Is LTE really all it’s cracked up to be on the iPhone 5? Take a look at our speed test, as we test Verizon’s LTE, and compare it to Verizon’s own 3G offering. I think the results speak for themselves, don’t you?

  • Wow Verizon sucks I’m on 3 mobile in the UK on 3G I get 10.05mb download…

    • Same, Orange UK 6.34 Down and 2.25 Up over 3g

      • I get around 10 down and 5 up on Three in the UK, LTE doesen’t seem that great at the moment, I still beat that on my 3G 4S

    • hopefully we’ll get 20mb and up with LTE when it comes out next year…

    • ogtw

      I’m on orange in UK, I’m getting like 4-5mb on 3G :/

    • Guest

      just tried it again on 3G got 12.42mbps

    • Just tried it again on 3G got 12.42mbps

      • 19.36 Mbps is the top speed on mine so far. 3 Mobile. I am very happy…

    • Ron Baldwin

      I am on 3mobile 3g as well getting between 18 -21mb download 4-5 mb up using iphone 5

  • seyss

    You should run this test montly so we can see LTE slowing down as more people starts using it

  • after having my iPhone for a little over 12 hours (Australia benefiting from the timezone difference), I find that the biggest difference ive noticed is the display. But I’m not talking size wise, although that is great.

    I put my iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 retina displays next to each other, and looked at the same photos, the same apps, and the 5 is just gorgeous! what apple said about 40% more colour saturation (due to the in-cell tech) is bang on the money!

    The LTE is awesome as well. Fairly new here in Australia, but I was amazed when I downloaded and installed the YouTube app in around 7 seconds!

    • can you tell the diff between the speed 5vs4s

      • I haven’t owned a 4S, although I have used a few friends ones. It definitely seems much faster. Mind you, this is coming from a jailbroken iPhone 4 that was slow as anything, and with broken buttons

  • Ryansox

    Wow 3G speeds on Verizon are slow

  • The upload speed is impressive!
    I must says LTE is really great

  • Today while I’m sitting here on my 4S waiting on my ip5 to get here- Verizon 3G is running slow as dirt! Usually it’s fast but today it’s taking me forever just to watch ur 2 min videos. My 5 needs to hurry up and get here.

  • guyyyysss …. common i can get this LTE speed with my 3g sim card on my iphone 4 …. its the same

  • We need a 4G LTE comparison Btwn sprint, AT&T, & Verizon iPhone 5’s.

  • Tdaniels

    Come on Jeff! Where’s the other phones for the other carriers?!?! U gotta do them all together dude….smh….this was totally INCOMPLETE!

  • i really think it depends on your location i just did a test and got 4.39 on dl. although the upload was not fast at all. i uploaded a picture to my twitter account if ya want to look at it. and mine was on att in south Alabama where we don’t get jack lol

  • Dan Y

    It took me 10 min to watch this video on 4s sprint. “hey fed ex truck. Pedal to the metal”!!! And hurry up with my phone

  • I can not believe this is the speed of LTE! I usually have this download speed with 3G in Croatia, Europe. Just to be sure, is this 6 and something Mbits per second?

  • Haha, those speeds are horrendous! In Belgium we have about 7mbps on 3G, I can’t wait to test LTE 🙂

  • Dang! Verizon sucks! I get 6mbps on AT&T 3G!

    • Same here. Maybe Verizon’s network is acting up because I usually get on average 6mbps download on AT&T.

  • So jeff r u using your cut micro sim… I want the iphone 5 but I’m not due for an upgrade and as i understand it unlimited data plans with vrzon will stop for those who have it once someone on the plan upgrades. So i was wondering if i purchased the iphone 5 unlocked and cut my sim if i would still enjoy unlimited data and not disrupt the plan for myself and family.

  • Try dragging the speedometer downward in the app for some fun.

  • GambitGamer

    Why does everyone fight in the comments?
    ” Why can’t we be friends
    Why can’t we be friends….”

  • 50bbx

    Well, not a great result the downloading speed. I had 6.17Mb/s under 3G in Italy (crappy networks)

  • I get that much in 3g, Vodafone india.

  • pikachu

    in Finland on 3G I get 9.62Mbps..

  • Budwaf

    Wow, I did a 3G test earlier on my iPhone 5 and got 11.19 down and 3.39 up with a ping of 58… T-mobile (EE). I got scores of 6.97 down, 1.57 up with a ping of 119 on my 4S on O2 the other day on uk 3G… Don’t look like I need LTE when it comes!

