It’s been a big day so far, but we’re not finished yet. Continuing on with our iPhone 5 coverage, we’ve come across a new clip that compares the video quality of the new handset with its predecessor.

Now, since the 5 uses the same 8MP camera sensor as the 4S, you’d think that video quality would be the same. But just as we discovered with still photos, there is a noticeable difference between the two…

MacRumors points to the above clip from YouTube user f1ipzid3 that shows a side-by-side comparison of the video recording quality of the iPhone 4S and 5. He says that both phones were handheld on top of one another to show an “equal comparison,” and that the video has not been altered beyond cropping.

Though it’s not extremely noticeable, you can tell a difference in the iPhone 5’s video quality in the indoor and outdoor, and stability tests. Colors seem brighter, especially in low light, on the 5.

But as for FaceTime video quality, there’s a much more obvious difference. Thanks to a bump in the front-facing sensor, the iPhone 5’s FaceTime camera shoots much sharper video than the 4S.

Stay tuned for more of our iPhone 5 coverage.

What do you think of the comparison clip? Do you think the 5 is noticeably better than the 4S?

  • colors seem more realistic and the iphone 4s clip seems alot shakier than the iphone5 one, but hey, its the iphone5. its supposed to be better.

  • I like the colours of the iPhone 5 but to me, the iPhone 4S picture seems sharper

    • TJ McCurdy

      4S Seems a little fuzzier actually. Not much but just a tad.

  • And instead ofusing each side of the frame, he should have captured the same video and played the same frame side-by-side


      thank god someone else thinks the same!

    • Sure, he needs a motion control.

  • Overall quality – 4S
    Stabilization – 5


      spot on

  • @dongiuj

    For the general public, there’s nothing in it.

  • The video stability makes it blurry but not shaky. I don’t know if I like that.

  • i don’t like the iPhones but i like ur home 😀 Heheh

  • Both of it look just great

  • M Last

    fairly compare
    enough to see camera on iphone 5 much better than iphone 4S

  • Same shit ! people must be kidding if they see a diffrence my phone takes good pictures compare to this >_>

    • Falk M.

      Please go see an eye doctor

  • SimonReidy

    Given all YouTube video is re-encoded at a much lower bit-rate than the original cameras, its much harder to make out quality differences (Although you can make out the excellent stabilisation and low light performance of the 5).

    You’ll find the iPhone5 native video footage looks twice as detailed again when played back from your computer as all the fine detail is crushed on YouTube due to over-compression (all the blockiness).

  • Dave

    Its a phone not a camera and for the life of me it dont look £200 better

  • seyss

    Take the labels off and ask ppl

  • looks about 20% better

  • iPhone 5 is definitely better as it is supposed to be

  • iphone 5 is better

  • Fivish

    The quality of video from my iphone4 is better than that of my Canon standard definition camcorder! However still photos from my iphone4 are terrible. I will still need to use a proper camera for pictures!