Shortly after introducing the App Store in 2008, Apple started running an ad campaign with the tag line “there’s an app for that.” It produced a series of TV commercials that highlighted iPhone apps that made otherwise arduous tasks, like counting calories and apartment hunting, a lot easier.

But in 2012, apps are doing a lot more than diet tracking and crawling rental property listings. Now they’re parking cars, making coffee, and thanks to Apigy’s new Lockitron deadbolt cover, they’re locking and unlocking doors…

Apigy, a company known for its work with smartphone-controlled locks, just took the wraps off of its latest product: Lockitron. It’s essentially a device that attaches to your current deadbolt, allowing you to lock and unlock it remotely with your mobile phone via the Lockitron app, or even SMS. Watch:

Lockitron installs over your current deadbolt in seconds — not all models are supported, but most are. It then uses its built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless network, enabling you to control it from anywhere in the world.

The device is actually pretty impressive. You can use the iOS app to lock and unlock your door, or, if you have a Bluetooth 4.0 device, you can set it up to unlock as you approach it. It’ll also send you alerts when your deadbolt is locked or unlocked, and you can even share access with friends and family.

Apigy is currently taking pre-orders for Lockitron, which is priced at $149 for a limited time. It hopes to start shipping the device in March of next year.

So, who wants one?

  • Imagine if your phone is charging in your room. And you’re locked outside…

    • No Whammy

      Imagine if your keys are on the table and you’re locked outside.

  • @twitter-182768719:disqus
    You can just imagine, coz on your Android phone don`t have even possibility to do something like this.

    • MagicDrumSticks

      Funny considering that iPhone can’t do most of the stuff android can.

  • The Real Kurt

    A physical key is way more practical.

    • Andrew

      It installs over your current deadbolt. All your physical keys still work.

      • The Real Kurt

        I see. Thanks for that piece of information 🙂

  • Another expensive useless gimmick. I wouldn’t trust it on my castle.

  • The Real Kurt

    All Fags disagreeing with me…

    • The Real Kurt

      You’re a fake. Get real.

  • M Last

    really useful but sometime

  • What if the Wifi router shuts down?

    • IndiePhoenix

      If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 then it unlocks by Bluetooth 4.0 when it senses you near the door. It’s in their FAQ.

    • No Whammy

      You use your key like you’ve always done.

  • I saw something like this on Shark Tank except it used Bluetooth and just picked up your device when it was in range and unlocked your door. Don’t know if this one was released yet but it would be much more practical.

  • Wrighty

    But when you are in your house with your phone in your pocket every time you walk with in range of the door it will open? Someone just has to wait

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I can’t get DSL

  • Imagine u would run out of power hahaha u would be locked out unitil u charger your phone

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Of course, iDB won’t report that Android can also use this… as usual

    • The Real Kurt

      “It’s essentially a device that attaches to your current deadbolt, allowing you to lock and unlock it remotely with your mobile phone via the Lockitron app, or even SMS.”

      Are you blind?

  • might get one for fun when they come out depending on how much they go up. No one ever actually uses the doorbell so the knock think would be nice too.

  • Imagine using Apple Maps..D