I will always remember where I was when I heard the news that Steve Jobs had passed away, a year ago today. I was sitting in a meeting with four other board members of my Homeowner Association. The news felt like a bad joke. Something that couldn’t be true. The writing had been on the walls for months, if not years, yet, I found it impossible to believe.

It actually took me a few weeks to process the news and cope with the death of the man who not only had shaped an important part of my life, but had also shaped and changed the lives of millions of people around the world.

Today, Apple is paying tribute to Steve Jobs in its own way. If you go to Apple.com, you will first be greeted with a short yet inspiring video about Steve.


The video is followed by a personal message from Apple CEO Tim Cook:

A message from Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO

Steve’s passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place.

One of the greatest gifts Steve gave to the world is Apple. No company has ever inspired such creativity or set such high standards for itself. Our values originated from Steve and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. We share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his future legacy into the future.

I’m incredibly proud of the work we are doing, delivering products that our customers love and dreaming up new ones that will delight them down the road. It’s a wonderful tribute to Steve’s memory and everything he stood for.


To me, the takeaway from Tim Cook’s message is that today, people should reflect about how Steve Jobs has inspired all of us and made the world a better place. If you’re an Apple fan, please take the time to sit down and think about it for a minute.

Steve, you’ll be forever missed.

  • I almost cry seeing the other blog and apple web showing their appreciation to Steve job

    • Kurt

      cry??? what’s wrong with you people. he was not a kind loving man in the least. he didn’t care about people and didn’t like people. hell he wore the same cloths everyday. weirdo is what people call him

  • Better iphone 5 must be launched up there 🙂

    • ic0dex

      You should die and go check it out.

      • Ernesto Carrillo

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    • Fuck you

      He is in hell

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      • Kurt

        hi, troll…guess what, i agree with iFone

  • Apple is nothing without Steve. Steve is the vision to everything and he is the vision to what we have today.
    RIP Steve Jobs

  • The day Steve died, I felt that Apple’s innovation and progress are gonna slow down way too much. And it happened, Steve Jobs would never make the iPhone 5 look like this, neither make iOS 6 the same as iOS 5 but with more features. Steve Jobs thinks of an update as a major progress, maybe that’s what the new Apple is missing. They made iPad 3 with retina display, same as Macbook pro. Would you actually think that Steve Jobs would only settle for Retina Display. The biggest thing I’ve seen since Steve’s death is OSX 10.7 . And when did Steve Jobs’ Apple made a built in failure and apologized? (You know I’m talking about Maps…). And if Apple stays like this, it is destined for it to fall hard on the ground.
    In the end I’d like to say : we’ll miss you Steve, thanks for the wonderful stuff you have done, you re-invented the world of communication as we know it. And sadly, Tim Cook’s Apple is not gonna follow the same progress you made.

    • immovableobject

      Steve was still alive and involved with Apple when the design of the iPhone 5 was finalized and the decision to dump Google Maps was made. He certainly approved. But even if it weren’t so, he was capable of errors in judgement (the original iMac’s “hockey puck” mouse, for example). He was brilliant and visionary, but not infallible. Apple with Steve Jobs was not perfect.

      Over the years, Apple has routinely been criticized for its behavior and product designs, both with and without Steve Jobs at the helm. I’m not yet convinced that his absence has significantly had a negative impact on the company. (Despite all the bitching, the iPhone 5 is a runaway success).

      The one most probable area where Steve will be missed is in the product release keynotes. It won’t be easy, but Apple really ought to find a spokesperson with the poise, enthusiasm, charisma and salesmanship that Steve exhibited.

    • tim

      Isn’t every iOS the same as its predecessor, with more features?

      • Fuck you


  • RIP Steve Jobs, You changed my life

    • Guest

      Hahahahahahahaha WTF?????????

      • Probably changed your life too mate…but then again, I wouldn’t expect anyone hiding behind “guest” to have any intelligent comments. Trolls gotta troll.

  • Steve you changed our lives by

  • אסף סופר

    I miss someone that I have never knew or saw

    • Fuck you

      Why he was a terrible man. “Limousine Libreal” he cared only about money. Not about people. No compassion.

      • Joseph Lim


      • Hyr3m

        If saying the truth makes you a faggot then I wonder what being completely oblivious to reality makes you…

      • Kurt

        i thought you liberals like faggots

      • omar achkar

        Well, he cared much for people, but…not his desire for money, but the way he treated each dollar Apple got….he treated each dollar like it was HIS dollar, and if he was being ignorant towards people, he did so for the sake of the company. If you were his friend outside of Apple, he would be VERY, VERY compassionate. But within the company, he would be very serious about the corporation to bring joyful products to us all… please take some time to research Steve Jobs ENTIRE life, not just him in his twenties and thirties, before posting a preposterous comment like that.

  • Rip steve.Rip apple also

    • GNexusPhone5

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    • seyss

      Haha agreed

  • Thank you, Steve, for making my life so so so so so much better, and for making everyone’s life so so so so so much better.

    Thank you, Steve.

    • iFone

      You are not “so so so so so” serious right?

  • very great person of the world.

