Apple will seek $3 billion in damages from Samsung when the two companies meet in court on Friday, a Korean newspaper reports Wednesday. The amount is triple that awarded in August, when a California jury ruled the South Korean firm violated Apple’s patents.

According to the Korea Times, citing a “reliable source,” Apple will ask for the $3 billion because the iPhone maker “wants to quickly address the harm that Samsung’s infringing products are said to be causing.” If granted, the $3 billion would mark a record reward for technology patent lawsuits…

Samsung is expected to respond to Apple’s demands by Oct. 19, filing papers with U.S. Federal Judge Lucy Koh in a Californian court. A final hearing is then expected to take place on December 6.

In late August, Apple informed the court it seeks to have eight Samsung handsets banned from sales in the US. In a telling comment, the insider source told the Korean newspaper “Apple is pressing its full advantage over the jurors’ decision.” We will have to wait until Oct. 19 to hear Samsung’s response in court.

There has already been fallout from the August verdict against Samsung. Apple reportedly is considering reducing its parts orders from Samsung. Also, the newly-released iPhone 5 has broken sales records ahead of the all-important Christmas buying season.

What do you think? Is Apple ‘pressing its advantage’ — or just pressing its luck with Samsung?

  • enough apple…. just enough

  • Kok Hean

    Seriously, Apple?

  • damages bitches pay up :d

  • alphaomega

    go for the jugular!

  • Lolhaha

    Go apple! One day we’ll see their CEO begging on the street. Lol

    • AMB_07

      You are deranged

    • Liu Zhenyu

      totally AGREE

  • Kay

    Apple is ruining their image. I used to be a fan of all things Apple, but I realized they’re becoming the market bullies. I purchased my first Asus laptop two weeks ago, and an S3, and I’m arguably more satisfied than I was before.

    • Liu Zhenyu

      Go call Scumsung the bully with their ads and copycat products fucktard

      • Kay

        Well it seems that apple isnt leading the market by innovation anymore, but rather just by suing those it sees as a threat. Say all you want about the iPhone 5, but there’s nothing awesomely new about it. They’re playing catch-up with Samsung and they know it. I see this as the beginning of a slow and painful death.

  • Yan Kar

    if it was not for competition apple still would be selling iphone with ios 3 and call it magical.

    • Kurt


  • goofygreek

    I think apple is starting to become afraid of samsungs success. I mean, who wouldnt be impressed by 20 million sales of a single device in 100 days. Apple is the only other company to have such a high sales figure for a smartphone.

    • Actually, Samsung is becoming more afraid of Apple’s successes instead. Look at all the anti-Apple ad and campaigns Samsung is holding up. You don’t see Apple resorting to such low blows to outshine their opponents.

      • Kurt

        “actually”…they both fear each other.

      • goofygreek

        Have you heard of a little thing called mac vs pc. Apple did that. Why cant other companies. And yes, i know apple didnt make fun of the user, and neither should samsung. It would be interesting to see some android vs ios commercials.

    • WatchTheThrone

      20 million devices “shipped” not sold!! Apple only releases real sale numbers unlike Samsung!!

      • Kurt

        sold. not shipped

      • Liu Zhenyu

        Samsung bitched 9 million preorders in months, Apple got 2 million in 24 hours and the fadroid bitch below me is gonna post shit to counter this.

      • goofygreek

        Months??? As i recall, it was announced and made available in the same month.

      • goofygreek

        These numbers are sold units, not shipped. Google it.

  • money money money, apple, you think of anything else anymore??

    • Kurt

      nope, thats why steve jobs got rid of the philanthropy office. why give money away to help people? liberals uhh~

  • Eltralla

    We all know that too much hate may cause cancer. Steve was the dying proof of that.