Though we’ve still got a good 8 hours or so before the iPhone 5 officially goes on sale here in the US, due to the time difference, the handset has already launched in Australia.

And wouldn’t you know it, the i-teardown experts over at iFixit were on hand to pick one up and have already started ripping it apart. More on their findings inside the fold…

For starters, iFixit noted that their 5-point screwdrivers still worked on the iPhone 5 pentalobe screws, though they are different. But the good news is, the screen opens from front to back, making a cracked screen “easier than ever” to fix. Looks like iMore was right.

Next, as expected, Apple has changed up the battery a bit in the new iPhone. iFixit notes that while the 4S battery was of the 3.7V – 5.3Wh – 1432mAh variety, the 5 is has a 3.8V – 5.45Wh – 1434mAh setup. It provides the same talk time, 8 hours, and 25 more hours of standby.

Coming to the logic board, iFixit discovered the much talked about A6 processor, and the rumored Qualcomm MDM9615M LTE modem, which supports several wireless bands.

Other interesting notes from the teardown include a metal bracket-supported Home button, which will hopefully reduce wear and tear, and a new-and-improved iSight camera.

We’ll obviously learn more about the iPhone 5 and its innards as time goes on. But for now, this information and these images are a great start. You can see the full teardown here.

  • BEAUTIFUL – From a techs point of view.

  • Liu Zhenyu

    Scumsung- “Oh so there’s how they manage space so well.”

  • Usama Ahmad

    when did the iphone 5 come out O_o

    • Hyr3m

      Who cares ? °.°

      • No one cares more than you with multiple comments in every iPhone 5 related article

      • zahhhkinnn

        Zing!!! xD

      • Hyr3m

        I only care about making fun of it and of iSheeple who wish to buy it when they already have an iPhone. (otherwise I wont blame them because although obsolete, it’s a somewhat decent phone…)

      • Seeing that you have nothing better to do than check so many times that who has bought the iPhone with their many and try to make fun of them ( not that they care )Thsi os the pathetic positon of a fandroid like you and who claims it to be obsolete ( Seriously I dont know WTH you mean ) . It is so idiotic . Its not an android phone to become obsolete in 6 months and not supporting the immediate next OS release

      • Hyr3m

        “I don’t know WTH you mean” <- my point exactly!

        – New cable not USB3 (and not universally compatible which is so 2000's)- Old half-ass camera- No NFC- (mini jack) Sound quality worse than a cheap late 90's discman- Still not USM- Crappy joke of an OS

      • I guess you havent used the camera or even seen pictures taken with it. Where do you use NFC 90’s phone sound quality ( LOL made my day funniest point ) and just seeing picture of iPhone 5 on blogs doesnt let you know about sound quality. And coming to OS there is no point arguing with you . You comment says it all Fandroid. Crappy Hanging confusing OS which becomes obsolete in 3 months is none other than Android . And I get it when you cant answer my questions you post a reply completely unrelated to my post with no facts whatsoever. Survival tricks of a Fandroid

      • Hyr3m

        Your questions ? I don’t see a single question mark in any of your comments here… You, on the other side, missed the USB3 and USM points, which in my sense are among the worst aspects of the ip5, along with the closed OS and crappy sound quality.
        People use NFC to easily share stuff across smartphones, just about every smartphone has it nowadays (except the blockhead loner that is the iPhone) and many people use it.
        I was talking about a discman’s quality, not a phone’s… it’s well known that the ipods and iphones are among the worst portable music players sound-quality-wise; If they had improved on it you can be damn sure they would’ve made it a strong selling point.I’ve seen the picture quality and of course it’s not ugly but it sure is obsolete, that sensor must be about 2 years old by now… it’s ridiculous to even suggest that this is comparable to any other 2012 high-end smartphone.

        Btw, I don’t care for android more than windows phone or blackberry for that matter. I’m just pointing out the iPhone’s flaws and all you can do to defend your religion is call me a fandroid ? When did I even mention android ? Get over it dude ; the iPhone is crap and no anti-android comment is ever going to make it any better.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      You don’t need to know, go back into your cave.

