I just got back from a trip to my AT&T Store where I went to exchange my black iPhone 5 for the white version. I’ve actually tried to exchange my black iPhone 5 since I received it. For the last 3 weeks, I went pretty much every single day to my AT&T Store asking if they had received any iPhone 5. For the last 3 weeks, I was told the same answer: “no, sorry, we haven’t received anything”.

Today, one smart AT&T employee finally realized I had been coming every day for three weeks and told me that I didn’t have to physically come and check, as I could simply order an iPhone from the store. You’d think they would have offered this solution before, but that’s another problem that we won’t even bother addressing here.

I was then directed to an AT&T employee who processed my order/return. Without much hope, I figured the AT&T employee  probably didn’t know anything about time frames and delivery estimates, but to my surprise, he said that because I am ordering a 64GB iPhone 5, it will ship within 24 hours.

Wait, what? 24 hours, as in one day? How is this possible when Apple’s own website tells me that any iPhone 5 model ships in 3-4 weeks?

He confirmed that any other model usually ships within 2 to 3 weeks, but because there is much less demand for the 64GB version of the device, they have plenty of them available. He noted that because I am placing the order today, it will probably ship today, and be delivered by tomorrow or Wednesday. The manager of the store, who happened to be walking by also confirmed that my device will ship in 24 hours. Right on time for my weekend in Napa!

I’m really not sure if this applies to orders placed online. AT&T’s website still shows the 64GB version shipping within 2-3 weeks, which is the usual time frame.

If you’re looking to get your hands on an iPhone 5 but haven’t been able to due to low inventory, I suggest you go talk to someone at your local AT&T store. Of course, as mentioned above, this is only for the 64GB version of the iPhone 5, but if you’re really desperate for an iPhone 5, you probably won’t mind coughing a few extra bucks.

Now, for the story, and for those wondering why I want to exchange my black iPhone 5, well, it’s simply because I think the white model looks better. It really is a personal preference. It will actually be my first white iDevice ever. Because I am in the 30 days time frame, I am allowed to return the device, and exchange it without any problem, besides the $35 recycling fee. Note that AT&T recently changed its return and cancellation policy. Any purchase made after October 7 will now be subject to a 14 days return policy.

  • I was about to get the 64 gb but settled for 32, kicking myself in the head -_-. I’ve ordered two weeks ago this thursday and still have heard nothing even went to the website to get reminded that it is pending shipment.

  • Jerry

    no wonder I received my iphone 5 so fast..WHICH BY THE WAY I lost last thursday..just sent my insurance claim yesterday..im hoping they have iphone 5s instock

    • how much the insurance cost..??

      • Jerry

        att charges me 7$ a on top of my bill i believe

      • SoCoMagNuM

        Think you will be paying alot more than the $7/month for insurance claim. More like upwards of $300. Thats a tier 3 smartphone. Also hope you didnt sell it for profits cause ive heard cases of that happening and AT&T can track the phone via serials/activations with SIMs. They will investigate. Just forewarning you in case you “lost” it on purpose. Its crossed my mind couple times to lose my phone on purpose for profit but didnt want to fall risk of fraudulent investigations.

      • Jerry

        dude I wish I was trying to pull a insurance scam..I lost my phone and im pissed..they charge me 7$ a month for the insurance I know they will charge me 200-300 once they ship me my phone better then the 940$ I payed for a full priced phone.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        That’s why i never leave my phone out of site. It stays on my like its part of my body. Like my wallet and car keys. I dont feel right without them. Hopefully you be more vigilant when leaving you phone around next time.

      • Jerry

        I know I never leave my phone out of my site either, I never lost a phone in my life I even still have my 4s but for some reason luck was no on my side this time. But this is deff a reality check for me. This replacement phone will not leave my body

      • Did you not have the Find my iPhone enabled? That’s that it’s for!!!

      • @jerry why don’t you try to call Apple & ask them to block the IMEI. so that the thief won’t be able to restore the phone. Once he go to claim the warranty saying that it is broken, he will be catch.

  • John

    I placed an order for a 64 gig some 17 days ago via apple website and still haven’t received it 🙁

    • Dick

      Poor you. Just suck it up and wait, you’re about to get the best and most expensive phone in the world in your hands to keep forever and you have the guts to complain because it’s not arriving as quickly as you want it to do.

      • SoCoMagNuM

        wtfizzle? Lol

    • Thorasgard

      I placed my black 64 order online around 5 pm on pre sale day from AT&T. 14th? It arrived on 10/31 bit was traveling. With all my kids scouting events I never found the time to find a proper case so it just sat in the box.

      Today I went to best buy today to get one and was discussing my options because I am Mr. Butterfingers. Was tired of the always scratched up shield of my hard core cases. The kid turned me on to their $239 “unlimited” incidents warranty. Even covers “normal wear and twear” as Mr Cook calls Scuffgate. They give you a loaner while it is being repaired/replaced. So I am going to try Naked for a couple of years. I suggest everyone take a short position on BB. I am going to a get replacement everytime I see silver.

