Pundits are holding their breath as Apple is prepping to unleash the iPad mini upon the world, but over at Samsung it’s business as usual. The company’s mobile arm this morning posted to its official YouTube channel an interesting television commercial for the massive 5.55-inch Galaxy Note II phablet.

Now, it’s true the media slammed Samsung over its stylus thing called S-Pen, but I’ll be the first to admit this  30-second ad effectively makes the case for a stylus-based tablet computing. A team of people is seen collaborating on ideas while on the go, using the stylus and apps optimized for it.

It’s not likely Apple will release a stylus-based device in the near future. Remember, Steve Jobs once said, “if you see a stylus, they blew it”. Samsung hardly blew it with the Note: by August, it sold ten million units worldwide. Somebody out there must be loving a stylus on their tablet…

Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-kyun last month said he expected his firm to sell three million Galaxy Note II units during the first three months of availability.

Samsung bills the Note II phablet as “the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity”.

Gee, I ain’t so sure about that.

Such a stupendously massive cross-over thing shouldn’t be confused with a regular smartphone, but it sure does enable “unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation”.

From YouTube description:

Meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note II, which enables unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation, making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity.

Earlier this morning, Samsung here at my local mall demoed the gizmo. I had a chance to play with it for about half an hour and walked away pretty impressed.

As a smartphone and app machine, this thing is definitely too ridiculous to carry in one’s pocket. But regardless of what Steve Jobs said, I see demand for stylus-based phablets with Gorilla-sized screens.

The Note II comes preloaded with a bunch of apps optimized for the S-Pen and its Android operating system has been tweaked to take advantage of it, from multitasking and browsing your content to manipulating objects and doing interesting mesh ups.

Apple will hardly address this market unless Samsung somehow manages to sell truckload of Galaxy Notes to the general public. There’s no doubt this device appeals to the creative types, like graphic artists, but also to others who may be in search for a different mobile experience.

I’m curious to learn about your thoughts on the Galaxy Note II…

  • Kurt Andersen

    I’ve never seen anyone use their Galaxy Note’s stylus before but the Note II is a good phone/tablet hybrid.

  • there was not one thing in that ad you could not do with the 10 stylus’ you were born with, a dumb concept for a dumb device

    • Is this site a magnet for fanboys in denial or what?

      • Guest

        You stay with ignorance on the same sentence.

  • “if you see a stylus, they blew it”

  • Steve Jobs was right, a stylus for a phone is wrong. However a stylus for a note taking device is completely correct. And the lack of sharp and accurate styluses for the iPad is becoming more and more of an issue as people move away from paper. If the iPad Mini is to be aimed at education it needs to have a more accurate touch screen that can accurately track sharper styluses. The Nintendo DS type is ideal where you can use a sharp non sticky plastic stylus or your finger.

    • GambitGamer

      I got a one of those touch pens for the iPad the other day and I love it.

    • ReanimationXP

      Couldn’t agree more. The iPad with a stylus makes sense. I just wish they could come up with an elegant solution for not losing the damn things.

      • loaddown

        I believe there is some sort of reminder on the Note 2 that you haven’t replaced the stylus at some point.

    • loaddown

      Amen to that. Steve was the best marketer for narrow bracketed tech-nuts. They can buy a whole load of niche items.
      The Note IS for note taking and ……..whatever! Remember Pocket PC’s, that’s where we are at now, but with a phone, if you need it. It is not just a smartphone with an antique stylus.

  • I’m skipping the iPad Mini and getting the Note II this time, and it is my first time to really use Android phone (Phablet if you like to call it that way)

  • it’s just way too big! he looks stupid holding that thing to his ear and a stylus is 2003. i like some of the abilities of the note but i just can’t get behind the plasticy build to samsung phones. they need to give their devices the motorola or apple treatment and give it a nice metal housing. i want a HUGE update for iOS 7…like some UI changes and tweaks…so i hope android keeps pushing out new features…it’ll force apple to do the same.

    • Yujin

      If you are ever in K-town (any Koreatown) you will see tiny Asian girls with a big ass phablet on the side of their heads. It is ridiculous…but I guess is choice..some like it big….and some like it small…

      • girls like it big…;D

      • BearManPig

        thats exactly why you dont get any xD

    • I think most people that spend $500-$1000 on a phone put it in some kind of case, so the material under the casing is irrelevant.

  • No doubt it is a great phone, but I’d rather use a finger to do all they do in the ad (except writing): Drag an icon, crop a picture, choose a picture… It feels more natural to do it with a finger than a pen, to me.
    That being said, a stylus comes in really handy when you are trying to take notes. I hope they can get some precise stylus for the iPad.

