In what appears to be a repeat of the DST software bug – and we’ve been here plenty of times before – some owners of Apple’s new iPhone 5 report that their handset is showing incorrect time and/or day. Several people on Apple’s discussion forum decribe their device as displaying times and dates that are days, even weeks, ahead or behind actual ones. The issue appears to manifest itself on devices that have automatic date and time setting feature enabled. Specifically, owners of a Verizon iPhone 5 appear to be affected the most…

A thread on Apple’s discussion forum dates back to September 24 and at press time nearly amassed nearly 400 responses.

So, I activated my Verizon iPhone 5 Saturday. Very much enjoying it. Woke up yesterday and was very confused because my phone thought it was 8/26/12 and 30 minutes later than the actual time. I reset network settings and it self resolved…until this morning.

I woke up and looked at my phone and had a melt down because my alarm never went off. I hurriedly got ready and looked at the microwave as I ran out, and it was 30 minutes earlier than my iPhone said.

It’s more than just an inconvenience: the wrong time and/or date clashes with time-sensitive apps, like iMessage. A number of other posters reported this time-shifting issue.

A few insist Apple and Verizon are aware of the issue, but gave no specifics. If it’s an iOS 6-related issue, it should be easily fixable with a software update.

However, the fact that no one observed the time-shifting phenomenon on iPhones other than the iPhone 5 running iOS 6 indicates the Verizon network – and partially iOS 6 – are to blame. Turning off location services for Time Zone in Settings doesn’t help, but disabling the automatic time setting does, thus pointing to a problem on Verizon’s CDMA network end.

AppleInsider has more on that:

In order to operate properly, all CDMA cell towers transmit a time signal based on data from an on-site GPS receiver, allowing the network to stay in synchronization. It is possible that either Apple’s handset is somehow misinterpreting the time signals, or timing data from certain Verizon cell towers is faulty, though at this point the theories are mere conjecture.

I’m curious as to whether your device suffers from the time-shifting bug. To check it out, go to your iPhone’s Settings and enable the Set Automatically toggle under General > Date & Time.

Then, look for any anomalies over the next day or so and please share your observations with others down in the comments.

By the way, did you know you could use the stock iOS Weather app as a world clock?

  • CollegiateLad

    Does your iPhone 5 has? Lmao

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  • Metroview

    I haven’t HAS the time shift yet. Maybe my phone needs the correct amount of 1.21 gigawatts for it to happen.

  • I’m in Zagreb too, never had any issues with that.

  • i do not has the bug

    • CollegiateLad


  • Mine has the camera don’t flash at the right time bug

  • 1337lolzorz

    C4n 1 h4s ch33z3 burg3r?

  • I fixed the goddamn typo, you can stop with the cheezburger jokes now 🙂

  • Nope. Right time for me.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Yup my wife lame iphone has this issue.. never see this with androids lol lames

  • Carlos Briones

    I have an iPhone 5 on Verizon, black specifically. I haven’t had this problem yet, and I’ve been on Set Automatic since I got it.

  • This happened with my 4s on Verizon Alarm went off 30 min later

  • a smit

    LOL again?

  • Could it have started after that carrier update for Verizon iPhone 5’s that came out a while ago? It might be the culprit here.

  • Kurt

    my iphone 4s has been slowly going faster the past month or 2. its now 6min fast. i didn’t mind 4 but i think ill have to change the time back now that im getting confused at times :-s

    apple and their problems ughhh

  • I have had this issue with my 16GB white iPhone 5 since day 1. I switched from AT&T to Verizon when I got my 5 and this, so far, has been the only frustrating issue. It seems to happen most frequently when service is weak (which happens to be my bedroom). The problem that extends from this and that is worse than just displaying the wrong time, is that it breaks apps like Twitter. Every so often I will load Twitter to check my timeline and will get an error message either saying that my password has been lost or that my device’s date and time are configured incorrectly and the app automatically launches the FAQ page for Twitter. I can sometimes get by with doing a soft reset of my phone, but unless I have good service the problem persists. Hopefully a fix will be released soon.

  • My iPhone 5 has “time shifted” several times in the past month! Very frustrating for sure. Yes, I am a Verizon customer as well. 🙁

  • Mine has been time shifting for the past few days and its only 5 days old! It’s so dang annoying!!

  • Dean

    I was told by Verizon corporate store that Apple would publish an update by mid-December. Well, guess what? It’s coming up on mid-January and no update!

    In order to keep my time, alarm and calendar accurate, I have to turn off the automatic time setting AND TURN OFF THE 4G LTE!

    This *****, and after 2 months of it, I’m sick of it. When it’s on 4G, this phone is smokin fast. I want my 4G Apple!

    Why should we all have paid for an iPhone 5 and expected a better and faster phone, then end up with this crap? A phone with lousy reception compared to my 4S and one that can’t keep time!

    Let’s get it done!!!

  • Annemarie Loria

    My iphone 5 does the same thing like 3 hours slow very annoying it needs to get fixed guess I will start being an annoying customer maybe they will get sick of me or all of us if we keep calling and complaining?

  • I am having the same problem ,Iphone 5 on the Sprint Network, my time is off by 5hrs if I turn on automatic update, but if I turn off the automatic update and manually change the time, then the messenger doesn’t work properly. also, I am one of those people that uses their phone as an alarm clock, so this is a real concern for me.

  • For some reason my iPhone 5 keeps changing the time as if it were eastern states time. No matter what I do it keeps changing it. Little ticked off

  • Nicnac71

    Omg! I cannot get the correct time on my iPhone 5c! I’ve gone back to best buy, which was a wasted trip because the guy didn’t fix it, although he claimed he did. I’ve called Apple and they said reset, didn’t fix it! I’m at the end of my rope. I use this phone for business as well as home. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Kim Staker

    My iPhone 6 is doing this – what’s the fix?? I have sprint as my carrier.

  • GB

    Same here IOS9 iphone 5. Seems like Y2K woke up suddnly 1 morning and i was late to wrok! no any solution yet? any help will be appriciated

  • Troy

    My iPhone 5s (Verizon phone on straight talk) won’t keep the correct time. I reset the time, it works while I use the phone, then when I lock it, it keeps going back to whatever time I set it to before. I’ve had a few days where the time was right most of the day, but 95% of the time it has this issue.
    I’ve tried everything: turning off location, resetting network (sometimes makes phone a day off) turning off/on the automatically set time/date. Nothing works.
    Very frustrating. It makes it impossible to see how long ago I missed a call/text, to use the alarm clock, or to use frequently visited locations as a reference of where I was and when. My call and text logs are inaccurate, and every post on Facebook says it was posted “just now”

    This post even said it was made “in 12 minutes”