iPhone5Mod previously released an interesting iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock, its first unauthorized Lightning-equipped accessory, and recently announced a nice backplate replacement for your iPhone 5. Today, they’re launching three new Lightning accessories set to ship November 3. Of course, these unsanctioned cables and adapters lure with low prices that significantly undercut Apple’s comparable offerings (think a 50 percent discount or more). We’ve got more information and nice promo clips right past the fold…

MacRumors points us to iPhone5mod’s new Lightning to USB cable, its version of Apple’s cabled Lightning to 30-pin Adapter and an interesting Lightning 3-in-1 Starter Kit Set.

The USB cable will run you $9.90 versus Apple’s asking price of $19. iPhone5mod’s version of Apple’s cabled Lightning to 30-pin Adapter is a $19.90 value versus Apple’s $39 price tag.

Their Lightning 3-in-1 Starter Kit Set, seen below, is pretty noteworthy: the bundle includes iPhone5mod’s USB cable, a 30-pin adapter and a Lightning dock – all for $39.90 (plus seven bucks in shipping costs to the United States), representing a ten-buck saving over their combined quoted prices.

iPhone5mod confirms that orders will begin shipping on November 3. Add on top of the above prices $4 per item in shipping costs within the U.S (more for international shipments).

Here’s a nice promo clip.

iPhone5mod claims its products fully support iTunes, data sync and battery charging and says it uses parts “of same quality as Apple suppliers”. Some 30-pin accessories are not supported and neither is the video out feature.

These accessories should work with any Lightning-equipped device: currently, it’s the iPhone 5, fifth-gen iPod touch, seventh-gen iPod nano, fourth-gen iPad with Retina display and the all-new iPad mini.

Of course, not everyone was sold on the ‘low price’ meme.

iDannyOcean noted on Twitter that shipping costs make iPhone5mod’s offering less attractive than at first blush.


It wasn’t immediately clear at press time whether those accessories use cracked Lightning chips. That certainly appears to be the case because Apple isn’t set to lay out rules of the game for “Made for iPhone” makers until next month and is currently the only game in town when it comes to authorized Lightning gear.

The ball is now in Apple’s court.

Following the iPad mini keynote yesterday, the online Apple Store added two new Lightning accessories: a VGA and HDMI video out cables, each costing a rather nerve-wracking $49.

These new items expand Apple’s offering of pricey Lightning accessories, which also includes a $19 Lightning to USB cable and the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, available in a $29 direct-plug and $39 cable version.

  • Mohammad Ridwan

    Awesome.. XD

    • Liu Zhenyu

      What’s so awesomely awesome dear?

  • Tr1pTr0p

    Even more proof how Apple does almost nothing but rip people off.

    • biggest troll going, YOU NEED TO GET OUT MORE! i thought i was sad for looking on sites like these and loving gadgets too much but you are something else, your name is always on the comments slating apple. go and look at products you actually like and show a interest in. or failing that GET A LIFE

      • Tr1pTr0p

        I need to get out more? If you haven’t noticed, I only visit this site few times a day and leave a couple truthful comments that end up enraging fanboys. Getting upset at a random comment on the Internet is truly sad.

    • Apple doesn’t rip people off. Theymake a product, you don’t have to purchase it. It a is choice. Most people make the choice to do so because it is a Superior product. So what that they changed there connector to try to make a couple extra dollars. That is the American way to sell a product to make money. If apple “is ripping people off” then don’t buy their products. You can buy an inferior product and be happy that you did not “get ripped off”.

      • You do relize how much profit they make off there devices so yea they are ripping people off

      • So what they make profit. I guess Mercedes Benz is ripping people off because there are making so much profit on there cars. Not ripping any one off. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. It doesn’t matter how much profit any one makes. It’s still the consumer’s choice to purchase. If apple was lying then if would be ripping someone off.

      • Yea Mercedes Benz is ripping people off. SO what if there not lying it cost them next to nothing to make these cables.

      • R0tten

        You are right they aren’t ripping us off, they are stealing our money. HAHAHAHAH trolleeeeeed

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        “Apple doesn’t rip people off because you have a choice, and because Mercedes Benz does it too!” That have to be the dumbest fucking arguments I’ve heard on this site, and that is saying something. Whether corporation X rips people off is completely and utterly irrelevant to corporation Y ripping people off. The same goes for me having a choice. They spend a few dollars manufacturing a cable with a security chip, and sell the cable for 40 USD. That is the textbook definition of “rip off”! Look it the fuck up.

        I’m not annoyed by Apple ripping people off, but by people who deny it.

      • Blake

        The point of making a product is to make money off of it. You need to learn business principles. If I make something and it costs 2.50 to make. I will probably sell it for 10$. Thats 4 times more. That what apple does. What any successful business does. That Capitalism sir.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        The only difference is, Apple spends 2.50 to make it, and sells it for 40. Big ass high quality difference.

      • Blake

        Im pretty sure its 19.99 actually 🙂

      • Tr1pTr0p

        Well, you’re wrong. That shitty plastic adapter (with no cable) costs $30, and the one with a 20 centimeter cord is $40. Please get your facts straight.

      • Blake

        I was talking about the regular lightning connector.

    • Blake

      GO AWAY!!!!!

  • I agree with Danny Ocean . For a extra $6 you’ll get an original guaranteed to work cable

  • NinjaCEO

    Doesn’t look like you can purchase the iphone 5 dock by itself. 🙁

    • Yes you can. They ship on Oct. 28.

      • NinjaCEO


      • Go to the site and next to Combination you’ll see there is an option that says iPhone 5 Dock Only (no cable). Its $19.90 and once again ships on Oct. 28. Hope that helped.

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    With the high prices sometimes I think apple makes accessories just say it has them and not to sell them, and well if the sell one or two they pay for the cost of building 10000 units.

    I’ll wait for the relay low price chine made accessories as obviously apple intends.

    • Blake

      I can not understand any of this post.

  • Techpm

    Of course someone else would make this, the cables don’t actually have any encryption as Chipworks discovered in their teardown. All they have is some chips to handle the dynamic pin reassignment and a CRC checksum for data integrity.

    Let’s just hope they got the pin reassignment figured out correctly

    • R0tten

      Although there is no encryption, there is a Chip integrated in which they have to get schematics on and create their own.

  • I just spent 40 though.

  • Thank you china!

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