  • Yujin

    The stylus is a nice idea in concept, maybe even in apps that do need the fine touch….BUT most user won’t be playing angry birds with your stylus or using it…the thing is is too much work to take out, and if you loose it then you need a new one…people are lazy…even a simple thing like pulling a stylus from the side…I say make intelligent software that can intact with your finger in better ways…after all we do not need 11 fingers…

    • The Nintendo DS..

      • And I also hve that an the 3DS XL. Never took the stylus out. Same with my nephews. Some even lost them.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      only think i ccan see using the stylus for is doing quick notes and for using artwork apps (drawing). seems have a precise point would help project look alot cleaner and precise than using a fat finger.

  • I’m confused why you can’t purchase a stylus to use with your i-device? I’m also confused why Christian writes for an Apple blog when he spends more time focused on other products or on undercutting Apple products. What’s the point?

    • Al

      I just find the whole idea of holding the Note II up to your face while on a call a joke. It’s a beast of a phone, spec wise. But just not sold on a bigger screen for a phone. And, I respect the writer blogging about other products. Galaxy Note II is a great phone, Imma Apple user. But I’m not blind though, and competition is great… Great for us as customers..

      • I have a 4.7″ Windows Phone. You quickly get used to a bigger or smaller screensize, and usually no matter the size, your phone seems big. The thing is that the bigger it is, the longer the viewing distance will be. PS. I hate putting my phone up to my ear, I’m always on speaker!

      • Al

        On speaker? No Bluetooth, No Headphones? But no doubt, I understand the bigger screen helps out in many different aspects. I use my iPad a lot, and I enjoy having a bigger screen. But every one has there own views. My thoughts has been a “phone” is used for a calling device, now that meaning has evolved. But, I use my iPad instead of an iPhone as my primary device.. Hence “bigger” screen. Don’t need a smart phone, just have a “dumb” phone instead..for calling purposes. Imma fan of technology, so I’m not against any OS. Just the whole is it a tablet or phone thingy.. It’s not for me, not yet.. At least..

    • MrShutEmDown

      this is what I’m thinking. 3 of every 4 articles he writes is geared towards google news or android news. Sir, we did not come for that

      • CollegiateLad

        I know what you mean…

      • ReanimationXP

        I don’t know about you, but I like to be informed what the competition is up to. I don’t come here to be intentionally pidgeonholed. If Apple has something they need to be responding to I want to know about it so I can voice my opinion. However, this isn’t one of those cases.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Nothing wrong with healthy discussions of whats going on outside apple’s realms. Yes the blog is named iDownloadBlog (iDB) but no where does it say “all things apple” only. Maybe this site needs people like Christian to open ones eyes and see that Apple’s devices arent the end all be all and there’s options. I used to be all things apple then i decided after years of apple’s breadcrumbs i wanted to try something new and i got sold on the S3. Havent regret it one bit.

      Theres life outside Apple’s walls. Instead of knocking it…embrace it.

      • Has nothing to do with Apple being end all be all. Has to do with Apple being the subject matter of this blog. Do you think people go to BMW blogs to read about Fords? Christian needs to focus on writing about Apple-related news.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        This is a news/conversational blog post. If your looking for information on Apple products then you shouldnt be into an article on Galaxy Note II. The folks that run the blog arent all Apple products. Hes letting people know theres options. Hes not forcing non apple products down your throat. Hes letting you know “hey, this isnt apple, bit its kinda cool, check it out” again…its a blog so they can post news what ever it may be. Doesnt always has to be one subject. Its called Evolution.

  • I understand the usefulness of a stylus for drawing, and use one with my iPad for such, but this ad showed nothing that could not have been done with a finger.

    • Hovering, as you can see at 0:10 in the video. THIS is how you do innovation. Apple better start taking notes! Pun intended.

      • ReanimationXP

        Lack of hover capability is solved with either double-tap or hold, and a multitude of other options with multitouch. Doesn’t add any functionality.

      • Its something that can be done by other methods, ill give you that. But for quickness of selecting things it has been a godsend.

        Its like instant preview on a mac or on windows hovering over a program in order to see all the windows. It saves you time because it works inline with the task you where doing.

  • you are kidding right…i have no prob with note 2…but that stylus thing is stupid…so many of my frnds have note and belive me none of them pull out the stylus….

  • Jordan Dixon

    Are you sure the reason why the Note has sold 10 millions units isn’t because it’s the only phone with such a large screen, and not because of the stylus? Because that’s the attraction I get. I think “that’s a huge screen” and not “how cool would I look with a stylus?!”

