2K Games has released its first iOS game from the Borderlands Legends franchise. The game puts you in control of four characters named Control Mordecai, Lilith, Brick and Roland. Developed by Gearbox, this title is being released on tablets and borrows heavily from its console counterpart, though it’s not quite the same. Nonetheless, it should appeal to fans of the series.

Expect the usual assortment of enemies and eye-candy high-definition graphics. Each character has their own set of unique skills and abilities and you can collect in-game cash by destroying enemies to purchase new weapons and upgrade your character with new unlockable skills and abilities…

From iTunes release notes:

• play as your favorite characters from the original Borderlands
• randomized missions
• thousands of different weapons
•  36 unique powers and abilities
•  strategic cover system
•  fight for your life mode

Check out the screenies.

The 258MB download will set you back seven bucks.

This game is in English only and works on any iPad with iOS 5.1 and up. Another thing to keep in mind: smaller form-factor iOS devices like the iPhone and iPod touch are not supported.

I ain’t a huge fan of Borderlands but if the above screenshots are anything to go  by, fans of the series should be glued to their iPads.

  • It is available for iPhone and iPod touch at the price of $5

  • Dan

    was gonna say, pretty sure it’s available for iPhone…
    That said, I will be getting this for my iPad, really enjoyed the PC game currently halfway through vault hunter mode.

  • Sam

    the guys name is Mordecai, not ‘Control Mordecai’. Way to copy/paste from the app description

  • boscotherock

    Not sure where you got “Not Supported” for smaller form factors. It’s clearly there and at $4.99