As Apple gets to show us “a little more” next Tuesday, and taking into account that Microsoft’s Surface tablet will hit store shelves next Friday, watchers have been wondering whether the iPad mini will be immediately available following the introduction, on the Friday following the event or the following week. The iPhone 5, for example, was unveiled on Wednesday, September 12 and hit store shelves the following week on Friday, September 21. According to a new report citing a source close to a major UK retailer, the iPad mini will hit retail stores on November 2 (that’s a Friday)…

Geeky-Gadgets reports that its source ”close to a major UK retailer” has insider knowledge of the iPad mini release date. The November 2 release date, the source reportedly pointed out, is valid for the United States and the United Kingdom and “possibly some other countries as well”.

We have no track record of this particular source or Geeky-Gadgets when it comes to reporting on Apple apart from the iPhone 5 release date, which the publication correctly predicted a week before Apple announced the device.

Still, take this one with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Having said that, November 2 sounds like a plausible release date, but one may wonder wouldn’t Apple be more interested to put the device on sale the next Friday, just so it spoils Microsoft’s Surface party.

On the other hand, we’ve seen reports of certain production woes that may have forced Apple to push back a bit the planned iPad mini release date.

What do you think, will the iPad mini go on sale on October 26 or November 2?

  • I’m tired of waiting for this Mini. The sooner the better and it better be available in Canada or else….

    • philadelphia

      I’m tired of waiting for BlackBerry 10.. You Canadians better release it or else….

      • Lol. The BB days are far behind us now, unfortunately.

  • this xmas is gonna be big for apple 😉

    • $99 nexus 7 is rumored too gonna be big for Apple, Google and microsoft

      • maybe, but you’ve forgot about the new iphone, ipt, ipn, (maybe also new imacs and revamped ipad3).

      • Blahfoe

        True I really hope they do revamp The iMac and Mac Mini I’m truly a fan of the Mac Mini and how powerful it is It’s definitely one of the most underrated Apple products that they have out. But of course if the iPad mini is actually revealed I’m going to have to get a black one. I really hope they give it in the LTE connectivity as well I find Verizon LTE to be super fast

  • I could care less about a smaller version of the iPad. When is iTunes 11 coming out?