Once Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablet, its first foray into designing its own mobile hardware, this summer, you had to imagine that a Redmond-built smartphone wouldn’t be far behind.

And sure enough, according to a new report from a highly regarded news outlet, the Windows company is currently working with suppliers in Asia to test its own smartphone design…

From The Wall Street Journal:

“Microsoft Corp. is working with component suppliers in Asia to test its own smartphone design, people familiar with the situation said, suggesting the computer-software giant is increasingly adopting a variation of a business model favored by rival Apple Inc., which designs computers and phones along with the software that powers them.

One person said that the screen of Microsoft’s smartphone currently being tested measures between four and five inches.”

Wait, didn’t Microsoft just enter in a huge partnership with Nokia for this very reason, to design Windows Phone hardware? Yes. Well wouldn’t this irritate Nokia and other Windows Phone partners?

Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop says no. The 50 year-old executive says that he would actually welcome a Microsoft-made smartphone, saying it would help stimulate sales for all WP manufacturers.

And stimulation couldn’t hurt. Despite receiving high critical acclaim, Windows Phone has yet to gain any traction in the market. In August, comScore had WP smartphone marketshare at just 3.6%.

But Microsoft certainly has the clout and the cash to change that. The question is, with Android and iOS platforms so far ahead, is it too late for Microsoft to catch up, even with its own smartphone?

What do you think?

  • cant say i’m shocked.

  • why???? do we need an MS phone???? no we don’t.. it will just be as dead as all the android POS phones..

    • I agree completely

      • Then you’re both wrong. You may not need a Windows Phone, but others surely do. The market is big enough to support more than one smartphone.

  • Just yawned for 5 seconds just now …

    • Kurt

      same thing i did when i saw the ipad mini and ipad 4. same thing each year. so innovative

  • Bet it freezes and it’s for ever getting updates..

    • Kurt

      can’t freeze more than my jailbroken iphone and ipad. i know you were joking but wp8 is far superior to ios. it just lacks apps. and im not the biggest fan of the modern UI. but it is a superior OS nonetheless

    • Not so much.

  • This will do to all Windows Phones what Nexus does to Android devices. Will be awesome, smooth, and will receive updates way earlier than other Win Phones. Microsoft made a risk while releasing the Surface, because there are lots of bets that the Surface won’t make it. This is a phone I would like to add to my collection. iPhone, Nexus and Microsoft Windows Phone will pretty much sums up everything.