We all know these days that sending text messages while driving is a pretty bad idea. Raising awareness of the risks is always a worthwhile exercise though, and doing just that is what has earned one 11-year old girl a cool $20,000.

As part of a hackathon last month, the young lady created a concept mobile app that hopes to raise awareness for the “It Can Wait” campaign. This led AT&T to award the prize of $20k for the creation.

Not bad for a kid…

The app, called Rode Dog, allows users to be placed into “packs,” with members of the pack able to check whether others are texting whilst driving. If they are, remote users can set off an alarm – a dog barking, oddly enough – in order to tell the offending texter to stop.

In order to get the app put together, Victoria Walker worked with designer David Grau and they hope to make in-app purchases available to give users the option of trying out different alarm sounds. Rode Dog is expected to be made available across the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Will you be trying this out? What about texting while walking?

[The Verge]

  • JerseyD

    I wish they would come up w an app that would tell you the light turned green while youre staring at your phone.

  • I have an anti texting app to its called “turn off the phone”

  • AT&T should instead try to improve their service.

  • Coolz

    lol isn’t bad when u turn off your iphone and what if there something might happen when you need phone to call and you have to call and wait for 1-2min for it load up heheh

    • Falk M.

      silent switch is the answer 😛

  • Jerry

    This is dumb

    • Falk M.


      • Jerry

        Who is gonna really install this app on their phone so they could be stopped from texting and driving unless your 17 and your mommy has your phone parental locked

      • Because people realize its a bad habit that they sometimes don’t realize they are doing it and know its a bad idea. A simple alert would make them aware and hopefully stop.

      • Falk M.

        I guess it’s much less the app than the whole campaign all together and its definite PR boost it just got.

        It’s the press coverage, dude. The app is the icing on the top of the cake lol

      • Who? Responsible people perhaps?

  • Falk M.

    texting while walking is a-ok imho, people just need to pay flipping attention to their surroundings.
    It’s not like bumping into someone is as dangerous as a car crash.
    And before you cross a street, well, put the phone away ffs…

    Oh, good on the girl, hope this gets the word out even better, as I flipping detest it when people don’t pay attention to the road.

    Siri should help this sort out a bit in future, too. 🙂

    • Alex

      That’s why they made texting apps that use the camera as wallpaper so you can see what’s going on. LOL

      • Falk M.

        I can assure you that texting isn’t what I do most on my smartphone 😉

        Also, hooray, battery drain lol

  • Javier Gore

    Why awarding something that Siri has taken care of ?

    • yep, SIRI, does this perfectly. i can have my phone in the holester on the dash and just talk.. Siri will pick up my voice and text what i say. Has the Developer of Siri been awarded any money for that? lol, nah he better not. he was already paid for that

  • Blessed kid. To many looser jealous here

  • TextingThumbBands

    Great Job AT&T we all need to Join the forces to end Texting While Driving! Start a DOn’t Text and Drive campaign in your School, Business, Police Dept and Help Save Lives! Thumb Bands are a Promise to Drive Safe!!

  • It would take a 11 year old to get this done. Awesome job. Kudos to the young one. Why didnt any of the big developers do this girst tho? Are there any apps like this out there? I havent seen any

  • AT&T should let me turn off texting completely.