    • Fuck you

      No he wasn’t

      • Who was your greatest person then iFone…Tooth fairy?

      • Kurt


      • How cute Kurt, you’ve gone out of your way you reply to every one of my posts. You’re either a complete fuckwit, completely sad, or a coward for hiding behind “Kurt”

        Tell me how I’m a troll when I’m linking my responses to my Twitter account and posting a photo of me, you’re the troll who is hiding being a name with no photo and no balls.

      • Kurt

        you think im cute? thanks! wait, you’re a dude…eww

  • Dlevi309

    ill miss you steve 🙁

    • Kurt

      he misses you more

      • Dlevi309


  • Great words Sebastien. I also felt terribly sad of Steve Jobs dead, but i knew that sometime it will come. It’s incredible how someone could feel so sad for someone you never met in person.

    • Hyr3m

      I was much sadder when Heath Ledger died…

  • seyss

    I wish the best for Apple, like reaching the position as most valuable company, but with this Cook “guy” they’ll begin to go downhill. Takes a while for Jobs’ loss takes effect. Let’s talk again next year 🙂

    • It’s sad but true, Jobs had the ability to plan in the future.
      How many years ago were we being shown iCloud in the form of iWorks online or iTunes. Everything seems so rushed and forced now with Tim.

      iOS 2-4 was revolutionary.
      iOS6 seems like somethign iOS 5.5 should have been.
      iPhone 5 seems like the phone iPhone 4S should have been.
      I wonder what iOS 7 and the next version of the iPhone will bring.

  • dady king

    I feel so proud that I m using steve jobs apple IPhone .. Love u steve.. It feels when someone using apple device compare to others ..thanks a lot for such a great experience

  • M Last

    Steve really missed you :((((((((((((

  • apple goes down, after Steve death

  • stevejobs@dead.com


  • RIP – Return If Possible 🙁

  • Ramon101

    Strange to see that nearly every good comment here has dislikes. Who are you, sent from Samsung to spread the hate you carry with you? Don’t make me laugh.
    And guys, don’t waste your time to react to haters. (Many) criticism means that Apple is doing something better than Samsung, like giving us some great things that they can’t get. It’s jealousy and every time it makes me laugh harder at them haters

    • goofygreek

      You do realize that you just took the time to respond to haters.. I mean, why else would you automatically bring up samsung, there not the only company apple is in a shit-fest with.

      • Fuck you

        Because he is a bigot

      • iFone


      • How does it feel to comment yourself?
        Do you feel more important…more like you have friends?

        You’re an idiot mate, a coward, a loser.

      • Kurt


      • Keep going mate – Get your post count up.

        Lord knows it’s probably the only thing you can get up these days.

  • I can only say thanks steve for everything, is amazing how a person most of us never even saw changed and touched our lives in so many ways

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Steve was apple. It’s clear now that the company is getting worse by the day; I enjoy seeing the fans on this blog Cling on o the sinking ship but it’s inevitable.

    • Kurt

      i think win 8 will take over (phone/tablets)

  • JGmo

    Thank you Steve for your innovative and world changing products. For someone whom I never met, I am truly saddened to know that someone with such a great mind is no longer in our presence. We all know you changed technology and broke through market trends…you changed Apple for the best. But I believe it is time for a new era; an era without Mr. Steve Jobs. We fanboys need to understand that it no longer should be about what “you” would do but instead what Tim Cook needs to do for the company. I have faith in Apple and I hope we all continue to support them along the way.

  • goofygreek

    Thanks for the iphone steve, if it wasnt for that, there would be no telling where smartphones would be today. Hell, i would probably still be using an old flip phone.

  • He made our iPhone & iPad Case business possible…. he genuinely changed the world! What a visionary!

  • A year without steve jobs. If you look back and think about it, it was a year without innovations or new ideas.

  • Enough all ready! He was just a man! Who put his pants on one leg at a time!

    And yes I am typing this from my iPhone. But if he didn’t think up all these toys someone else would have!

    He was just a man!

    • A man who changed the way we think, we study, we communicate.

      Everyone is just a man or woman, it’s what that man or woman does that does with their lives that makes the difference between a nobody and a somebody.

      • Kurt

        maybe you are so easily manipulated but i think the same before and after your god steve jobs

  • george welsh

    To “Fuck You” what kind of loser posts on a website of products you so clearly detest. What a waste of your time. Find something more productive to do, what a miserable person you are…

  • Hyr3m

    I’m not one to rejoice about people’s suffering… he was suffering for a long time before dying… so I guess I’m glad he died, for his own sake.

    I can’t wait for his era of bullshit-computing to be over though…

    • Kurt

      what do you mean with the last sentence?

