If a growing thread on Apple’s discussion forum is anything to go by, a bunch of iPhone 5 owners continue to complain about an annoying flickering thing which apparently manifests itself when the software keyboard pops up on the App Store password entry dialog box.

A report out this morning first suggested that an incremental iOS 6.0.1 update, said to have entered testing, will fix this and other issues plaguing the iOS 6 software. iDB has now received another confirmation that a fix is in the works, via an alleged email exchange between a reader and Apple’s SVP Scott Forstall who’s in charge of the iOS platform…

Hat tip to our reader Aaron R. who gave us a heads-up on a response he received from Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software. Aaron wanted to touch the base with Forstall on the flickering thing and asked the executive to specify whether the hiccup was hardware or software-based:

I am sure your guys know about this problem but I just wanted to ask one thing. On my iPhone 5 sometimes when I type my password into the App Store it has weird lines across the keyboard. Is this a hardware or software problem? If it is software will it be fixed in iOS 6.0.1?

To this, Forstall allegedly responded:

Thanks. Yes, we have a fix.

We’ve verified the headers, but know these things are easily faked.

Just as it famously did in the Jobs era, Apple’s PR team is going through ton of messages that hit executives’ public inboxes on an everyday basis, picking out every now and then a few messages that get replied to and published in the media.

It’s just another rather informal venue of communication for the California-based gadget designer.

For example, when Scuffgate threatened to snowball into a PR catastrophe, an email from Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller surfaced, arguing that scratches and nicks are the result of “normal” wear and tear.

That communication was likely Apple’s way of dealing with a PR crisis on its hands. Foxconn later admitted to quality control issues, essentially refuting Schiller’s explanation. Furthermore, one analyst today wrote that Apple will partially absorb costs associated with stricter iPhone 5 manufacturing control, another proof that Apple was aware of manufacturing issues with the handset well in advance of the September 21 launch.

In another email exchange, Schiller reportedly explained that the latest iPod touch doesn’t have an ambient light sensor due to space constraints.

Are you buying into these email exchanges?

  • How did the guys know the email addresses of the Apple officials?

    • Tim Cook: tcook@apple.com
      Phil Schiller pshchiller@apple.com
      Scott Forstall forstall@apple.com

      But Apple filters there emails, so you wont be able to send to anyone else like bob mansfield etc… just the emails above

      • Falk M.

        Dangit… I would so adore to send Mansfield an email haha…

      • Yeah me to Bob Is pretty cool and he has a nice voice 🙂

      • ohh, i see, thanks!, i’m gonna try to send them an e-mail.

      • readypembroke

        Also, it’s the same with Valve Corporation!
        Gabe Newell- gaben@valvesoftware.com

      • Falk M.

        thanks for that! 🙂

      • readypembroke

        Valve has a contact list on their website!

      • Falk M.

        Holy necro-post reviving batman!

  • they need to fix that shit ASAP

  • i seen this when i open apps that are in a folder, its very annoying.

  • I noticed this happening a couple of times already! I just thought it was my iPhone fucking with me…

    • maurid

      Well… it is.

  • I wanna know why I am continually asked to verify my billing info with
    each app update and each time I get an email stating that I have updated
    my billing info (which I did not) but if I dont enter my credit card
    CVV and expiration date then I cant update apps.

    • readypembroke

      Try checking your account settings

  • seyss

    Well he didnt say the issue was software-related.. he said “yes we have a fix”.. maybe this fix will be out in iphone 6?

    • pegger1

      The question was “If it is software will it be fixed in iOS 6.0.1?”
      The answer was “Yes, we have a fix.”

      • seyss

        There were TWO questions.. u ppl are dreaming the answers you crave

      • pegger1

        haha well the first question can’t be answered with a yes, so the yes had to be for the second question. Answering yes to the second question, makes answering the first one redundant.

        Who are “u ppl”? I don’t have an iPhone 5 or iOS 6, so I could care less about this update anyways.

        Relax little buddy.

  • Kaptivator

    Fix the battery drain issue while you at it Apple. Thankfully I have not experienced the flickering of the screen. But honestly, I would put up with the flicker instead of the battery drain issue.

  • No flickering keyboard
    No battery drain
    Not one Scratch, ding or chips
    No wi-fi problem
    No purple colour cam
    Auto-brightness is different but it is now even better!!!

    Thats my iphone 5 in Portugal!
    Was i a lucky one?!

    And Siri is OK!

    • Falk M.

      Same here, Germany by the way.

      Excellent product.

    • Same here except there is a bit of scuffing on the lower right side of my iP5, right above the black strip. But its barely noticeable and I could care less as long as the device works the way I want it to. I love this phone. US btw.

  • Lou

    I have seen this on my iphone 5 but i was wondering if it was the software i installed to place newsstand into a folder? just a thought, it only appears in that folder. otherwise my phone has been perfect just missing cydia

    hurry up with the jailbreak! i will even deal with tethered for a while

  • im from Sweden and yes my wifes iphone 5 has the same problem in appstore log in flickers

  • SoCoMagNuM

    If its more than just iPhone 5 then its definitely a software issue and could be fixed via software update. So emails seem pretty plausible.

  • readypembroke

    This is some reasons I like sticking with the 4S and also the changed port.