iOS 6 Maps is stepped in controversy, but not everyone hates it, including yours truly. I’ve never personally experienced any navigation issues with the iOS 6 Maps app, and for me, it’s a huge upgrade over the stock Google Maps app of yesteryear.

One problem that I do have with iOS 6’s Maps, however, is how dumbed down the feature is on older devices. Devices like the iPhone 4 get left out when it comes to true turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover (3D) support.

As usual, the jailbreak community comes to the rescue with a new tweak that unlocks iOS 6 Maps on older devices. It’s appropriately titled: Unlock iOS 6 Maps, and it’s a free download on Cydia’s Big Boss repo. Take a look inside for a video walkthrough…

Unlock iOS 6 Maps is the creation of popular jailbreak developer, Ryan Petrich. His creation allows you to use all of the iOS 6 Maps features on older jailbroken hardware running iOS 6.

While some people may bash Apple for limiting the Maps app on older devices, there are reasons why this is so, as Petrich alludes to in the description of the tweak. He notes that enabling all of the features of iOS 6 Maps can potentially slow your device down.

Contrary to popular belief, Apple didn’t limit Maps on older devices simply because they wanted everyone to ditch their current hardware and upgrade to the latest and greatest. If that was the case, they would have just dropped iOS 6 support for the iPhone 3GS. Instead, Apple cares more about the usability of these new features, and if the hardware isn’t powerful enough to handle them in a proper way, then they’ll omit a feature for the sake of usability.

Of course, some may argue that Apple’s Maps aren’t usable on any piece of hardware, including the just released iPhone 5, but that’s an argument for another post.

If you want to try out turn-by-turn, and 3D maps on your older hardware, simply head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, and download Unlock iOS 6 Maps for free. Be sure to let me know how you fare in the comments section below.

  • Is there a way to do that without a Jailbreak, on a iPod Touch 4 on iOS 6. Mabye with something like iExplore?

    • jose castro


  • So in other words, when it comes to a usable feature: 100% of nothing is better than 50% of something

    • I haven’t test it yet on my iPhone 4. But I bet it can handle iOS6 Maps features just FINE. I still think is all about make people buy new hardware. Remember Siri?

      • Fair point but 3D Maps would use a lot more processing and GPU power than Siri would.

      • of course… but nothing that iPhone 4 could not handling… A4 still is a powerful processor.

      • siri was about poor speech recognition on older devices due to their microphones, not about wether the processor could handle it or not

      • This can be true for iPods and iPhone 3Gs… But I run Siri in my iPhone 4 and it understands me really well.

      • sasan akbari

        Mine too

      • Dino

        If you could stop kissing apples ass for one second and think about why Siri was left out of iPhone 4, you’d know they did it so people would upgrade which I sheep did. I’ve used Siri on my iPhone 4 with no trouble at all. Voice recognition problems? Are you freaking serious? The 4 and 4s have the same damn mic

      • Kurt

        As my grandmother always said about Apple fanboys…”Once an iSheep, always an iShit”

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Your grandmother was an interesting person…

        Just like you…

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Well, although I agree with i4 can run Siri pretty well, you’re wrong on the mic thing… 4S has a different thing (mic or software on chip, idk) for noice-cancellation etc.

        But, in the end, yes, i4 could get Siri easily. And, 4S would still be an upgrade (in terms of speed etc).

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Yep… And one more similar thing: 3GS gets iOS6 but even with faster hardware, 1st gen. iPad doesn’t…

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        Also remember multitasking?

        We (jailbreakers) were using multitasking and backgrounding for ages on the 1st gen. iPhone or the 3G, when Apple announced that they were not capable…

        I must admit, it wasn’t as fluid as in 3GS, but it did work…

        I’d say Apple should give more control over their experience, if I had a say on it…

  • Miketyler

    And why would you want ios 6 maps anyways? The real trick is how to delete ios 6 maps while adding google maps back 🙂

    • jose castro


    • AppleOwn

      I dont get what’s so good about google maps besides that it has transit details that are not available in my country, and the fuss kicked up by users i feel are kinda ridiculous.

