The Microsoft Surface launched today to quite a bit of fanfare. I just received my unit via FedEx a few hours ago. Although I’ve yet to actually power on the unit (such is the life of a tech blogger), I have thoroughly inspected its hardware.

In the following video, I compare the Surface’s dimensions and weight to that of the iPad 3. It’s an interesting look at two wildly different tablets on pretty much every level. Take a gander…

The Surface almost looks like a Kindle Fire that grew taller. It’s a really long device — much longer than the iPad — but it’s also skinnier than the iPad. It’s an interesting combination, as it allows you (or at least me with my gargantuan hands) to hold the device easily with one hand.

As far as build quality goes, we all know that Apple is second to none in this regard. In my opinion, no other tablet manufacturer has come close…until now. The Surface build quality is, as many reviewers have already stated, superb. It’s radically different from the iPad (no alu-min-ium), yet it feels just as solid.

How do you think the Surface stacks up to the iPad, when it comes to looks, dimensions, weight, etc?


    • coejam

      Are you serious?

    • foolish, appleboy.

    • Wow, you are hecka ignorant. If you haven’t watched the Microsoft “keynote”, you do not know how much time and money they invested in this product. It is actually amazing. They need to sell a huge amount of those before they could start profiting off them.

      Here, if that doesn’t make you believe that, watch they keynote video from 12:20 and on:

    • Since the mods aren’t approving my comment anytime soon, here is the video ID to a keynote. Go on YouTube, click on a random video, and at the address bar, after the v=, type in this: jozTK-MqEXQ
      In the video, watch at 12:20 and after, and please stop saying something that you haven’t seen or used. Looks can be deceiving.

    • Kurt

      But you STILL love the 2007 design of iDevices?!?!

  • Yeah, Surface is pretty great (from the look of it).
    Just have to wait and see how the OS and apps work out.
    What about the battery life?

    • they claim 8 hours. i can’t believe it though since Windows 8 uses a lot of power, unless its the RT version.

  • coejam

    Look cool
    Want to see more comparison like screen resolution test and so on please.

  • Windows all the way.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    The surface looks pretty cool actually. Havent bought a windows based device in years

    • Jeff

      Me neither. I swore off anything MS until this. It’s nowhere near as polished as the iPad. But it’s better than many expect. iPad wins hands-down due to software alone, but give it a year or two, and lets see what MS does.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        After i was introduced to the iPhone and iOS windows slowly became obsolete to me. Now im primarily using Android and im enjoying the open source. Windows has became a third option when in the past thats all i would mess with. Mobile computing has taken over what i would only expect from a desktop experience. Im still not sold on the whole Box menus of windows mobile but it would just be something to get familiar with over time just as any other device.

        Thanks for the vid comparison Jeff

      • Rich

        Funny, I swore off Apple/Mac for their lack of ability to handle most programs that I use. But I was just about to buy an iPad when I happened on an Asus mini notebook that’s almost the same size! It’s a real computer and for me, far more useful with the ability to print, take flash drives, and much more. But most of all, it has Windows 8!

  • Baradan Dharumaiyan

    Its cool the way its designe looks, but what about the when you are browsing while holding the device and need to reach the middle of the screen, and we will have the content only in the middle and not to the sides in most of the websites and in portrait mode its feels so long.

  • Just don’t think that kick stand would be very comfortable resting on a lap.

    • RyeMan1

      Then don’t use it while its on your lap, its optional…

  • Paul itrepairall

    Both ipad and surface are amazing unlike the blackberry playbook and the Android tablets!

  • Both ipad and surface are amazing unlike the blackberry playbook and the Android tablets!

  • I want the Pro version so bad !!! I’ll preorder it as soon as it comes availble for preordering. Tho I think the RT version is pretty pointless as there are not many apps yet availble on the store.
    But a the real Windows 8 is worth it, this tablet is gonna be rooccckkkkiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!

  • DomPerignon1

    That is a Surface RT, therefore only runs apps from the Microsoft Store. Wait for for the Surface Pro, which runs Windows 8 and 7 apps/software and you’ll have a real winner!

    • Kurt

      Surfaces software, win 8,is superior to iOS. iOS is a glorified app launcher not capable of much more. Jailbreak it and it’s “great” but it’s buggy and slow and crashes.

  • SimonOrJ

    Need to wait… three months…

  • Johnathan Jennings

    First apple tablet competitor. Can’t wait to see what things apple has to do now to the iPad to play catch up.

  • brantastic

    Good. Apple needs some competition with its tablets. It will make for better products.

  • jp2002

    This I feel is good if you can run apps that run on windows 8.. Especially games and office apps..

  • jp2002

    The surface is = to a very cool jailbroken iPad. iPad is merely a bloated ipodtouch.. I feel the iPad needs to have more features built into the os to take advantage of the powerful hardware it has.. I like the surface from the point of view that it’s more than an app launcher…

  • The iPad’s an awesome entertainment-on-the-go gadget. The Surface is a great mix between pleasure & and productivity because with Office Suite you could actually use it to do some real work.

    • The surface look really good this from a ipad owner
      but just a note i do run word processing and other apple apps
      on my ipad so its not just a toy i bring with me every day to work. I would buy a mac os version of a ipad in a heartbeat to bad we will never see it , i do thing MS could be on to something with the surface

  • Yujin

    Hey Jeff, time to change your logos to say iOS, android and windows reviews..

  • MJ

    both are good but ipad mini dominates

  • TriguyRN

    I love windows and was raised on it. I just don’t know if they should go the way of the tablet.