Poll: is your Apple gadget black or white?

I stumbled upon an interesting study the other day which got me thinking. Long story short, it claims nearly three out of four buyers prefer black Apple gadgets over white ones. It must be because Apple has branded the iPhone as a black device from the onset, I reckoned. The real-world supports survey findings: I bet you tend to meet far more people with black iPhones, iPads and iPods than white.

While the Italians and French seem to prefer their mobile devices in the more elegant white, the rest of the world predominantly opts for the more sinister (and just as stylish) black look. I myself am a white iPhone man. We’re eager to learn what color our readers prefer for their iOS devices, so here’s a quick poll as we head into the weekend…

First, the survey.

Reserach firm Idealo set out to determine which colour was more popular within the first nine months of 2012, here are the results.

And here’s a more specific breakdown. A nice 53.9 percent of people appear to prefer the black iPod touch model and a whopping 73.6 percent want their iPhones in black rather than white. As for the iPad, about 65.9 percent prefer the black model.

Which one are you, a black or white iOS device guy?

Cast your vote now.

My philosophy is this: all of my mobile devices from Apple are in white, while every other mobile gadget from other vendor I have comes in black.

I own an iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPod shuffle – all in white.

My iPad mini is also going to be white.

As for my “other” devices, both my Galaxy Nexus smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet are black.

Being in the market for a new iPhone, I asked my acquaintance John Brownlee, news editor with Cult of Mac, for an advice. We share similar interests and I happen to trust his judgment on Apple gear.

So John, should I go with a white or black iPhone 5?

Oh, jeez, I dunno, Christian. It’s all subjective, you know? I’m a white iPhone man myself, and I think the new phone looks fantastic in white. I was pretty skeptical seeing photographs ahead of time, but it looks way better in person.

I have no doubt that the black is super sexy in a Batman sort of way, but if you’ve preferred Apple white devices in the past, I see no reason to change: it really looks phenomenal. And yeah, I agree with the elegance of white.

My personal opinion: the black is more photogenic on the web, but the white looks just as sexy in person.

He nailed it. I’ll be getting my iPhone 5 in white, no question about that.

As mentioned earlier, I am a white Apple gadget guy. That’s just the way I roll and here’s my reasoning:

• white is more elegant and prettier than black – to me, black is so Sony and so 1980s (but that’s just me, of course)
• scratches and nicks from “normal” wear and tear are less visible on white products than black ones – I can ask for more money when selling a worn out white device than its black counterpart
• white attracts less sun heat than black – helping with battery life and performance

The last bullet point is not some unfounded whining of a tech writer who’s seen it all. I happen to blog from the beach during the summer and I’ve noticed that black iOS devices are more prone to overheating when used in direct sunlight than white ones.

Of course, your mileage may vary, depending on your usage scenario, needs and personal tastes. I’m sure each and every one of you have their own reasons justifying your choice of Apple gadget color.

Per usual, hit the comments to join the discussion and detail your vote.