      • Kok Hean

        idownloadblog . com/2012/09/14/apple-blown-away-to-iphone-5-response/#comment-651027604

  • Hyr3m

    *cough* half-obsolete already! *cough*

    • Metroview

      Fandroid here, guys. There’s ALWAYS one. And it’s pretty funny seeing how just about all of your comments are posted on an Apple related site. Trolling ones at that. I have yet to see one comment under your profile on any Android related site. Denial much? Or is the astounding coverage of the iPhone, each year, across your favorite sites, too much for you to handle? Go in a dark corner, rub yourself in Vasoline, cry and hug your S3, and deal with it.

      • He is THE one. U can find his comments bashing iPhone irresepective of the article

      • Kill that Fandroid! LOL.. They ccan’t afford to buy the newly released iPhone 5, that’s why they’re crying alot :'((

      • Hyr3m

        Yeaaaah kill the guy that doesn’t follow your religion and dared to criticize it. He deserves to die just because he “thinks differently” than you do and is willing to talk about it (unlike you guys). Also, I could buy about a 20 of them right now, without contracts or a dent on my bank account… But I will never give a cent to crapple; They don’t deserve it!

      • Blake

        LOL You completely took that out of context! You are on an Apple loving website bashing apple. And I doubt that highly. 20,000$ and not a dent. You are in denial.

      • Hyr3m

        I’m sorry to hear you live in a third world country…

      • Blake

        Actually I live in one the wealthiest countries in the world..

      • Hyr3m

        Well sure it’s 20k I wouldn’t be spending on something else… but it wouldn’t hurt my budget in the slightest; It’s just pocket change… You may live in a wealthy country but apparently you have no idea of how little 20k is.

      • Blake

        Oh and what is your occupation? I doubt a mature wealthy “man” would act the way you do.

      • Hyr3m

        I’m head of IT at an investment & trading office in Switzerland.
        Also co-owner of multiple IT/web-based-services companies.

      • Hyr3m

        I have an iPod touch 4G I didn’t pay for and I need to follow the news (which I’m technically paid for) not only for my own use but for the use of the iSheeple traders at my company. I love how whatever comment I make here I’m mostly attacked on the fact that I make a comment instead of its content… Oh and I made this disqus account just for here so you’re not going to find anything else from me; sorry stalker!

        It is a half-obsolete device upon release; that’s what you need to face and if someone is in denial here I’ll let you guess who that is.

      • Blake

        Not even close. The benchmarks surpass the s3, the display has a A, and the s3 has a B+. The iPhone is better. I don’t care about NFC or any of that. Its too new and insecure. A hacker group found an exploit in the s3 that allows them to steal all your pictures, sms, call logs, etc. without the users knowledge.

    • Blake

      Why are you even here?

      • Hyr3m

        Because I was hoping for more…

  • Ahmed Fardan

    We need the hands on ASAP

  • Why are the comments for the winnner of giveaway article closed. Any way I wanted to say congragulation to the winner Ryan. All the best Lucky Guy 🙂

  • Cam

    Eta 2 hours for me I hope

  • OMG the screen comes off immediately! 🙂

  • Nice.

  • shadyside4fyr

    Am I the only one dissapointed with the processor of the new ipod touch? I mean I couldn’t care less about the cosmetic changes but seriously A5 since they were reducing the price of the last gen ipod why couldn’t they add a little extra and throw in the A6 chip I don’t get it?

  • Daniel

    nice to know that the battery is at the start like the iphone 4/s instead of the 3/s where you have to take everything out to cahnge the bloody battery

  • Javier Gore

    I just watched the video and couldn’t help watching the mechanic tool in her shirt between her boobs 🙂

  • TheDutSerio

    Apple has really let me down with the battery. Seems like in the world of 2100 mAh batteries Im supposed to be ok with a 1434 mAh battery? Sounds like HTC and Apple have the same mindset.