Apple made the fourth generation iPad and iPad mini available for pre-order earlier this morning. And as pointed out by some of our readers, the white version of the smaller tablet sold out rather quickly.

Here in the US, all models of the white iPad mini started showing two week shipping estimates within the first half hour. So if you’re looking to score one on launch day, you’ll have to head to a retail store…

At the time of this writing, the black & slate version of the iPad mini is still available for November 2nd shipping in all models in the United States. But they do appear to be sold out in the UK and other countries.

It’s hard to say right now whether the quick sellouts are due to high consumer demand, or low stock on hand. We have been hearing rumors that supply chain issues will cause an initial iPad mini shortage. We should find out on Monday, as that’s when Apple typically releases pre-order numbers.

Both the iPad mini and the fourth generation iPad officially launch on November 2nd. So at that time, you should be able to pick one at your local Apple Store. But remember, it’s still Wi-Fi models only though.

Shipping times for the + Cellular models are still showing mid-November.

  • Ordered first thing this morning at 8am .. And of cause the white one. It looks so much better in white..

  • I’m happy with my iPad 3 buuut my girlfriend could really use that seeeexy iPad mini 😀 I prefer the black one. Just love the grey aluminium :O

    • Kaptivator

      I’m in the same boat. I’m sticking with my iPad 3, but the wife is asking for the mini in white to match her iPhone.

      • Ace

        I’m getting one for me and my girlfriend 🙂

  • Wait, 3G version of the iPad 4th generation will not be avalable November 2nd???
    Or it’s just the iPad mini 3G?

    • Both

      • Thanks. I’ll have to wait 🙁

      • Blahfoe

        I’m waiting too. I need that fast Verizon LTE for my iPad mini. Waiting till they come out on the 16th of November

  • Gus Me

    There goes any chance of the price of this thing going down. lol

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Good thing I will NOT be ordering this.

  • @dongiuj

    Bang goes some peoples’ theory of the ipad mini not selling.

  • CollegiateLad

    Ordering two of these bad boys…