no longer own apple devices.

  • @dongiuj

    It’s no surprise. Ios is old hat. I’ve already told myself that this iphone 5 will be the last iphone i get. Disappointment, just like a lot of people have said.

  • I think it’s because they release too many products to fight with their competitors, resulting in many clashes and conflict which led people hard to decide.

  • For me, I bought Apple as they are were the ‘best’ and had the ‘wow factor’. But, I’m really not seeing that any more…

    I mean, the iPhone 5 and iPad mini were leaked months to weeks in advance, which killed the hype for me as on launch day, I had already seen the device. The design was nice, but not far enough from the iPhone I already carry in my pocket everyday to warrant an upgrade. iOS 6 although stable and reliable for me in my experiences, just needs to innovate, remember that word Apple? There’s a notification centre there just begging for toggles and developer widget access, I mean come on! You’ve got a nice, user friendly design and interface, yet you just don’t unleash it’s full potential, you’re holding back like you’ve done for years, until you ‘have’ to release the technology, then claim it as something revolutionary. Now, that was ok when Blackberry was leader and Android was in its very early stages, but now, there’s just far too many alternatives for people to wait. You don’t release it people will just switch to the next best thing.

    I’m sorry Apple, but your wait till the last minute technique just isn’t going to cut it now there is a viable sense of competition.

    And before people flame, I own an iMac mid 2011 i7, iPhone 4, iPad 2. So I trust this company with my purchases, originally switching from an android HTC to the iPhone a few years back as I preferred the phones workings. One thing that Apple gets right is the build quality, aluminium and glass allows for a far more justified price point in my opinion than its plastic competitors, especially as the iPhone 5 proved itself to be a worthy contender in the drop tests.

    In short, Apple have lost the ‘wow factor’ from me and don’t provide the upgrade value. Competition is tight and following there old release strategy of waiting until the market is just crying for that feature to be implemented, isn’t going to work any more due to viable alternatives and jail breaking. IntelliscreenX, zeprh (may have spelt it wrong), iFile, NCSettings, etc. are just a few examples of things in which people expected in iOS 6 for it to compete in functionality of android. Then to release these things onto the market 1-2years~ later is just salt in the wound.

    I love you Apple but you keep up old tactics and you are going to end up turning that profit into a tidy early retirement plan. You cannot lead the market to wait for ‘revolutionary’ yet old content when there is tight competition around, you just can’t. It’s almost ignorance.

    • Another bullshi* merchant who’s never owned an iphone.

      • Dude, I’ve got an iPhone 4 and iPad 2. They are great devices and I love them, but I don’t blindly follow Apple. They are a great company and I love their ethos and design/PR techniques, but they need to actually innovate like they used to.

        I see how people like you are labelled ‘iSheep’ as you just follow blindly. Things NEED to take criticism and there isn’t anyone or anything that is perfect. Apple have huge positives (design, superior materials, good hardware, devices just work simply and easily but can be opened up in limited terms for advanced users (jailbreaks :D)) which are great! but some of there old ways need to be updated to fall in-line with the now viable competition.

        You seem to forget that Apple, Samsung or Microsoft, etc… do NOT give a toss about you arguing, fighting over what’s better. You bought their product, good for you, enjoy it, you bought it. Don’t go bullshitting all over the internet about how that device should be used over another device as their purchase was obviously what they wanted, why the fuck should you care. Ok Apple have one of the largest followings and product loyalty/fanaticism, but that just gives them a certain %’age of sales, they don’t really care as long as they get their money, like any company. It has to be said that I love their customer support, especially when I had to return my iPhone 4 as it was DOA from the original purchase, they wanted a deposit but i got in touch with a manager and he had a UPS guy come and pick it up and drop a new one off within 12 hours and just do a swap. Brilliant service.

        In short; get your head out of your arse, everything is not perfect. Enjoy your device, but don’t force it on others. You love it – great, but seriously, people have an opinion for a reason, they are allowed to like/use other things, why the fuck should you care.

        – Rant over –

  • Yehudah

    I forewent the iphone5 for a few reasons: Not much technical difference than my iphone4, not much difference in IOS, and no NFC.

    In short, Apple just pissed me off.

    I wanted so bad to love the iphone5, but when I picked up and played with the Razr M, it was all over. Now that my M runs JB, there is no way I’d go back to Apple.

    Apple: You guys had me…. up until the point where you decided I wasn’t worth a decent upgrade.

    • Good luck with the updates after the first year, the i3Gs is still getting updates after 3 years.

      • Really is there much difference i have 4s and i rather have ios 5 with youtube original app and google map with jailbreak .
        Who needs updates that literary make it worse

  • Their quick, less than a year product refresh absolutely sucks.

  • Since records began. How long would that be. I’m guessing 3 years!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Apples customer loyalty has fallen for the first time since records began IN 2009!!!! Sensationalist misleading articles like this are really not worth the battery life consumed by my phone in the time it takes to read them.

  • Plain and simple stagnation. At one point they are the rest of the companies out there are going to catch up with Apple. I still love my apple products but I want to continue to be wowed. Being back the one more thing!

  • Manuel Molina

    I’m not going to lie, I like my iPhone 5, but with phones like the Droid Maxx HD, SG3, and this repeated look on iOS 6, I want something different and new.

    I want a phone that I don’t get bored with, has awesome battery, and something that lets me use switch from data on or off like the SG3 does with toggles.