      • Kurt

        apple made “google” maps…and it was crap. than apple makes this tomtom map and it blows. let Google make it, the Youtube app that apple made sucked. and the version 1.0 of googles youtube app is pretty awesome. and much better looking. as apple fags would say “sexy”

  • jose castro

    why would you want to… ios 6 maps sucks.. i just dont see no point in doing so… for right now

    • To see cool flyover option as far as now.. May be turn by turn in later period. But I dont think my iPhone4 could handle well..lets see..

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      Well, it’s not worse than Google Maps where I live… And it has 3D and turn-by-turn navigation (for which I paid for iGo and Tomtom in the past).

      So, there’s your reason…

      I’m not going to go ios6 for nothing without a jailbreak though… Definitely not for the maps (as I still have iGo/Tomtom and prefer it over whatever)…

      • Kurt

        google maps were created by apple. call them apple’s google maps

      • Emre SÜMENGEN


        You know it was Google who didn’t give turn-by-turn for iOS, right?

      • Kurt

        so, it was apple who designed the crappy youtube app and crappy maps apps, you know that right?

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        What is so crappy about that maps app? (Aside from the fact that it’s not a navigation app, but a MAPS app only)

        If you only fancy the animations (of the Google version), try that on an iPhone 4… IN SLOW-MO!

  • DonnaxNL

    Still waiting for a jailbreak… (Need Ultrasn0w and hactivate my iPhone 3GS)

  • Off topic: Is anyone really working on untheaterd JB for A4 devices for iOS6?

    • Kurt

      i am. getting some progress. ill send you package in the mail as soon as i get a bit more into it. thanks

  • Hahaah! The part about maps not working on the 5 almost killed me

  • I live in Brazil, country with no turn-by-turn navigation. Does it enable this function here?

    Before someone reply “try it”, i’m using 4S, no jailbreak yet. I’m just curious to try it in the future.

    • No 4S o Maps funciona normal, com todos os recursos.

  • MartynasMontrimas

    Is it possible to have
    iOS 6 Maps on iOS 5?


      Just attempted to install, currently the tweak requires 6.0.

  • So, let me get this straight – are you saying that I have the “full version” of the new Maps stored on my iPhone4, using up valuable memory space – BUT THEY WON’T ALLOW ME TO ACCESS IT??? That really SUCKS!!!

    • Emre SÜMENGEN

      What difference do you think there is? It pulls data online! What you have in your phone is basically a client to interpret and show what the server sends…

      • Kurt

        so the iphone 4 is incapable of retrieving data online. gotcha. thanks f-ing idiot

      • Emre SÜMENGEN

        1) Learn to speak, or just shut the f* up!
        2) Learn to read, or get someone to read plain English and summarize to you!

        I’m not saying anything like that… I did try and run Siri on my i4 back in the day and just like that I’d choose to have the option to turn features, even if Apple doesn’t believe those features would run flawless on whatever iDevice I have. But, it’s really not the point.

        He said “OMG, that whole maps file is there taking my iPhone 4’s space, but I can’t use it”… So, basically, the problem is not the flash-space… It’s normal that both executables are same… It would obviously be same. The real data that takes space _might_ be the maps data, which is streamed…

        Try to think about it, but don’t push yourself too much hurting your brain…

    • Welcome to Apple.



      • lol sorry…caps lock was on and i didnt notice. Why own an apple product and trash it so much??? Just switch to android if you truly hate it. otherwise your the ungrateful kind who just bought an iphone only for the looks

      • I bought my iPhone more than 9 months ago (still bound by a 2 year contract), back in those days when I had much more respect for them, their products and business practices. Obviously, since then, a lot has changed.

      • dude thats BS and you know it. Apple is loved because it just works. I had a gs2 before i switched to iphone 5 (which btw is SO much better than the s2 and s3 combined). I used to be a fandroid like you, but once you go iphone.. you never go back

      • Kurt

        iphone is the same phone and OS year after year. why do we get excited about it? i don’t

      • Kurt

        liar…he called you out on the caps lock and yo realized you were just a little ifag with them on. no go troll somewhere else. or i will ban you from this site

      • Dude, he did not trash it why you sooooo rage? and why you make the “assumptions”?

