Shortly after the iPhone 5 launched, a number of users started complaining about a “purple haze” in their photos. It’s essentially a purple flare effect that comes from a bright, out-of-scene light source while capturing an image.

Apple has already addressed the issue, and a number of other smartphones and portable cameras have been proven to have similar hazes. But if it’s still really bothering you, there’s a new app that claims it can help…

iPhoneography points to Camera Fix, a new app for iPhone users who are experiencing the aforementioned purple haze problem. It’s essentially a touch-up tool that alters photos to eliminate, or at least reduce, the colored glare.

Here’s a comparison photo of it in action. The image on the left is before using the app’s “depurple” filter.

I’ll give it this, the photo on the right definitely seems noticeably less purple. But whether there’s enough difference in the two pictures to warrant using the app or not… I’m not so sure, because this is virtually all it does.

Nevertheless, if you’re struggling with the purple haze issue, and want to try out Camera Fix for yourself, you can find it in the App Store for $0.99.

  • You can do it with SnapSeed(if you know how to use it),much better and way more features!

  • Most of the camera apps that have auto exposure can save the photo by a little.
    Another way is to reduce brightness and alter with the contrast should do the trick

  • Hopefully when Apple releases iOS 6.0.1 or 6., they will improve the camera so it doesn’t show the purple haze, and as well as the glitch on the keyboard when entering the password.I actually think the purple haze effect is cool!

    • Kurt

      if it wasn’t apple you wouldn’t think it was cool.

  • I have the same purple haze with my iPhone 4 and I like it.

    • I can reproduce the purple haze on my iPhone 4, as well. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I “like” it though.

      • Kurt

        not purple.

    • Val

      I have to agree! I really like the purple haze. I think it makes the photos look interesting. If I don’t want the haze, I adjust my phone and voila, it’s gone. I usually leave it tho 🙂

  • It doesn’t seem to me like a worthwhile purchase. If you look at the picture example, the purple haze can be avoided altogether by just angling the camera lens down a little more to get the sun out of the picture. That being said, money saved and same great picture without the haze.

  • jose castro

    i had purple haze with my iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs.. shit even my cameras have the same thing…

    • Kurt

      not purple you didn’t