When it comes to the iPhone 5, yours truly is one to suffer from a severe case of panic disorder stemming from Scuffgate. I, for one, happen to believe that it’s real. And even though Scuffgate has definitely been blown way out of proportion, I can’t shrug off fear that my iPhone 5 will arrive with nicks and scuffs out-of-the-box or scratch itself if I look at it the wrong way.

As a rule of thumb, I more often than not attempt to mitigate the scuffing issue by opting for white gadgets because scratches from “normal” wear and tear are less visible (by the way, what’s your color of choice for Apple gear?). Still, the fact remains that the iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum casing is arguably the worst choice from the wear and tear standpoint.

Chances are you too at some point will no longer be able to stand dings and scratches on your brand spanking new iPhone 5. Luckily, there’s a solution. Remember those backplate parts that had been leaking in the weeks and months preceding the iPhone 5 announcement? That’s right…

Here’s a replacement for your iPhone 5 back panel from iPhone5mod (via 9to5Mac).

This replacement rear case is 100% original , the same thing you are seeing and touching in your iPhone 5 right now.

The standalone iPhone 5 rear case replacement can be yours in exchange for $99. It’s available from the iPhone5mod web site, in both black and white to match your iPhone 5.

Apple in August served the iPhone5mod team a takedown notice over their iPhone 5 mod kit which gives the iPhone 4/4S that unmistakable iPhone 5 two-tone look.

It’s possible that Apple will dispatch its legal sharks once again so you’re advised to act promptly while this thingie part is still available.

iPhone5mod is also behind an interesting iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock that – surprisingly – uses original Lightning controller chips from Apple’s supplier to ensure proper functionality.

Here it is in the below clip.

Does the aforementioned iPhone 5 backplate looks like something you’d be willing to consider?

  • jose castro

    looks like a lot more screw then the iPhone 4 and 4s lolol

  • notewar

    And scuffgate on the side?

  • MadAndronicus

    Yes! I’ll buy it if the white backplate will fit the black iPhone. Anybody know? Thx!

    • yes, white will fit black and vice versa.

      • MadAndronicus

        Thanks! Is it difficult to do? An videos on it? Thanks!

      • I’m more than certain there are videos on it. Just google it

  • hellac00l

    I’ll wait for cheaper case mods from china once they apear on ebay, $99 is not worth it.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Christian is willing to pay $99 on top of the $200-$800 he already paid just because it’s apple.

    It’s amazing how much Idb staff likes to bend over for apple.

    • Joseph Albanese

      Of course he would use an APPLE back plate since its an APPLE phone. If it were a droid he could use a Tupperware lid and no one would notice.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        you’re trying too hard.

  • macboy74

    I just got mine four days ago and never use a case and its been flawless. But I think they started doing something a bit different after this scuffing stuff come about.

  • The issue isn’t that it’s ano’d Al. They used ‘decorative’ ano, which doesn’t handle abrasion as well as ‘hard’ ano does

  • Why pay 99$ for a replacement back when you can get AppleCare+ for 100$ which covers 2 replacement iPhones? smh

    • Thorasgard

      Because there is a two incident limit. Best Buy for $229 has unlimited incidents even normal wear and tear. AND no deductible. Bought it and am going caseless. Makes 99 for just a back panel or AppleCare seem like a waste. I fully expect to get my front panel replaced every 6 months or so and likely back and sides also.

      • Jack Rogers

        Best buy is a load of shit. They get some crappy repair company to fix the phone, not replace it. They didn’t even fix my GS2 when it broke last year

  • Appletiser

    i dont know why this ‘scuffgate’ issue is such a surprise to everyone. most objects that are anodised have always had issues with scratching and wearing off on the edges. Apple should’ve known this and not anodised imo and an outlay of another wedge of cash to remedy their failure is a joke.

  • Herpaderp

    Duhhhh you could also buy the iexpander case for 70 dollars which adds a micro sd slot, extra battery and stronger led flash.

    Kinda bulky tho but still this replacement back is essentially useless. Even a 5 dollar plastic case fr eBay will protect from scratches.