      • Kurt

        shut up

      • Kurt

        you go troll else where, why are you up his ass trying to start a fight? you are a troll


      • Sigh, We get pc vs console, now its Samsung vs Apple, both companies do some things well, but they BOTH also do stupid things..

  • I happen to agree with Jeff, I like and have not had any issues with the new maps.

    • Kurt

      you have to use it first

      • Been using it since beta. Used it all through SoCal as well as Florida with no real issues.

      • Kurt

        haha i wasn’t serious dude…just a joke 😛

      • My bad. You never know on here.

  • Hey qUick question for u jailbreakers! Can I downgrade my 3G to 3.1.3 with out blobs??

    • i guess 4.2.1 without blobs

      • No 4.0 above on a 3G is suicide it very very slow I want the version on the iPhone 1 lastest version

      • Kurt

        3G doesn’t have can downgrade as you like. 3gs was the first to use them

    • Yes, you can. I’ve done it on my iPhone 3G, so much faster! You’re gonna need to download the iOS file (google iOS downloads and I think it should be the top link maybe?), plug your phone into iTunes, and I think it’s either shift or option click on the restore button (sorry, I can’t remember, it could even be command I guess?). Then a window should pop up and let you find the file you downloaded. Select it, and let the phone restore. At the end, you will get an error. Download a program called recboot, and this will let you take the phone out or recovery mode. It should then work as normal.

      I hope this helps, sorry I couldn’t provide links, but there are also many how tos if you do a google search 🙂

      • Awesome definitely check this out do i need any other different iTunes versions?

      • I just used the latest. Any version newer than iTunes 9 should work

  • Looks cool, might try it out! 🙂

  • CPDigitalDarkroom

    Makes my iPhone 4 crash like crazy, meh. I don’t use maps enough to warrant the crashes.

  • Bob D

    How do I jailbreak ios6 to install this?

  • TheAngryPenguin

    My iP4 hung during respring — had to force in into DFU mode and reboot tethered. Once it finally came back up, I went to NYC — no flyover. Then I went to SF — no flyover either. Went back into Cydia and reinstalled the package. Springboard didn’t hang this time. Still not seeing any flyover though.

    • TheAngryPenguin

      Guess it just wasn’t meant to be for me. I removed the package, resprung, installed the package again, and it hung during respring just like the first time. Oh well…

      • This is just the initial release. Ryan Petrich is probably working on fixing the bugs. I hope so.

    • I just jailbroken my iPhone 4 on iOS 6, installed the tweak and it’s working fine.

  • ghettocowboy

    please change the title to how to open a can of worms

  • Johnathan Jennings

    Already have all this on my iPhone 5, bitches.

    • Dino

      Lol good for you, I already had this on my galaxy S3 which uses better maps and navigation, unlike broken apple maps and shitty navigation.

      • Kurt

        luck you. i have an iphone. wanna trade? ill have to give you something in addition obviously. moola? $$$

    • Kurt

      and scratches on your iPhone 5

  • kalyan

    my 4s on ios 6 is unable to give directions between two places.can u plz help me how to solve this problem

  • aajaas

    it’s NOT WORKING 4 ME !!!

  • JomanJi


  • My iPhone froze and I had to force restart.. 🙁

  • Eva J Kelley


  • pintu patel

    maps direction not working on my 4g ……plz give me solution.!!!

  • how to jailbreak ios 6 in 3gs??i cant jailbreak it…

  • Rneycraft

    I installed ‘Unlock iOS6 Maps’. I open up maps and everything looks good BUT when I go to 3D maps, takes forever. When I try to do turn by turn, it stays on “Loading” and then my iPhone 4 shuts down therefore I have to Reboot through Redsnow. Anyone having these same issues?

  • Works great on the iPod Touch 4G with a lot of Apps Installed 😉
    However I did have to reboot and Reboot Tethered again. Why we couldn’t get this feature when it worked perfectly fine?

  • i4Siri on iOS 5 = Slow, If you have Themes and Tweaks, Can be okay, sometimes the Cert. isn’t working properly.

    i4Siri on iOS 6 = Recommended ! Even though, that Tethered comes along :/

  • Skyler

    I downloaded the unlock and now every time I open maps it crashes my phone and I have to teather boot it. Any suggestions?