  • hotdog714

    That’s so true I ordered my iPhone 5 64 in the at&t store, i wanted to upgrade my iPhone 5 white 32GB to a iPhone 5 white 64GB, i ordered it on friday and arrived today monday at 9:00 am, they don’t ship on sundays or i would of had it on sunday with in 48 hrs, but 72 hrs isn’t bad at all! I received it faster than I had anticipated. I thought i would have received it by next month.
    p.s personally i thought that was stupid of the Carrier store employees seeing you coming in every day checking whether they have received new iPhone 5 shipments and not telling you in the first place that you can just pre-order it directly from them! like they told me when i asked if i could upgrade my iPhone 5

    • Well, to be fair to AT&T, they say it SHIPS within 24 hours. They don’t say it DELIVERS within 24 hours.

      Yes I agree, and I told the manager and the employee I talked to that it was a tad ridiculous that no one ever thought of having me order another iPhone.

      • they say it SHIPS within 24 hours. They don’t say it DELIVERS within 24 hours….you are so sweet…:p

      • ???

      • hotdog714

        Whoops I meant 48 hours not 24hrs 48hrs starting Saturday to sunday and today monday which makes 72 hrs lol Sorry! And yes that is also true they do ship within 24 hrs of order being place sometimes. :]
        fixed it.

      • Did you ever receive an email notification from AT&T telling you your iPhone had shipped?

      • hotdog714

        Yes the next morning after I ordered from AT&T:)


    So I can go into AT&T and return my Black iPhone 5 for a White iPhone 5 and only pay their recycling fee? I mean If that’s possible Ill go do that asap. I bought my iPhone the same day it came out and had to settle for a black one cause it was the only one they had left.

    • Do it before your 30 days expire. But if you got your iPhone from Apple, you will have to deal with Apple, not AT&T

      • MAFYOSO

        I got it from an AT&T Store same day it came out. I just talked to my Boy that works there and he confirmed it too. Thanks

  • Very accurate. I literally walked into an AT&T store a week after the iPhone 5 release and the employee I initially asked said they were sold out but the manager stepped in and said they just received a couple of black 64GB models. I originally preordered a 32GB model from Best Buy (I won’t go there) but having a chance to own the elusive “5”, I pounced on the opportunity. It’s only an extra $100 for twice the holding power. Ultimately it comes down to how badly you want the device. I like having the latest and greatest and felt it was worth it. AT&T rocks!

    • Sam Carmello

      I also was able to get an IPhone 5 64GB black. I received an email 6 hours after making the order today. It is waiting to be picked up by UPS on a 2 Day Air shipment. The AT+T employees either did not know this or do not want to provide this information. Either way I am a happy camper. Should have phone this week. This article was very helpful.

  • The one issue to keep in mind is – if you plan to take advantage of the trade-in benefit, it won’t work in this scenario. I was advised by an AT&T store representative that they would only honor the trade-in benefit so long as the phone is in stock in the store. If they have to order it, then you’re SOL!

    • This is the opposite of what I was told. I was told that as long as I placed my order within the 30 days time frame, I was good. I suggest you talk to another employee about this.

  • I don’t see how I’m being misleading. I’m just relaying information that was given to me by two AT&T employees, including a store manager. As for being biased, of course we’re biased but I don’t see how my bias is showing here. Anyways.

    Now regarding the screenshot you sent, this is just a spreadsheet with basic timeframes that are given to employees. This is nothing close to being a reliable and up to date source of information regarding shipping times.

    I don’t see why they would have both told me the shipping time would be 24 hours if it’s not, especially since they made it clear that any other model would have take two to three weeks to ship. Besides, look at other comments on this page and you’ll see that several people have indeed seen shipping times of 24 hours for the iPhone 5 64gb.

  • Oh and by the way, I just received an email from AT&T saying my iPhone had shipped. So technically, it shipped in 9 hours. Not bad at all if you ask me..

    • Buttah Aethix

      So, how’s the iphone? It’s been 9 days so you should have recieved it a week ago.

  • AppleBits

    @Sebastien – I’ve got the white model…as was my 4S. While I do think it’s great, I’ve been debating an exchange for black. Have you received your white one yet?
    Can’t go wrong with the phone…just hard to decide the color.
    I’m wondering if black gives the screen a larger appearance, whereas white appears to be a bit of a white frame, shrinking the screen appearance.
    Thanks for the post.

  • WJM

    This is very true. I wanted to exchange my 16gb white iPhone 5 for a white iPhone 5 64gb and I ordered my device on oct.18 paying 437.00 including tax and my device shipped the same day and I received my iPhone @ the AT&T on Monday Oct. 22!!!