  • Love it, it will be hard to decide between it and an iPad mini.

  • How many people actually use the stylus

    • I always use the stylus whenever I’m doing drawings or sketches, and sometimes just when I need to make very precise touches.
      Before I had the stylus I almost couldn’t play some of my games due to lack of precision, and drawing was ridiculous, like kindergarten stuff.
      Now I can make very detailed and precise drawing I can actually use, to show people ideas on how to do renovations or construction, etc… Almost every day.
      If I wasn’t doing construction, though, and had no need for drawing except for fun… basically only for playing games. At least once a week.
      Without games or drawing there isn’t much point to it. Once a month maybe?

  • Android system always look more refined in ads than in real life..

    • Thorasgard

      And iPods don’t bounce in real life and survive.

  • I Like it, but it is just too big. Looks awkward in his hand. I wish apple could incorporate a stylus with the iPad! That would be awesome!

  • Why is he putting a brick to his ear?

  • 1337lolzorz

    Eww a stylus!! No thanks.

  • Looks utterly ridiculous. I don’t see how THIS ad sold you on a Stylus.

  • thedarkknight80

    I never thought this would happen, but i sold my 4S and got a Note 2 .

    The phone is very powerful and extremly fast and the new jelly bean update runs very smoothly .

    The pen usage is optional , yet extremely useful if you choose to use it :

    – You can write a quick note while on a phone call ( a small empty note will automatically appear when you pull the pen out )

    – You can crop/cut pictures from the web and share them on the fly anywhere you want ( message, whatsapp, email, facebook ) in one simple click .

    – You can preview videos and pictures on your phone by simply hovering the pen over them, without even touching the screen .

    -That thing also got panorama feature and low-light feature in its camera. Tested them both and they are flawless .

    – Menus and apps open in milliseconds, thanks to the powerful quad core and 2GB of ram .

    – It has “Block ” feature , which is Samsung’s version of “Do not disturb” .

    – It has mobile data monitoring which alarms you when your mobile data reaches certain limit ( i had to jailbreak my 4S to get that feature !) .

    – You can set up notification LED light colors for each app ( blue for facebook, green for whatsapp, yellow for messages, purple for email etc etc ) . Very useful if you were away from your phone and want to know from which app you got the notification from .

    – Battery life is AMAZING : 12 hours of usage ( facebook, whatsapp, email, internet, downloading apps, installing/testing live wallpapers ) and less than 2 hours of standby and i still have 10% left !

    I can go on and on and on ….

    Overall, i think it’s a spectacular device that stands on its own as a niche class , without relying on the S pen feature .

    • SoCoMagNuM

      Sounds like my Galaxy S3 with bigger screen, quad core and a stylus. I like the different color LED for different notifications. Lets me know if its important to check my phone or not and for which apps. No jailbreaking/rooting required. Im really digging Android OS. Not as polished/centered as iOS but its good enough for me to get the job done and gives me freedom access on my phone to use it the way i want to, not how apple allows me to.

  • chjode

    Whoops! Apparently, I’m on the wrong site. I thought this site was focused on iOS devices and specifically jailbreaking tips and tricks. Stick to what you know, folks.

  • Mahbub

    What’s that background music called ?

  • wait, i thought i was in idownloadblog, not samsungdownloadblog.

    • Lordthree


  • Lordthree

    Laughed so hard boogers shot out my nose! Thx4this

    • loaddown

      And now you have to use your iPhone with your boogered finger. Now you know why they have a stylus on the Note 2. LOL
      either you have a use for the stylus (i.e. notes, art, etc.) or you
      just want to play games and talk. Just select for your own use. Phones
      are for a purpose, not status symbols – which some think the stylus
      detracts from. Go figure.

  • Everyone’s complaining how stupid you’d look while holding this to your ear during a call, while calls are probably within 0.1% of the things you do on a smartphone nowadays. Brilliant logic.

    • thedarkknight80

      Even though i think your statement is a little over-blown , but i have to agree to a certain degree . Almost everyone nowadays communicates through messaging ( whatsapp, imessage , Facebook etc ) , trying to get the phone bill as low as possible due to this s”””” economy .

    • SoCoMagNuM

      last month i used 15 0f 450 minutes, previous month 12, before that 20. i can dig holding it for short incriments. im not a heavy phone talker. this would mak a nice size gps for the car while traveling as well

    • Guest

      Funny how you are the only fartdroid still a stubborn ass with denial and trolling here.

      • Tr1pTr0p

        How am I in denial exactly?

  • stylus is so 1987 and it will get lost