Like other sites, we’ve been getting a lot of tips this evening that Wi-Fi in iOS 6 is acting up. Several of our readers have informed us that their Wi-Fi quit working after attempting to connect to a faulty Apple page shortly after updating to the latest version of iOS.

Don’t worry, the problem has been pinpointed. As explained by developer Steve Streza, iOS devices are programmed to ping a test URL upon connecting to a Wi-Fi network to see if it’s protected by a “captive portal.” And that test page has been down all afternoon…

Here’s more on that from Errata Security:

“When an Apple iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod) connects to a WiFi network, the first thing it does is make a request to the URL

The purpose of this request is to discover if there is a “captive portal” in the way. A captive portal is when, after connecting to the WiFi, any web request you makes gets redirected to a login/ToS page. In order to continue, you must either login with a username/password (or sign up, then login), and/or access the Terms of Service.”

Anyway, it sounds like Apple was able to correct this issue on their end, so no update will be necessary. But if you’re still having Wi-Fi problems, you can try the following:

  • Toggle your Wi-Fi off and on – Settings app > Wi-Fi OR
  • Set your device’s HTTP Proxy to Auto – Settings app > Wi-Fi > Blue icon next to the network you’re connecting to > Scroll to the bottom

One of these methods should cure your iOS 6 Wi-Fi troubles. If not, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

  • Dan

    I have been having this wifi problem since when i bought it at christmas and no matter how many troubleshooting tips i try none of them work. my phone will be connected to my wifi and all of a sudden when watching something on youtube,browsing the inetrnt or even installing app it will disconnect and not let me back on unless i rest my internet connection on my bthomehub 2. thinking of taking it back and getting another model of phone because i have heard it is a hardware problem with the wifi chip in some of the iphone 5s .

  • Dan

    and also its even in IOS 6.2 and still not fixed my problem ..

  • Tried everything, still not working, Apple turn me off down.

  • Doesn’t help at all
    this issue is really really realyy annoying

  • Solid Modeler

    late to this party…But this is the second time the Wifi bars have just disappeared. The first time did all the jumping through hoops to get it to work. Stayed up and connected for months. Now since new update, no wifi icon again. No fix had fixed it. Not cool.

  • anas

    I have Ios 6.1.2 the wifi is showing trying to connect but it s not what to do help me

  • harmeet

    mine still isnt working, it comes with a black wifi box with wifi set as ‘Off’ and resetting the network setting didnt work either.

  • dileep

    Hi Pls help me to solve wifi issue of iphone 4 after upgrade,Can i degrade with old firmware?.thanks

  • dariusz

    I read all your comments and have one question
    Why you people baying that crap stuff from apple, from day one on market they always have problems, there is no one device without any factory problems.

  • Jizzy Cochrane

    This is now happening to me. Completely out of the blue. My phone finds my home wifi which it has always connected to automatically but when I enter the password it says “incorrect password” have tried to connect to other wifi networks and it says the same so not me entering the password incorrectly. I have tried the above.

  • Saroj Twanabasu

    Oh!! I had this problem since long time in iphone 4. Did solve my problem!!

  • Manoj Dani

    My new iphone 6 refused to connect to home Wifi. But after 3 days, I got it working.

    I used Commview for wifi to debug this issue. While going through packet captures, I saw that my phone was authenticating and then again deauthenticating with error 7.

    So I tried a simple fix.

    1. Disable authentication on wifi network temporarily
    2. Now try connecting to the network using iPhone 6
    3. It should work without asking for a password
    4. Now disconnect and enable authentication on WiFi again
    5. Now iPhone 6 should ask for a password and connect successfully

    At least it fixed my phone. Try out if you have tried everything else.

  • Janet Rush

    I hate the IPhone 6 — WIFI connection problems are a JOKE

  • Amara

    I just triwd it and it’s not workibg! Frustrated!!! Tried resetting networks and shuttong off ipod. Nothing!

  • Amara

    didn’t worl! 🙁

  • goku

    my iPhone 3gs wifi won’t turn on
    anyone with solution pls help !