Though iOS 6 hasn’t been officially jailbroken yet, there is a developer hack available for users on older A4 devices. It’s tethered, and requires you to manually install Cydia, so it’s not something we really recommend. But it exists.

And because it exists, we decided to try and find out which of our favorite tweaks have been updated to support the new software. Luckily, we came across this list of iOS 6-ready tweaks by theme designer Adam Insull


You can find the full list of iOS 6 compatible tweaks on Google Docs. It appears to be locked to prevent user editing, but Insull says that if you discover an error, or have a tweak to add to the list, you can email him.

And for those of you with older A4 devices running on iOS 6 that are brave enough to try it, we have a tutorial on how to jailbreak using the latest version of RedSn0w. It also shows you how to manually install Cydia via SSH.

  • Reuven Karasik

    thank you very much!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Instalous works for me so far

    But I need Gridlock for my theme 🙁

  • Jamie Fox

    no passcode block will be fix for iOS 6?

  • Don’t worry it should all be fine soon after the untethered jailbreak is released (hopefully) tomorrow. Once developers see all the new devices they will update their packages. Also you have to keep in mind those packages may already exist and just haven’t been released yet. Such packages could be released within days of the jailbreak release so things like bitesms shouldn’t be gone for long 🙂

  • iSmart dialer does not work on my iPhone 5 iOS 6

  • Edwin

    why do i need permission to view this???