Lost amidst yesterday’s well warranted hype for the iPhone 5, was the release of Unfold 2.0 — a jailbreak tweak available on Cydia.

Unfold 2.0 allows for an accordion unlock style, in either a horizontal or vertical direction. It can be had for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Watch the video, and let us know what you think.

  • Tricki68

    Didn’t this tweak have some conflicts with other tweaks? I can’t remember which ones right now, but I had to uninstall this because of crashing.

    • I have action menu, activator, airblue sharing, bitesms, blurriedncbackground, browser changer, chromizer, curiosa, displaycandy, folderenhancer, forecast, fusion, gesturizer, intelliscreenx, lockscreenmultitasking, mathalarm plus, no keyboard spotlight, nocoverflow, parallax, passwordpilot, pull to dismiss, safari download manager, snowcover4, springclean, springtomize 2, swipeselection, switcherland, switchy, wallpaper jpegifier, wifibooster, winterboard, zephyr and zeppelin currently installed and running. No conflicts. Hope this helps! ;P

      • I got a lot of tweaks as well… there’s no conflict at all. But in my device the effect starts a little bit later. When I unlock fast (most of the time) I cannot even see the effect… Anyone else?

      • Yeees! 😀 I thought I was the only one! Could it be because we have a lot of tweaks installed? I dunno. If you quickly drag the camera grabber to the half of the screen it will show an animation and catch up. Kind of like it gets unstuck and it bounces to your finger. Unfold just snaps to my finger if I try to quickly unlock. It kinda breaks the effect for me.

      • I’m not sure, but I think this lag is related to iSX or Winterboard. It really sucks and make me want uninstall the tweak. The effect should follow the finger from the very beginning of the screen (Like in Zephry tweak).

      • Nah… I disabled all mobilesubstrate addons and it’s still a bit laggy at the beginning. It would definitely be cool if there was no lag at all, but I can get used to this, I guess.

      • Looks like Jeff’s iPhone is not suffering from this issue… what’s your model Tr1pTr0p? iPhone 4 or 4S?

      • I have a 4S.

      • Then it’s not a isolated problem… mine is a 4. I’ve considered this could be a iPhone 4 problem only…

      • I believe it’s just the way the tweak works. Check out at 0:20 seconds in the video.

    • WeebSurfer

      There was an issue if you changed the default time for your lock while using a passcode. Very odd. Hopefully resolved. I’ll give it another try.

  • I have this weird arrow telling me which direction to pull my screen to unlock, and it doesn’t seem to go away. It changes look depending on whether I choose to unlock vertically or horizontally. How do I make this go away?

    • Ok, never mind, I figured it out. I just installed “Unfold Theme” that’s further down the list when you search for Unfold.

  • Does the vertical unlock option conflict with launching the camera from your lockscreen on iOS5.1.1?

  • Mady ray


  • jicktick

    what about the issue the earlier version had with silencing the alarm?? any idea folks…

  • Does this work on ios6.1 on iPhone 5

    • not on my phone. I can’t tap on any of my apps once I unlock the phone.
      Removing it now…

  • The best part about this app is the disable function. Too many JB apps have no way of temporarily disabling them