Today at WWJC, Joshua Tucker revealed a new tweak that he created in collaboration with fellow developer, Kyle Howells. The tweak — Emblem — is an iPad exclusive that brings OS X inspired notifications to iOS.

Emblem features smooth animations, and swipe to dismiss among other things. Take a look inside as we give you a sneak peak of Emblem via our video walkthrough…

From the developer description:

Emblem brings OS X-inspired notifications to the iPad. With gorgeous animations and native design, Emblem provides a whole new notification experience.

The premier feature of Emblem, in my opinion, is the way it groups sets of four or more consecutive push notifications. This allows you to scroll horizontally on the notification to read each incoming message. Even with a grouped set of notifications, you can still swipe to dismiss, or tap to launch the app corresponding to the notification.

Oddly enough, that’s probably not even the most impressive part about Emblem; that honor goes to the interactive tutorial, which uses a Siri like voice to guide you through each of the tweak’s features. You can access the interactive tutorial by assigning an Activator action to the Emblem tutorial.

It’s obvious that Joshua and Kyle have been saving this tweak for a big stage like JailbreakCon, and it doesn’t disappoint. Emblem should be available in the near future on Cydia for the price of $1.99. What do you think?

  • Brunno Olivera

    Awesome! Can’t wait! 😀

    • Gucciipad

      Totally agree bye bye notipad

      • Brunno Olivera

        I can’t say that because i’ve using Notipad for a while and it’s awesome too. But Emblem is really better! I just would like a tweak like this in the iPhone :/

  • Jeff have you considered using Reflection to record the screen instead of a camera?

    • Reflection actually lags when you run many applications

  • jose castro

    iPhone version would be sweet

    • Yup totally agree. Bye bye minibanners pro!

    • Due to the small screen of the iPhone, notifications styled in this manner would not work well.

  • iOS 6 jailbreak please !

  • So awesome that the Jailbreak community keeps making our iDevices better, hard to imagine my iPad without all the tweaks I have!

  • tim

    This is like a 190 times better version than notipad. If I can chuck the notificaction on the left, I’m buying this

  • Looks Awesome!!!!! xD


  • I don’t think Emblem is better than Notipad due to Emblem only shows the notification while Notipad ‘shows and reads’ the notification for you, plus there’s an actual configuration for Notipad via the settings app. Emblem doesn’t seem to have anything to configure.

    • Emblem is integrated directly into iOS Accessibility options, therefore if you have the particular options enabled, it does all that which you want natively.