    If I wasn’t for a jail break, I’d switch, but I’m not gonna see that any time soon, so I’m thinking about leaving iOS until changes are made.

  • iamnotfan

    Honestly i didn’t have any problem with Apple , Until i bought one iPhone

  • Look I love the iPhone and I love my Macbook Pro. But….. I traded in the iPad for an Asus Transformer and I will tell you why. Apple needs to cut the crap with the restrictions. I get it that they want to charge $100 for every 16GB in storage. But this is the year 2012!!!!!!! we know 16GB doesn’t cost that much!!!!! Stop treating us like we are stupid. Same thing with USB. Having internal / external options on a tablet is F’n sweet. You need to send someone something off a thumb drive. Give em a file, etc. Plug it in and do it with your Asus Transformer. Apple needs to realize they have real competition now. Google is coming out with great stuff. Asus is coming out with great stuff, among others. Come on Apple!!!! I love you but cut the shit!!!!

    • Hyr3m

      Nah, apple doesn’t need to realize that they have real competition… they need to stay in the dark and die asap!

  • I remember palm, I had two before the iphone came out. In their day they where awesome

  • voltik

    I dont trust apple’s product releases anymore. The fact that I bought an iPad 6 months ago and now they release a brand new ipad. This is very unlike them and I just cant sell now with a refurbished costing almost half the price. I waited 2 generations to buy the ipad and now when I buy one, they go out and release the new one dropping the price of my now old ipad within 7 months.

  • I guess Apple ain’t gonna stand much long without Jobs.

  • Blake

    I don’t really believe those statistics. Who asked the questions? Who were the questions asked to? Where were the questions asked? How were the questions worded. Was it a random sample.. etc.

  • I can understand that. First there products are only available on the day of release and then you have to wait a month or more to get em. Second people who bought the ipad 3 feel gypt. Third the iPhone 5 really isn’t that impressive. Fourth I’m not happy that all the accessories I’ve invested in now need expensive adapters.

  • Yuxbax

    Apple acts like the Microsoft before.
    – Growing a new monopoly of its own.
    – Launching products before they are ready.

    Can it be the reason?

  • Yuxbax

    Apple acts like the Microsoft before.
    – Growing a new monopoly of its own.
    – Launching products before they are ready.

    Can it be the reason?

  • If you want intelliscreen and widgets and all those other things to come stock then go to android. That’s not apple and never will. Stop bitching and complaining about it and just go to another OS! iPhone is truly a great phone IMO. It’s personal preference.

  • Why? Lack of innovation in OS-Software. OS X and iOS are looking a bit old in times where there is Windows 8 (Desk and Phone) and Android,

  • People are going for Android because Android looks likel different then iOS, and the most users of iOS wants theming, but you are not allowed to make any changes to iOS without a jailbreak.

    Android has so much more that people want at the moment then iOS.

    I just recently got my iPhone 5. And still got the wow-factor by this phone. It’s just perfect in my eyes. All those phones getting released by Samsung and LG and HTC are so big. just to big for me. I want a phone that I can do in my pocket and do not have to wear around in my bag for example. Like the note 2. It’s a nice mobile to see. But way too big to take with me. And I read somewhere jeah I bought this phone of it’s battery state. Hello! It’s way bigger then the iPhone and has a little more space for a bigger battery! And about battery complaining, I don’t have anything to compain about my iPhone. I use it almost whole day. Every 15 min I blink up my screen to check for notifications. When traveling to school and back home (3 hours total) I use it most time the whole ride. And as soon I go to bed it dies so perfect right? Why you need more battery. Like Nokia in the old days then they has to be charged just once in a week. Jeah it’s nice but not really necessary.

    Apple didn’t changed much of the looks of iOS, but they did make changes, you only can’t see them because they are not graphicall.

    And all those problems go around over Apple, not to say apple isthe best because I like to have more acces to iOS customization etc. but all those things said over apple is the same over all smartphones.

    A smartphone is battery killing because it has more to do and load then a non smartphone. These days isn’t just calling and texting. But streaming internet and getting push notifications over several applications. Thats eats battery. And that’s not only by iPhone. And people like to hear that a device is much better then another one. But look to the macbooks. Buying a Windows pc is much cheaper and you have got the double on specs then a Mac. so…? Apple puts in the hardware thats need not more not less. Not playing a tough guy like samsung and htc. Hey look at us we have a quad-core in a mobile phone. Why should you even want a quad-core. You don’t need it. Maybe over a few years but not for now. It’s fast enough what I have. I don’t have to wait a second with loading apps.

    Apple still works better for me these days. And really want a macbook too. Because Windows just crap up so damn fast. Only thing that they have to change really are the iOS looks. They are just the same from the beginning.

    Android looks good. But the experience I’ve got with it. It just stuck all the time too like Windows. And the way it works I hate that too.

  • Mark

    Ahhhhhhhh yes, and look at them now. Now I do realize this is 2 years old. But I’m sure you must have some affiliation with Apple. And Apple will continue to rip off the masses, or “sheep” we will reference them as. So yes, it’s not going to look very well for the company that got a little too big headed. People are starting to figure out they’ve been ripped off for a very long time. But when you’re drinking that Kool-Aid it’s kind of hard to admit that you’ve been taken. And if you look at the numbers, Android is so much ahead that it’s not even comparable. But, I’m quite sure most will have a problem with my perspective. After all, this is where Apple fan boys come to circle jerk, is it not?