Here we go again: iOS users struggling with DST switchover

If you live in a part of the world which required a change to the clocks this weekend, then it may be worth checking all is well with your iOS devices because, according to isolated reports, some are once again struggling to behave as expected during the switchover.

We’ve been here plenty of times before, so we really shouldn’t be surprised. Even so, Apple’s inability to make something so simple work reliably is something we just can’t help but marvel at.

They can cram more pixels into a 10-inch tablet than we care to count, but ask Apple to make a phone do something that computers have been doing for years and it apparently gets stumped…

From what we are hearing, many people whose iOS devices should have jumped forward an hour last night actually seem to be doing something completely different. Instead of simply changing the time, it appears that iOS is often changing a user’s time zone, too. There are also reports of people in the US that are finding their devices change time, even though their particular state does not observe DST. It’s a mess, indeed.

With the UK set to change the clocks in the next couple of weeks, we are expecting a new raft of issues to crop up once again, but the question we find ourselves asking is this: why, at version 5.1, can Apple apparently not achieve something which is a given for everyone else?

C’mon Apple, let’s have this sorted for once and for all.


Did your iOS device behave itself this weekend?