      • Hyr3m

        Limiting functionality and calling it “intuitive”. Making incompatible non-standard connectors and calling them “universal”. Making toys and calling them “technology”. I know it is actually intuitive but it doesn’t make it more functional. The connector is (or partially was) universal amongst apple products but still incompatible and non-standard (and crap too). Their toys do rely on technology but they can’t compare with professional equipment, systems and devices. That’s what I mean by bullshit-computing.
        Steve Jobs, when he first presented the iPhone, said that its virtual keyboard was better (and faster to type with) than the physical keyboard of a blackberry; that’s textbook mala fides and bullshitting. Always standing on the edge of lying but never using terms that might incriminate them, staying vague and using subjective superlatives to describe average products is, by definition, bullshitting. Let’s not even get into the patent system abuses…

      • Kurt

        calling apple’s maps the ““the most beautiful, powerful mapping service ever” is lying. worse yet, saying the iphone 4s has image stabilization when it doesn’t is lying. and they used a crane/camera boom to get beautifully gliding video of the hot air balloon when they unveiled the 4s. and everyone was amazed there was no camera shake. 4s does not have IS

      • Hyr3m

        Well… I almost edited my sentence about lying, saying “(almost) never using terms that might incriminate them”. They do lie sometimes but mostly try (or appear to try) to rely on BS rather than plain lies.
        Also, I know most people here must have been offended by the time they finish reading the first line of my comment so I do try to dampen my arguments a little; I don’t even need to go all-out to make points when talking about Apple bullshitting people, that in and of itself is saying something about Apple. I didn’t know about the 4s IS BS (xD) but reading you I think they should get sued for false advertisement.

      • Kurt

        yeah you will get quite a few thumbs down although you are being honest and truthful. i have dslr and my lenses have IS. one doesn’t so i got a hand stabilizer which the dslr sits on and you can walk/run up down stairs and its smooth. so naturally i was impressed at the iphone 4S keynote. but was shocked at how terrible it was and realized they used a crane.

        nokia lumia 920 is amazing…revolutionary, if i may, those vids can be seen on youtube to prove it has real IS.

        your completely right. its easy pointing out the bs of apple. just wish people wouldnt take it personal.

      • Hyr3m

        Marry me ? I was about to mention the lumia 920 😛
        I saw the vids and I agree with you : it is truly revolutionary to have physical IS on a phone (and their PureView can also fall into that definition). (although they zoomed in the htc’s video in the “lumia 920 vs htc” one so the shaking is a bit exaggerated on that one, also I’m pretty sure they could’ve gotten a better result with their S3 given proper settings.)Still, the 920 rocks and will be the best phone that’s ever existed on earth when it comes out (pushing the iP5 back even further down the ladder even though it’s already not in the top 10).

      • Kurt

        what phone do you have? PureView is amazing. i also love the square look of the phone. same with LG Prada. for me, the curves and home button of the iphone is very dated. i can’t wait to get rid of my 4S!

      • Hyr3m

        I have a SGS3, and it’s truly amazing ^^ I don’t mind the actual look of the iphone generation 4 to 6… It’s pretty neat (although stupid : fragile glass on both sides then crappy scratchy low-quality anodized aluminium). The problem is that they didn’t change it at all… I bet they can’t find another design they can patent… or maybe they lost their mole in the US patent office xD

      • Kurt

        i’ll trade you my 4S for you SIII? i’ll naturally have to throw in a lot of money but maybe? i personally like the glass on the back. if it were to ever crack you can take the two screws off the bottom and switch to a new one so quickly. i have a clear glass back housing that i got for 8bucks. so cheap i dont worry about scratches (still none after a year) or cracks as i can replace it easily. i like the sides of the phone. my problem is the front. the front of the iphone is ugly. and its been around for how many years? 2007 you say? that was a long time ago. and for technology now we are talking antiquities 🙂 so the front of the phone hasn’t changed since 2007 and iOS hasn’t changed nearly at all. its basically getting the same phone each year. why the hype? i really wish i would have gotten the SIII, its a good looking phone.

        hey, whats it like to be able to change your battery? one moment you have almost 0% battery and then next moment, do you really have 100%. i can’t believe such claims!

      • Hyr3m

        I’ll sell you the SGS3 (Blue, 32GB) if you want but you can keep your crapple phone 😛 The front is indeed antique and the 1 button thing is fucking retarded if you ask me.
        I’m considering a SGN2 (+bluetooth headset) or the lumia 920 when it comes out or even the lumia 808 for its 41megapixel camera… Anything but an iPhone really…
        I have yet to buy a spare battery, I’ll get one when I need to make long trips or something… for now I’m crawling under work so no real need as it actually lasts pretty long unless I start playing or downloading torrents ^^ I have borrowed the battery of a friend’s S3 once though… much better than sim-swapping and seeing someone else’s private pictures and whatnot.

      • Kurt

        i’m living abroad and the nice thing here as compared to back home is that you get 2 batteries. All phones (except crapple). so i forgot you might not have an extra battery. here its a given you have two batteries. can you swap the backing on the lumia 920? i seen it done on another lumia so i dont see why not, but i’d like to get it in red and have another backing in yellow. actually if its possible i’d get most of the colors.

      • Hyr3m

        No idea about the back part of the lumia 920… I think what you guessed is very probable. I’m in Switzerland and they’re pretty cheap on accessories here; they wanted to sell me a crappy rubber cover for 30.- when I bought the S3 ^^ Battery is not gonna be cheap… I guess I should buy it next time I go to London for work.