AT&T reportedly cutting return and cancelation period to 14 days

Just a heads up for folks looking to make an AT&T-flavored purchase in the coming weeks. The word on the street is that the carrier is about to cut its 30-day return policy in half.

A new report is out today claiming that AT&T has sent out a memo to its employees reminding them that the return period for products and services drops down to 14 days tomorrow…

Engadget reports:

“A tipster has sent in what appears to be a notice to staff advising that the returns period for equipment and service cancellations will be shrinking from 30- to 14-days — effective tomorrow. Purchases made today would benefit from the longer period, and our tipster claims that there may be a grace period until November where returns could be processed as if still under the original scheme (what sounds, to us, like a courtesy for those who didn’t read the fine print).”

This is a particularly big deal for folks trying out a new service with the carrier. Because now, instead of having a month to try it out, they’ll have just two weeks to cancel it before they risk being charged an early termination fee.

Of course, Verizon has already dropped their 30 day “Worry Free Guarantee” down to 14 days, and Sprint’s return period is also just two weeks. So it’s not surprising that AT&T has decided to go this route.