I went to several Walmart’s last night at midnight in search of the elusive iPad mini, but alas, no dice. Fortunately I already had one ordered from the Apple Store as a backup plan.

I literally just received my mini in the mail via FedEx about 30 minutes ago. As always, I could hardly contain myself, but I made myself wait before tearing open the box so I could showcase this unboxing on video for you guys.

Have you received your iPad mini yet? What do you think about it thus far? Stay tuned, as we’ll have tons of comparison articles and videos in the coming hours and days.

  • Haha nice Jeff, I really like the color. Hope I win the giveaway

    • The winner has been picked already .. It wasn’t you..

      • heheheheheh its me 😀

      • You don’t say? Oh & p.s it’s not like I said, “hey Jeff, nice video. I know for a fact I won, cheers!”

      • That’s right back with a remark .. After you said I HOPE I WIN.. And by replying to me you don’t make your self look any better ..

  • congrats Jeff i wanna get one, pray for me guys plz. thnx <3

  • nice Jeff

  • Just got back from the Apple store. After 30 minutes of comparing side-by-side the New New iPad vs the iPad Mini, I decided to go with the Mini. I think what sold me on the Mini was the moment I picked up the New iPad, I felt the heaviness of it, not to mention the wide bezels on the side. After putting it down, I picked up the Mini, and instantly fell in love with the smaller screen.

    The main reason why I went with the Mini was because the only time I really use my iPad is for taking notes at school (pairing it the Apple Keyboard and Evernote app). Lugging around and popping out the 10″ iPad in class felt kind of weird. Now with the 8″, It will feel ultra portable.

    The biggest downfall and also is making me not feel so happy about my purchase is the non-retina display. Although many people always say they really can’t tell the difference, I on the other hand, can. It bugs me so much that it’s not retina display. I’m still convincing myself that I only use my iPad for taking notes and maybe catching up on news after tucking myself into bed, and that I don’t need the retina display for that. But switching constantly between my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, I clearly see the difference, and might be something I won’t be getting use to until the iPad Mini with Retina display is released.

    Wow, I typed up more than I expected haha but that’s my mini review folks.

    Edit: Some Grammer

  • I’m getting an ipad mini:)) because I didn’t win the ipad mini, with my savings I could buy it!!!:DD so excited! But I have to wait because its sold out in the Cardiff apple store!!

  • a.arma

    there is no earpod with the ipadmini???

    • that’s what i was wanted to know, unfortunately there is no earpods on this Mini iPad :'( we have to buy it alone 😛

      • a.arma

        that’s bad news 🙁

  • The only reason I’m buying one and not waiting for a retina is because my parents would love an iPad for Christmas so ill be putting mine back in its original box and giving it away.

  • So nice Jeff,
    I mean your represantaion and the iPad ..

  • i ordered the white ipad 4th gen but nobody was home to sign for it now i have to wait more than three hours to get it 🙁

  • FabianPVD

    Got my Mini two hours ago and absolutely love it. Retina or not the resolution is just fine.

  • Went to apple store and got the 32gb black mini. So light and handy to be carried around!

  • They didn’t give you the headphone with this iPad mini? Or there is no jack for the headphones?

  • There I no headphones with this box or iPad mini doesn’t have jack for headphones?