  • jasoncaine1

    I just performed the same LTE speed test in Atlanta ga and got 34.47 Mbps on the Verizon network. If speeds continue to be remotely close to this level I will be a happy camper. If you need photo proof check my timeline.

  • Will Walker

    Wow! With my 4S, I achieved speeds up to 9.12mbps down and almost 3mbps up! When I had the Galaxy S III my average LTE speeds was 27-30mbps and 10-13mbps up. What was shown in the video is to slow.

    • SoCoMagNuM

      i was going to say the same thing. either my phones lying or lte on verizon in his area is just subpar. i get speeds of 25-27mp in my area on at&t lte network

      edit: thats on my galaxy s3

    • Agreed… My employer is an AT&T reseller who runs its own network of towers. I get 6-7 Mbps download speeds on my iPhone 4S through our network, and it’s only 4G HSPA+…

  • madmoo

    Yep they speak for themselves… LTE is just a new name for the same slow networks, just another excuse to charge more for the same crap, thanks ATT and Verizon.

  • The Don

    I am in vegas and I am getting 20 down 8 up

  • God damn good i not live in the us of a

  • i get 0.07 .. where i live .. i kno i kno smfh

  • i got 30mbps download 16upload in seattle on ATT this afternoon.

  • Past0rB

    I tested mine in several places In Detroit yesterday and got from 14-28 mbps. Truly amazing I think.

    BTW, running black 16GB on AT&T. Love this phone so far. Can’t wait to see the jailbreak come so I can get MyFi back.

  • Wow those speeds are terrible. Those LTE speeds are worst than most 3G speeds on 3 (Three) in the UK, i just ran a speed test using the same app 14.26mb download on 3G. 🙂

  • I have a 3gs and my results at 3g One Mobile Macedonia-Europe are: ping 98ms, download 5826 kbps and upload 333 kbps

  • Kansas City AT&T LTE speeds, Connecting to SilverIP Communications for test : Ping 66ms Download 40.57Mbps Upload 12.01Mbps. I do believe I like the test speeds I’m getting from AT&T’s LTE Network.

    With LTE Turned off from a Kansas City to Chicago, Illinois SilverIP Comm : I get Ping 70 , Download 11.39Mbps , Upload 1.30Mbps.

    I do believe I’m happy I stayed with AT&T and didn’t go sprint.

  • I get 30MB/s average using DC-HSDPA in France…

  • Damon Aldora

    It’s great that the new iPhone 5 can run on LTE, but with how quickly it
    eats data and battery, I can’t see the benefit in having LTE. Where I live,
    T-Mobile’s network is faster than a lot of my DISH coworkers’ Verizon LTE
    phones, plus it’s unlimited. I use the DISH Remote Access app on my phone to
    stream live TV through the Sling Adapter connected to my receiver at home. It’s
    nice being able to watch my shows when I want without worrying about hitting a

  • The conditions in your speed test experiment for both services weren’t held constant, which sacrifices the data. Your finger placed on the upper-left hand corner of the phone is phishy when testing for Verizon 3g speeds.

  • Shane

    Verizon LTE: 78 MS, 46.43 Mbps download, 11.37 Mbps upload., I think I’m happy with Verizon 🙂

  • I think some people on Europe are being misled as how fast lte truly is. On ping alone it far exceeds what’s possible on 3g/faux 4 (HSPA+). The results in the video are the minimum guaranteed speeds for Verizon’s lte. Most people get over 20Mbps on a good day. LTE is very signal strength dependent, unlike 3g. In other words, the further you are from the tower and the more obstructions you have, the slower the speeds. Let’s not forget that Verizon has more subscribers than most European carriers combined, and has an area to fill that is the size of half of Europe. Rule of thumb, less subscribers on a tower= more consistent speeds. Next year Sprint will deploy Td-lte with speeds up to 90Mbps.

  • I get 10/2 on my iPhone 5 with 6.02 software on At&t LTE network in NJ suburbs near Manhattan.

  • 5/1 speed on HSPA+

  • In Brazil, we have around 5/6mbps on 3g and 21mbps in LTE. Way to go, Verizon USA loool

  • iJonas

    In Finland I have got up to 60 mbps download

  • illuminous

    On LTE we get 80Mbps, those 6Mb speeds are for 3G service, sorry but your getting ripped!

  • Jens Roved

    25 mbit download in Copenhagen, Denmark with LTE on iPhone 5.

  • Raul Ubinas

    I’m on att 4g lte getting 8.5 Mbps downand 16 up with a ping of 112