In addition to this morning’s story that the iPhone 5 will launch in India at the end of the month, another report has surfaced regarding international availability of Apple’s latest handset.

The report claims that Brazil’s telecommunications regulatory authority has just approved the iPhone 5 for sale in the country. And word is, Siri has learned how to speak Portuguese…

MacRumors reports:

“MacRumors has learned that the iPhone 5 has been approved for sale in Brazil by Anatel, the country’s telecommunications regulatory authority. The approval was posted yesterday with Foxconn’s factories in Brazil and China listed as assembly locations, but there is not yet any word on when Apple plans to launch the device in the world’s fifth most-populous country of nearly 200 million people.”

More interestingly, the site points out that the handset’s Brazil-specific user manual, which was included in the filing, contains evidence that Siri may soon support the Portuguese language.

There’s a section in the handbook that covers acceptable input phrases for Siri, and previously, the examples were only shown in english. But now they are in the country’s native tongue.

Apple continues to improve international availability with each new product, and it’s on a tear with the iPhone 5. The handset should be for sale in more than 100 countries by mid-December.

  • Hopefully it is true.
    I would love to listen Siri speaking Portuguese.

  • MrSergioRamos

    First off why do they have to wait for Brazil to accept the iPhone 5 for them to teach Portuguese?? What about Portugal? Forget Portugal right? Portuguese language comes from Portugal not Brazil.. If it wasn’t for Portugal, Brazil wouldn’t be Brazil.. They would be just another Hispanic countries like the ones around them.. Portugal already has iPhone 5 on their Vodafone network.. So we are waiting for Siri to speak Portuguese because brazil telecommunications took forever to accept the iPhone 5? That’s just ignorant..

    • Ha, yeah totally. I’m lucky in Argentina we speak Spanish, but iPhones are not allowed here anyway :/

      • Guest

        Hi all. I guess there are ignorants everywhere in the world!! I am Portuguese, and proud. But I have a sense of reason!!! We have a great language. We as anyother former colonialists, made our mistakes, but also did things right. I live in Holland, which tried to take Brazil from us in 16th century. Once a famous brazilian reporter told another portuguese famous reporter “maybe if the dutch had stayed, we would be more efficient” the portuguese responded “maybe yes, maybe not, but it would be delightful for me to listen to a good Samba, while singing in Dutch!”
        Guys, both countries are incredible!
        The reason Siri will appear now, is because Portugal has 10 million habitants, like Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, etc.. and Brazil has almost 200 million!!!! This cannot be denied. Has portuguese I can feel bad, because if I will speak in Portugal’s portuguese, Siri will not understand me!
        But let’s see, maybe I am wrong!
        Anyway, good news

    • Righetti

      Brasil is 10 or 20 times bigger than portugal

    • I think you misunderstood the report, man. You weren’t waiting for Siri because brazil telecommunications took forever to accept it. The report means that once Anatel (brazil telecommunications) accepted it, they made a user manual including in the filing portuguese Siri support. It wasn’t the cause, but the evidence that this may occur. That’s all.

    • Don’t blame Brazil… It’s not our fault if Apple is only supporting portuguese now. Btw, you can’t talk about other countries like that. Portugal wouldn’t be Portugal if it wasn’t Brazil. Where do you think your gold came from years ago?

      I have nothing against Portugal, but it’s hard to read this kind of stuff.

    • rafaelpz

      Yeah, all our arguments are invalid. You’re talking about ignorance. Now that’s something you know better than any of us.

    • Pau no cu de portugal

      Portuga otario seu país ta quebrado! Lixo do caralho! Nada ai vai pra frente, sua sorte é q as companhias brasileiras tao comprando as suas! Vai comer bacalhau gajo de merda!

    • Breanna Campbell

      They don’t care about your feelings toward the matter. They just care about money. Money talks. The possible 200,000,000 future brazilian clients talk… Which makes it worth it for Apple To spend the money to learn Portuguese. I also speak Portuguese but I’m also not complaining about how Siri doesn’t speak Czech & how the United States wouldn’t be anything without my Czechoslovakian ancestors and their language! Travel the world and have more respect for the cultures within this world you live. Obrigada!

  • seyss

    You missed the most important point.. Brazil’s LTE will be @ band 7, and there is NO iPhone with LTE band 7 support.. so this means they can release iPhone here and ppl will buy it and never have LTE working in their phones.

    Release LTE band 7 support first……

    • Righetti

      In Brasil we’ll need 2 or 3 year to have a LTE NETWORK

  • Don’t forget about the thieves that they sent to us… 😛

    But take it easy, let’s be rational here. This guy is just a troll and is not guilty for his ancestors actions.

  • Mishra

    I wish you guys were colonized by Spain as well. Judging by what they did in north america, you’d all have been killed instead of shagged and would have a white country now. Just sayin’…

    • sadaN

      I don’t mind being black/white/japanese or whatever, I’m white but I love the diversity of types of people there are here in Brazil.

      My family has Italian background (I’ve even lived in Italy for a term at some point in my life), so even if they had killed our indians rather than shagging them, I’d probably still be here writing this comment, and so would the vast majority of Brazilian population as almost none of us actually descend form native indians, but from other parts of the world instead.

      But I see your point in “and would have a white country now.”, I understand not everyone is free of prejudice/racism.